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I thought I would Dust this off again to talk about the One Direction tragedy that happened last week.  Specifically, Louis Tomlinson's mother, Johanna Deakin passed away after battling Leukemia since May.  The fandom had no clue that this was happening the entire year, which highlights the shallowness of fandom specultating, because whatever we were speculating about during 2016, it wasn't that...  

Anyway, in the same year, Louis saw the birth of his first child, and the death of his mother. And I start crying even thinking about it.

Unless you are intimately acquainted with the story of 1D members, you probably don't know the story of Louis and his mother.   When he was born, She was a single mother, 18 years old.  I believe that they lived with her parents.  His biological father was also a teenager, and he walked out on having responsibility for Louis very early on.  Johanna married Mark Tomlinson several years later, and Mark adopted Louis, which is why he has his last name.  Johanna and Mark had four daughters together, Lottie (18), Felicity (16) and twins Daisy and Phoebe (12).  Her marriage to Mark broke up at some point, and two years ago she married Dan Deakin with whom she had two more children, a second set of twins, Ernest and Doris who are now two years old.

She was an incredible woman who was holding together an incredible family.

<-- Louis and Johanna at a charity gala they held together in 2015 for severly ill children.

Here's a full family photo taken this past April, just before Johanna became ill.  Louis is holding Freddie, and Johanna is holding Ernest and Doris.

After Johanna's passing was announced on Dec. 9, it was announced that Louis would be appearing on the X-Factor to perform a song he'd written in honor of his mother, and which she had been looking forward to seeing him perform.  So he went on the air with it last weekend, even though it was only a few days after her passing.  It is a happy, cheery and upbeat dance song called Just Hold On.  

Niall, Liam and Harry were all back stage for Louis' performance.  They dropped what they were doing to come and support him. OT4 Lives!  And the public feud/separation between Louis and Zayn has also ended with words of support and love from Zayn to Louis, and reports that they have also buried the hatched privately. All of which is very heartening.

Now, you know I'm always going to be a fan of this silly boyband. There is no escaping it.   They make me feel happy and sad all the time, and I think this is actually a beautiful thing, and this just the way it is going to be.
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