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Maybe Narry was inevitable.

 Narry: Niall Horan and Harry Styles

Harry Styles and Niall Horan are arguably the two most popular members of the One Direction. Harry is perhaps the most charismatic person in pop music today. And Niall isn't far behind. Niall is the one members of One Direction that you could still argue seems like a wholesome, shiny boybander. And neither of them has a girlfriend. So, it is obvious that at some point this ship was going to take off. And in 2014, it appears to have happened.

So lets talk first about Niall, since he hasn't been included at all in these shipping posts so far. (How tragic is that? This must be fixed!) Niall Horan has come a long, long way.

 <-- Look at this little baby!

 <-- Infant!

In the early days they hardly let him sing, and he was sort of the cute, awkward "blond one" with braces. That has changed considerably since 2011.

 <-- Baby.

 <-- !

 <-- Maybe not that innocent.

 <-- But he's the only one who can still post pictures of himself as Harry Potter and get away with it not looking totally out of place.

 <-- And I'm completely sure he is the only one who would post pictures of himself as a Disney Prince. Although I think its possible that the boy is a bit drunk in this picture. A drunk Disney Prince then.

 <---  And yet, maybe not that innocent...

Niall Booty <---Definitely not that innocent...

I apparently had some pent up Niall appreciation that I needed to get out of my system. I think the perceived innocent boybandness is probably a large reason for his popularity. That and the fact that he hasn't had a girlfriend other than Barbara Palvin, which was probably a publicity thing...

So what is there really to say about Narry? So far, I must say, Narry fans are pretty chill about it. I don't get a sense that there is a lot of Wank, or Tinhatting. Yay!

So I'll just run down the 2014 highlights, starting with the circumstances that lead to the quote at the top. It's in the vid, but you'll get the gist by reading the description below.

So, the question asked of the group was: If you got to be a girl for 24 hours, what would you do? Harry said, "I'd do Niall". LOLOLOL. (for the record, Liam said he'd go to a 1D concert to see what it was like on the other side, Louis pointed to his chest and indicated that he would enjoy his boobs, and Zayn was pretty much speechless at the thought, and refused to answer.)

 <--The Narry "Cinderella" Moment

 <-- Some raw thrusting:

 <-- Eyegazing

 <-- Kisspering

 <-- The Football Hug

 <--Obligatory Crotch Grab

 <-- Singing in each others faces.


It is interesting that now that Harry's interaction with Louis is so limited, he seems to focus on flirting with Niall, and also with Liam... (I have to do another Lirry post, because I don't know why it isn't bigger than it is...)

So basically, Narry does all the same things that Ziam currently does, and that Larry used to do. But without the wank.


How is this effecting Larry Shippers? Pretty much what you would expect. They dismiss it as fanservice.

But some of them aren't taking it too well.

Here's a quote from today, "Go f--- yourselves with a Starbuck flavored cactus, you rotten bitches". OK, mostly a Larry shipper ranting about Elounor shippers who can't see the holy truth... but the ranter also objects to Narry.

So, that was really the last of the ships I had to discuss. But I somehow don't feel like I'm done with the shipping topic just quite yet. There is some extremely epic wank that I left on the table, especially the Calder Triplets theory...


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