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Here is my 1D timeline for 2015 so far:

Here's a quick primer on well known members of the Entourage which will appear in this post. Note, that at this point, each member has effectively acquired his own individual entourage...

Harry - His sister Gemma, friends Jeff and Glenne, potential GF Nadine
Louis - His sister Lottie, friends Oli & Stan. Ex Girlfriend Eleanor, her friend Megan
Liam - Girlfriend Sophia, friend Andy, Sophia's sister Zoe.
Zayn - His fiance Perrie, cousin Jawaad, friend/music producer Naughty Boy
Niall - Potential girlfriend Melly.

Combo names used in this post:

Narriam - Niall, Harry, Liam
Zouis - Zayn & Louis
Zilo - Zayn, Liam & Louis
OT4 - Harry, Liam, Louis & Niall


Jan 2nd - Liam & Sophia at Funky Buddha looking gloriously happy.

Jan 3rd - The news about Liam's new mansion in Surrey hits the papers, including enough information to obviously pin point it's location. Liam's lawyers ask for the pictures of the house to be removed because Liam did not authorize the publication.

Liam enters an uncharacteristic 3 week period of radio silence on Social Media.

Jan 12 - Zayn's 22nd birthday. Per his social media, he parties with Naughty Boy and Jawaad at NB's studio. Perrie releases pictures of herself going out with friends. Zerrie seems overish, but she's still wearing the ring.

Jan 22-25 - Perrie goes to Disneyland Paris with her cousin.

Jan 21- Elounor and Sophiam fly to Los Angeles, Larries melt down over the escalator thing. LOL. Liam breaks social media silence to post a bizarre drunken twitlonger about World Peace.

Zayn remains in London, getting a fabulous haircut and hanging with Naughty Boy. Niall has been in Australia the entire time watching Tennis and hanging out.

Louis, Liam, Harry, Andy, Sophia (we think) remain in LA for the rest of January. Periodic photos emerge of Liam and Louis in studios working on their music. Harry is frequently photographed with Nadine and his L.A. crew Jeff and Glenne.

Jan 28 - Eleanor leaves L.A. She instagram's pictures of herself and Megan while they were in L.A., geocoded from Louis' house.

Feb 1 - Harry's 21'st birthday party. This party is the toast of Hollywood. Nadine is evidently his date. Louis and Liam attend as does Sophia and Andy.

Feb 3 - Liam flies out of LAX to Sydney.

Feb 4 - Harry and Louis fly out of LAX to Sydney on same plane. Larrie's have a meltdown.

Feb 5 - (Sydney time) Liam arrives for tour.

Feb 6 - Zayn arrives from London, followed by Harry and Louis arriving from L.A. (Niall already in Australia.)

Feb 6 - Soundchecks - First appearance of Melissa (Melly) Whitelaw near Niall - Birth of Nelly which remains the main controversy for the early Australia concerts.

Feb 7 - Tour begins with first concert in Sydney - Many are upset that the set list is too similar to WWA Tour and doesn't include enough new material from Four.

Feb 8 - Photos emerge of Eleanor and Sophia an the Sydney concert

Feb 9 - Sydney yacht tour for Sophia's 21st birthday. Minimal photo's emerge, but include Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Sophia, Niall... and Melly on the deck of the boat with various members of entourage. Per rumors, Harry is also on the Yacht, but not photographed. Zayn is rumored to NOT be on the Yacht.

Feb 13 - Louis and Eleanor papped at Bondi Beach. (Liam and Sophia were also in Sydney, but not papped...)

Feb 14 - Louis and Liam fly from Sydney to Melbourne for concert that night. They take numerous airport pictures with fans.

Feb 14 - Louis and Liam party together at the casino where they are staying in Melbourne. (Eleanor and Sophia probably left to return to England either the 13th or A.M. of the 14th.) Harry and Niall are also seen partying together. Niall is seen making out with Melly in the Casino.

Feb 14 - Drunken Louis and Liam return to their hotel. The following exchange is recorded:

Fan to Louis "Our birthdays are the same day."
Louis' reply - "It's unfortunate, isn't it" (Louis' birthday is Christmas Eve...)

Larries spread the rumor like wildfire that the exchange was actually the following:

Louis - "I'm gay, it's unfortunate, isn't it Eleanor"

This quote trends for hours and Larries proclaim that Louis has come out. The person who filmed it, and others at the scene try to clarify, but most Larries, probably to this day, still believe Louis said the other thing.

Feb 17-19 - For the break between Adalaide and Perth concerts, Narriam remain at their Melbourne HQ. Zouis travel to Hamilton Island, off the East Coast of Australia. They also spent time there during the 2013 tour and the fandom nickname for the place is "Weed Island".

Feb 20 - Narriam fly to Perth without issue. But a Hurricane off the Australian coast jeopardizes Zouis' flight. They do make it to Perth for the concert, but without much time to spare.

Feb 20 - The boys introduce Stockholm Syndrome to the set list by fandom demand. Narriam know the lyric and sing it well. Zouis obviously have not practiced the song, and mess up badly.

Feb 20 - Zayn does not come back on stage with the other boys for the encore for this show. The other boys say he's not feeling well.

Feb 20 - After the Perth concert, Narriam board flight to Osaka, Japan, the location for next concert on Feb 24. (They are all papped upon arrival to Osaka.) Zouis also immediately leave Perth, but head instead, via private Jet to Los Angeles. Reason for this side trip is unclear. However, for the first time, rumors emerge regarding Louis being unfaithful to Eleanor during this trip. **Spec - Elounor broke up in Sydney on the 13th. OUCH day before Valentines day. **

Feb 20-24 - Narriam engage in activities around Osaka, ex: Liam goes to Harry Potter exhibit with Andy.

Feb 24 - Zouis arrive in Osaka in the AM, for concert that evening. They are papped at Airport.

Feb 24- March 2 - Japan leg of tour goes goes smoothly.

Feb 28 (approx) Eleanor posts first of a series of pictures of herself and Megan Murphy clearly in Los Angeles and not London.

March 2-3 All five return to London for 8 day break. All are papped at airport. Harry & Niall appear to be on one plane (unclear though, they could have each been on a different flights). Zilo are clearly on the same flight. Zouis leave airport together. (Their homes in North London are close together.)

March 3-9 - Relatively quite week. All boys are in London. Harry is papped with his Mother several times. (Nadine shippers are crushed to learn that she and Harry had "broken up" - meaning that she was, indeed, a Winter GF.) Louis is papped going to pubs, with friends around York, near his hometown.

March 3-9 - Eleanor makes it quite known via her Instagram that she is NOT in London, but continues her girls vacation with Megan in Los Angeles. She and Megan get matching tattoos on March 9. She leaves for home on March 10, AFTER Louis has left for Singapore. Fans are VERY SUSPICIOUS of Eleanor's sudden activity on Instagram, and Larries are elated that she clearly remained out of town for the entire week long break.

March 3-9 - Zerrie are not spotted together during this break.

March 9 - Sophiam are papped together at a Jamie Oliver party.


March 10/11 - Harry leaves for Singapore alone on one plane. Per Twitter update accounts, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn are all scheduled to be on the following flight. Zayn misses flight. Per rumors, he was with Naughty Boy.

March 11 - Zayn again arives last minute because of his missed flight, but does make it in time for the Singapore concert.

March 12-14 - All parties fly to Bangkok for concert on March 14. Zouis are seen going to clubs every night. Niall is also seen going to clubs, but remains mostly off camera. Harry and his sister Gemma go to a club with Liam and Sophia, who has accompanied him on this leg of the trip.

March 13 - Liam and Sophia visit a Buddhist temple.

March 14 - Concert goes well. After concert, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Sophiam and their entourages leave for Phuket, where they are planning to stay leading to the Hong Kong show on March 18. Harry is said to have remained in Bangkok, but is not photographed.


March 15-17 - Zouis are seen clubbing every night. On March 16, Louis is apparently photographed in the hotel pool kissing a random girl. Those pictures become part of the Elounor break-up reveal. There are rumors that Zouis invited 20 girls back to their hotel for a pool party. Meanwhile though Niall & Sophiam are also seen going clubbing, they also go on Elephant rides at some point during this stay.

March 17 - Early hours, Liam, Sophia, Andy, Louis, Oli, Zayn and Javaad are all in the ___ Club in Phuket. Zayn is seen partying with a British girl. They are photographed in the street, appearing to hold hands. The pictures make all the newspapers and web sites in the UK in the morning, with headlines that Zayn has been caught cheating again.

March 18 - Hong Kong concert - The fan's main question is - did anyone know this would be Zayn's last concert?????

March 19 - Evening - Zayn tweets message that he loves Perrie, and that he was sorry for how things looked.

March 19 - Zayn signs off the tour and returns to the UK for Stress. The initial story is that he will miss the Manila concerts of March 21 & 22, and Jakarta on March 25, but will return for the concerts in South Africa and Dubai.

March 21 - Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall leave for Manila for the show that night. As has been the custom when any member is not present, Liam does not introduce the group as One Direction, but as "Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis".

March 21 - Article appears in tabloids of Louis kissing a girl in the pool in Phuket. The Elounor breakup is announced and confirmed by a Spokesman.

March 22 - Liam photographed during backstage awards ceremony covering Zayn's face with his hand. He's smiling while doing it. 2nd Manila Show, the second without Zayn.

March 23/24 - Rumors are spreading that Zayn won't return. Per articles, Zayn may or may not return for the South Africa and Dubai concerts.

March 24 - OT4 leave for Jakarta

March 25 - OT4 perform 3rd concert without Zayn in Jakarta. Fandom believes that the boys knew that Zayn would not return. The official announcement is made in London shortly after the concert was completed.

March 25 - Liam does Lyric change while singing Zayn's part of Night Changes... "Having no regrets is all that he knew he wants."

March 26 - Narriam arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Louis goes to Bangkok for an extra day.)

March 28 - First Johannesburg show. First show since Zayn officially quit the band. Harry introduces band as One Direction.
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I think we can all agree that 1D fandom should get the prize for any and all fandom March Madness tournaments for this year.

1D Fandom is congratulating itself today for surviving it:

(Just an apropos Twitter Meme.)

Of course, after March Madness comes April Fools. Everyone be on edge today because cruel hoaxes are to be expected.

Posted April 1, 2015
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Something Zerrie is going down right now. We just got Pap pics of Zayn, Perrie and members of the Malik family boarding a private plane...

Update: There are two competing, but lovely theories. Either he is going to Dubai, or they are getting married. (The tabloids have been hinting that may be the case.) Of course, the fans are hoping for Dubai for what would be, perhaps, an awkward farewell concert...

Stay tuned.

March 31, 2015
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A report on overnight activities: Not much, just a miniscule Twitter war between Naughty Boy and Louis "The Sass Master" Tomlinson.

I really don't feel like going into details, and it is impossible to know how much of this is staged but, suffice that there was Draaaaammmmmaaa. Everything right now is just super angsty.

Louis, btw, who has a history of getting into Twitter fights. His most famous one, prior to this was with a wanna be boyband called The Wanted. It is said that Louis literally slayed them.

I'll just outline this:

1. Naughty Boy retweeted a vid celebrating that "Zaughty is Real"
2. Shortly thereafter, Louis tweeted that Naughty was being inconsiderate.
3. Twitter Hysteria ensued.
4. Apocalypse (Bring in the relatives...) (Niall's Sister-in-law as the voice of reason...)
5. Shake, Stir
6. Fans Hail Louis as a HERO!
7. Naughty released a Zayn solo Demo on SoundCloud... (Now deleted, but not before it made Billboard and People.)

Bottom line is that the impression of a deep rift between Zayn and OT4 is even stronger than ever. OT4 fans are rallying. Go OT4!

Posted March 31, 2015
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Today, apparently, Perrie went shopping.

It's in the Daily Mail.

The women she is shopping with are Zayn's mother and sisters...

Updates as they become... um... relevant.


OT4 are in Capetown, all being very quite. The 1D update accounts on Twitter have nothing to report... It's weird.

The only piece of news is that Zayn's assigned bodyguard, Preston, Tweeted today that he's been let go by 1D. He says he's now unemployed.

Posted March 30, 2015
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The OT4 has completed their two Johannesburg shows. Each had 95K in attendance. These shows were apparently extremely loud and passionate.

Most of the remaining Ships are flying though...

Niam Lives!

Lirry Lives!

Nouis Lives!

Lilo Lives!

(Couldn't find any convenient Narry... And Larry is still cricketsville.... Dammit.)
(I can't believe Nouis is one of the last ships standing. Nouis??)

As for biggest the drama today... LOUIS unfollowed Zayn on IG. Nooooo, not Zouis....

Also, Zayn was papped out with Perrie and his mother yesterday, apparently house hunting.

Posted March 29, 2015
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Here is where things stand in 1D Land.

Basically people are in shock by the fandom staples that have been ripped away in the last few weeks. Elounor. Ziam. Zouis. And oh yeah, Zayn.

Topic 1: The Fandom:

After the announcement was made on Wednesday, the fans rallied to Zayn in their grief with massive support. The official statement framed the departure as due to hardship and stress. It said that Zayn couldn't cope with the attention and fame and wanted to be a normal 22 year old... (Oh really Mr. Malik?)

"AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik" trended for like, three days...

It's the fanart that devastates the most.

<-- Click for full size, it's really gorgeous. And think about what this is portraying. "A little boy from Bradford" awash in the love of a stadium full of people.

<-- It's the dates at the bottom that really rip out the heart.

But that was Wednesday and Thursday... Things can and will, turn on a dime.

Topic 2: Zayn:

On Friday Zayn gave an interview to the Sun, of course.

He said multiple times in said interview that he had to leave because it didn't feel "real" to him anymore...

And he's also been papped, every day, going into Naughty Boy's recording studio...

Do these sound like "normal 22 year old" things to you?

Nah. And it doesn't sound that way to the fandom either. The mood has changed. It is crystal clear that Zayn has flounced to go solo. Obviously. And he's been telegraphing his intentions in a passive aggressive manner for months.

Zayn's Catalog or Recent Passive Aggressive Actions )

The Importance of Dubai )

Zayn flounced to go solo before Dubai. And fans are pissed. And not just those in Dubai.

Topic 3: OT4

The term OT4, which felt painful on Wed. and Thurs, is now seeping into the fandom, first a like a trickle, then a creek, now, like a wave. Anger is setting in.

<-- This kind of thing is starting to happen

Support for the Four is being rallied.

And... There was an answer to Zayn's interview on the People Magazine website...

Some Knives were showing.

The Shattering of A Million OT5 Dreams... )

The OT4 will be on stage in Johannesburg, South Africa in a few hours. The eyes and ears of the Pop Universe is going to be on them. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say. (They'll be classy.)

Topic 4: Liam

As has become the custom, it was Liam, still playing his endearing role as the Responsible One, who addressed the fandom in it's grief to give reassurance. He said on Twitter:

For the Time Being )

Topic 5: Harry

Blindsided. Thunder Stolen. Caught Napping. In the Dust? )

Topic 6: Ship Mourning

Here is the 1D Ship Pairing List. Please don't cry.

Ziam <--- OMG!
Zouis <--- omg...

OMG Ziam... Not Ziam... Ziam :o  )

Final Item: Yoko Ono

At the moment, Perrie and Naughty Boy are in a battle to be crowned the Yoko Ono of One Direction. I guess that is a semi amusing note with which to end this.

More to come soon as developments warrant. I also have thoughts on Zayn's solo career. I think he'll be successful.

Posted March 28, 2015
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Holy crap!

Perrie came out today, beaming, and flashing what has become one of the most closely watched engagement rings in history.

The Daily Mail headlines...

The smile that says she's won! Perrie Edwards grins from ear-to-ear as she is pictured for the first time since fiance Zayn Malik quit One Direction
Many One Direction fans blame Perrie Edwards for Zayn Malik's departure from the band
Some have even compared the Little Mix singer to Yoko Ono, the widow of the late John Lennon, who was widely blamed for breaking up the Beatles
Perrie and Zayn got engaged in August 2013 after an 18-month romance
Zayn Malik apologised to fans as he quit chart-topping boyband after five years
Revealed he wants to be a 'normal 22-year-old living out of the spotlight'
Heartthrob was signed off On The Road tour last week due to 'stress' after being pictured holding hands with a blonde Essex girl in Thailand
Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan have vowed to carry on as a four-piece

Read more:
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Someday, their going to make a movie about this.
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Perrie Edwards is being called the Yoko Ono of One Direction. I kid you not.

Here's a quote from E!:

Zayn Malik announced he was leaving One Direction, and instantly the laws of gravity no longer applied to earthlings. Life as we know it was shattered, and Directioners everywhere began to feel the effects to their very core. First came devastation. Then quickly came anger. And not anger at Malik for leaving, but anger at his fiancée Perrie Edwards.

It would appear that 1D fans are dead set on painting Edwards as the modern day Yoko Ono.

Although so far, there isn't an actual update on the status of Zerrie, most of the articles seem to indicate that they are together. Neither has been seen since the day Zayn arrived back in the UK. Little Mix has also been very, very quiet.

A mini Perrie Pic Spam

I'm assuming we'll be hearing more about this in the next few days, not from the 1D camp, but from the Little Mix camp. Will she leave her band too, I wonder.

Posted March 25, 2015
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The 1D fandom right now. I'm feeling the young one's the most because this is literally like a piece of their childhood being ripped from them. I saw my nephew go through something like this awhile back. He's a huge Cubs fan, and he was devastated when Ron Santo died in Dec. 2010. He had listened to Santo broadcasting the Cubs every day, all Summer long, all his young life.

It wasn't just a piece of his childhood that was suddenly gone, it was the FIRST piece of his childhood that he'd lost. And he struggled with that loss. You could see him getting emotional when the subject came up, and he still does.

I think that's happening right now for a lot of young girls, all around the globe. 1D is about this magical thing that happened to five very ordinary young boys and transformed them mostly because a generation of young girls made it happen. Now one of them has taken his life back.

From the posts, you would have thought that he'd died. The grief on my Tumblr timeline is so real, I'm finding it unbearable to read.

For anyone who would like a quick primer on 1D, here are four videos to watch in order:

What Make You Beautiful 2011

Little Things 2012

Story of My Life 2013

Night Changes 2014

If you really, really want your heart ripped out... the 2010 X-Factor Auditions....

Posted March, 25 2015
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Zayn has left the building.

His statement:

'My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined.
'But, after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I'd like to apologise to the fans if I've let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart.
'I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22 year old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.
'I know I have four friends for life in Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall. I know they will continue to be the best band in the world.'

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Posted March 25, 2015
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<---Click for full size.

Make of that what you will... (Hint, notice Liam's hand covering Zayn's face...)

Ziam girls are a little perturbed, but trying to justify. Zayn girls are a little ticked at him though. He got Twitter hate from them. But joked it off.

#makinglightofasituation sorry for the laughs.

Posted March 25, 2015
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Here is the latest on Zayn, from Billboard.

As of Monday, a rep for the group told Billboard that there was no news to report, and no timetable for Zayn's return to the group able to be announced. There are four shows scheduled between the Mar. 25 performance in Jakarta and a two-month break that begins on Apr. 5 -- Zayn may very well show up at all of them, or none of them. The rep for the group said that any rumors of the band's impending breakup are just tabloid speculation; in reality, only a small group of people knows how bad (or not bad) the situation actually is.

Neither Zayn nor Perrie have been seen in public since she was seen leaving their house. Perrie's bandmates have also been relatively quiet on social media.

Eleanor has been papped three times since news of the breakup.

I'm just kind of interested if anyone actually reads my 1D post...

[Error: Invalid poll ID 2005257]Posted March 24, 2015
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While official word on whether Zerrie are officially split up or not is still pending, There was a big write-up in The Sun with an official spokesperson confirming the breakup of ELOUNOR.

And now there are pics of Louis with a random girl in a pool in Phuket as well as evidence of Zayn hanging out with yet another girl.

Tsk Tsk...

Incriminating Pictures under the cut...

The Ugly Evidence... )

Eleanor was papped today too...

Eleanor With Her Dog )

Umm, I think Sophiam is going to be standing alone soon. In fact there is an amusing Tumblr Meme going around: "Congratulations Sophia Smith, winner of Survivor: On The Road Again Tour"

Posted March 22, 2015
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Still no word on Zerrie officially, however, new info did come out today, and it wasn't about Zayn. It was about Louis. And it wasn't good.

Zouis have been having a grand old time in Asia...

Sooooo, here's a cute vine instead.

(Vine Would Not Transfer)

PS - There is doubt now over whether Zayn will come back at all. And there are again rumors of tension between Zayn and Harry...

Posted March 22, 2015
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Things are Happening.

Here is the headline on the Daily Mail...

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Perrie Edwards leaves home with an overnight bag just hours after Zayn Malik arrives back in the UK... but her engagement ring is still on

This must have been such a media circus. The paps must have been circling their house. I feel so bad for them.

Here's the Perrie picture:

The article says they had a five hour chat after he arrived home (how would they know?) and then she left with her overnight bags, but with her ring still on. The story will probably be "taking a break" or something like that.

She was wearing sunglasses at night. :(

Posted March 20, 2015
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Zayn arrived safely in the UK overnight.

He was duly papped.

This kid is insanely pretty. And incredibly photogenic, even when stressed. And he has such a gorgeous voice. But the truth is he's terrible on stage. He has all these glory notes because of his singing ability, but when he sings them on stage he tends to turn his back to the audience and sort of shuffle up the ramp like nothing special... If it was Liam or Harry they would be milking those glory notes for every thing they're worth. He clearly does not really want to be on that stage any more. He's got the tools for a solo career, but I don't see how he could be alone on a stage.

Anyway. Whatever else is happening, I actually kind of hope that Perrie, Zayn's family, and Naughty Boy let him have a nice sleep and some of his mother's cooking, shove his ass back in a car, drive him to the airport, and personally escort him to Manila to make it to the second show there. And that they give him all the support that he needs to do so. The fans in Manila and Jakarta paid a lot of money to see all five members. This is a part of the world where 1D hasn't toured before, and I suspect won't again because the "stress" of the band is showing...

Posted March 20, 2015
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 So, Zayn has left the tour today due to stress, and will miss the last three dates of the Asian tour.  Two dates in Manila and one in Jakarta.  He is scheduled to return for the first show in South Africa, which is 3/28.  He's also missing a shoot for a Coca Cola commercial which was scheduled for today.
The three shows will go on without him.
Interestingly, the Philippine Government has demanded that both Zayn and Louis post a bond guaranteeing that they will be drug free during their stay in the Philippines, as a repercussion of the Weed Video.  I guess Zayn will not longer have to worry about that.  
I'm actually quite worried for this kid now.


Posted March 19, 2015
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The massive Zerrie drama right now. Oh, the massive Zerrie Drama.

And the know-it-all fans talking all about how the cheating is fake and the tweeting is fake because everything is fake because Modest wants the boys to look bad because ... well, I can't figure out why Modest wants the boys to look bad. It's very confusing.

Anyway, here is the cheating... (Hint: That girl ain't Perrie Edwards... Having a fine evening out on the town in Phuket.)

The Cheating

And here is the Tweeting that followed...

The Tweeting

Well, Zayn, what is it you are trying to say?

Ball's in Perrie's court. Here's hoping she knows what to do with it.

This has been a Zayn Malik Redemption Update Alert... LOL

Posted March 19, 2015

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This is the final Follow-up Post to the Road Kill - And New Year's Day seems the appropriate day to post it.  Welcome to 2016 everyone!   I think it's going to be just as full of change and drama as 2015 was!  LOL.


Here is the Recap of the Entire Recap from Hell for your convenience.

Part One - Setting the Stage
Part Two - Australia
Part Three - Japan
Part Four - The Last Breath Before The Fall
Part Five The Phoenix On Fire
Part Six - The Phoenix In Ashes
Part Seven - OT4 Take Flight
Part Eight - Clean Living
Part Nine - Dirty Secrets
Part Ten - A Summertime Ball
Part Eleven - Fourth of July
Part Twelve - #Real Music
Part Thirteen - Birthdays and Broken Legs
Part Fourteen - Drag Me Down


After OTRA finally ended, One Direction had one final round of duties before finally going on break. These duties were to promote their album, Made In the Aftermath AM.

This was the album that they were so busy making in London and Los Angeles during their long break during April and May, and for much of the Summer as well, as they toured. So it was a part of the OTRA all along.  There are many theories out there regarding the release of this album, and the timing.  On the face of it, it doesn't make a lot of sense to release an album knowing that they aren't going to tour for it.  I'll discuss why I think they released it below.


There were, of course, many cute appearances to promote the album during Nov. and Dec.

Here are a few of the highlights of those.

 <-- Harry's pink shirt at the I-Tunes concert at the Roundhouse

 <--Liam's monster face sweater at the London Session.

Yup, so that was kind of shallow.

My favorite performance was at the Live Lounge

Especially this cover of FourFiveSeconds.  (Liam is sooooo good in it.)

But I also really love this performance of History from James Cordon.  This was staged so beautifully, and gave such an intimate feeling that is rare on a TV talk show performance.

The James Cordon appearance in general was quite simply the best thing ever.  In addition to that wonderful rendition of History, they played a game called Tattoo Roulette.  I don't know how much of this was staged, but Niall's anxiety as it wittled down to him and Harry looked very genuine, making for some great TV right there.  And then Harry got a live tattoo!

That was truly A+ Television.


As I write this, the new year has dawned. The boys have been on break since Dec. 13, and 2016 has arrived today.  The media is already describing 1D as "broken up".

But here is the truth. It does seem that the boys are still under contract, and I think there is at least one more video coming out soon, for their new single, History which will probably be dropped soon. After that video drops, I don't think there is anything else. I doubt that the boys will go to either the Brits or the Grammys. It has been rumored since virtually the beginning of the "Hiatus" rumors that the contract expires in March. If that is it the case, at that point, the boys will be Free Agents.

As I see it, the important points are:

* If the boys were going to easily re-sign with Syco, they would have done so in 2015. So, clearly, if they do re-sign with their current label, they will be using their free agency as a bargaining chip to increase the price.  As I mentioned above, it is extremely odd to have released that album, knowing there would be no tour.  The elephant in the room is that the current contract called for five albums, but only four tours.  They could have waited a year for the album, which would have given them their break, and allowed them to negotiate a new tour for 2017.  Releasing the album the way they did feels very much like a rush to complete the contract.  Or, at least that's the way it reads to me.  I think this begs a LOT more questions.

* If they sign with someone else, that will make huge press. It will mean that they are abandoning their mentor, Simon.

* I'm particularly interested to see how long it takes after the contract expires to announce new deal/deals. Will it happen in March? June? - Hmmmmmmm.

* That goes not just for group projects, but for individual projects as well.

* Anyone who thinks the negotiations will be only about Solo Harry, are wrong. All four of these boys are going to be in high demand, and able to command a high price.

* And of course, most interesting of all will be if they all sign to the same label. Because if they don't 1D is effectively over.  So the new contract(s), whenever and whatever they turn out to be are going to be the most critical thing.

* Will it be a free for all, or do these boys have something up their sleeves?

*  Meanwhile, Zayn's album will probably drop early this year, and I've no doubt it will be a huge success.


I guess we all just have to stay tuned.  Stay woke!


As for Made in the AM? I love it. My fav songs are What A Feeling, History and Oliva, but the whole thing is wonderful. Buy it on I Tunes.


Lastly, anyone thinking the boys are going to disappear from the gossip magazines during the break, are dreaming.  It isn't in their interests to truly disappear.  Just yesterday, Harry was out on a Yacht in St. Bart's celebrating NYE with old flame Kendall Jenner, complete with hot yacht smooching for the paps...  And Danielle Peazer (Liam's original flame) tagged him in a New Year's post leading to rampant speculation of the rekindling of that romance too. (Nah, I don't think so, I'm looking forward to Liam joining the celebrity dating game, hopefully this Summer... ;)

And not forgetting that something is going on between Niall and either Selena Gomez or Ellie Goulding.  Who knows.  And God only knows what the hell is going on with Louis Tomlinson.  YIKES, what a mess.


I'm done!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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