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Zayn arrived safely in the UK overnight.

He was duly papped.

This kid is insanely pretty. And incredibly photogenic, even when stressed. And he has such a gorgeous voice. But the truth is he's terrible on stage. He has all these glory notes because of his singing ability, but when he sings them on stage he tends to turn his back to the audience and sort of shuffle up the ramp like nothing special... If it was Liam or Harry they would be milking those glory notes for every thing they're worth. He clearly does not really want to be on that stage any more. He's got the tools for a solo career, but I don't see how he could be alone on a stage.

Anyway. Whatever else is happening, I actually kind of hope that Perrie, Zayn's family, and Naughty Boy let him have a nice sleep and some of his mother's cooking, shove his ass back in a car, drive him to the airport, and personally escort him to Manila to make it to the second show there. And that they give him all the support that he needs to do so. The fans in Manila and Jakarta paid a lot of money to see all five members. This is a part of the world where 1D hasn't toured before, and I suspect won't again because the "stress" of the band is showing...

Posted March 20, 2015
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