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The 1D fandom right now. I'm feeling the young one's the most because this is literally like a piece of their childhood being ripped from them. I saw my nephew go through something like this awhile back. He's a huge Cubs fan, and he was devastated when Ron Santo died in Dec. 2010. He had listened to Santo broadcasting the Cubs every day, all Summer long, all his young life.

It wasn't just a piece of his childhood that was suddenly gone, it was the FIRST piece of his childhood that he'd lost. And he struggled with that loss. You could see him getting emotional when the subject came up, and he still does.

I think that's happening right now for a lot of young girls, all around the globe. 1D is about this magical thing that happened to five very ordinary young boys and transformed them mostly because a generation of young girls made it happen. Now one of them has taken his life back.

From the posts, you would have thought that he'd died. The grief on my Tumblr timeline is so real, I'm finding it unbearable to read.

For anyone who would like a quick primer on 1D, here are four videos to watch in order:

What Make You Beautiful 2011

Little Things 2012

Story of My Life 2013

Night Changes 2014

If you really, really want your heart ripped out... the 2010 X-Factor Auditions....

Posted March, 25 2015


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