Feb. 13th, 2017

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I have finally gotten around to starting my series on 1D Shipping, which I've been wanting to do for awhile. Fan culture really fascinates me, and there is so much going on with 1D fandom, on a huge scale. Certainly bigger than anything that I've been interested in before. And so, really, this is more an essay on shipping and ship wars in general. It will be a series, because I have a lot to say...

This is part 1, which is basically an introduction to Tin Hatting in 1D fandom. Parts 2 will discuss the particulars of 1D fandom's Great Management Conspiracy Theory. Part 3 will move into the Larry vs. Elounor narratives and conflicts, and Part 4 will get into the Larry vs. Ziam conflict. Part 5 will discuss the fans reactions to Girlfriends and also touch on the minor ships.

So I'm just going to dive right in with some housekeeping on terminology. There are a lot of ship names being thrown around, and you will probably want to know who Larry, Elounor and Ziam are...


There are five members of One Direction which means that there are ten possible combinations of pairings among them. Each pairing has an official fandom name. The five members are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis (pronounced "Louie") Tomlinson.

The ten cutsey ship combo names are:

Larry = Louis/Harry
Lirry = Liam/Harry
Zarry = Zayn/Harry
Narry = Niall/Harry
Lilo = Liam/Louis
Zouis = Zayn/Louis
Nouis = Niall/Louis
Ziam = Zayn/Liam
Niam = Niall/Liam
Ziall = Zayn/Niall

The two red highlighted ships are the two that will go under particular scrutiny, as they are the two that are the subject of intense Tin Hatting. (Though watch out, Narry seems to be on the rise ;) Larry is by far the largest and oldest ship, and it is the Elephant in the room among 1D Ships. Ziam is the second largest, but is has been recently rising in popularity and for lack of better words.. Tin Hattery. Larry and Ziam are in many ways complimentary, as no individual crosses over to create a rivalry. Harry and Louis ought to be safe making out in one corner, while Zayn and Liam make out in the other... However, the two ships have very different narratives, and as we shall see, those narratives place the ships somewhat at odds in a "there can be only one" kind of way.

 <---Larry (Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles)

 <---Ziam (Zayn Malik and Liam Payne)

Meanwhile, the various band members have had actual real life girlfriends. All these RP ships have official names as well:

Elounor = Louis Tomlinson/Eleanor Calder (2011 - Present)
Payzer = Liam Payne/Danielle Peazer (2010-2013)
Sophiam = Liam Payne/Sophia Smith (2013 - Present)
Zerrie = Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards (2011 - Present, currently engaged.)

Haylor = Harry Styles/Taylor Swift (2012 ended)
Hendall = Harry Styles/Kendall Jenner (2013-2014 ended)
Narbara = Niall Horan and Barbara Palvin (2013-2014 ended?)

Elounor will be another main topic as this ship poses a direct threat to Larry, which, as we know, is the primary ship war in the fandom. Louis obviously cannot be both Eleanor's boyfriend and Harry's true love at the same time. So, According to Larry Tin Hatters, Elounor is a “bearding” arrangement. A not so nice way of saying the Eleanor is paid by Management to be a fake girlfriend as cover for Louis' sexuality. Elounor shippers (And also, btw, Louis, Eleanor and their families...) say that they are in a real relationship, and that Larry is, in Louis' own words, Bullshit. Much more on this in Part 2 when we get into the specific Ship Narratives.

 <-- Elounor (Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. There were Maid of Honor and Best Man at a recent family wedding)

Sophiam and Zerrie are also current ships, and they are significant because they are both road blocks to Ziam reality. Therefore both young women, Sophia Smith and Perrie Edwards, are targeted by Ziam fandom as “beards” in fake relationships created by management to hide Liam and Zayn's sexuality. In this regard, they are no different than the Elounor vs. Larry shippers.

 <-- Sophiam (Sophia Smith and Liam Payne)

 <-- Zerrie (Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik. They are engaged to be married.)

Haylor and Hendall are both regarded as short term “for publicity”, contracted relationships. I tend to agree with that assessment.

Note that Niall Horan and Harry Styles are most often believed to be single. And recently, Narry has been growing in popularity...

Other terms:
1D = One Direction
LS = Larry Shippers
ES = Elounor Shippers
ZS = Ziam Shippers
MM! = Modest Managements, (The Great Satan…)


In the interest of full disclosure, I personally take the boys at their word regarding their relationships. If they say they are straight, then it isn't my job to contradict them. If they say they have a girlfriend, who am I to say they are lying?

I think Tin Hatting is a very bad idea. And I do not ship Larry, except as a Bromance. I do think Ziam is hot, so I kind of ship it. But my favorite is Lirry. Narry and Niam are also OK with me. ;) I do not think they are real.

Also, this means, that by the standards of 1D Fandom, I ship Elounor, Zerrie and Sophiam. Because in this fandom "To Ship" is synonymous with "To Accept The Reality Of" a pairing. Kind of scary, isn't it? Much more on this below.

Larry shippers have a mantra - Real Eyes Realize Real Lies. (How adorably clever is that?) But forgive me, I'll trust my EARS for now. ;) Also, my nose smells a conspiracy theory lying at the heart of Larry, as is always the case with Tin Hatted shipping. Sorry... :(

Please note, that though it will appear that I am coming down pretty hard on Larry and Ziam shippers, I have no quarrel with the ships themselves. As I say above, I'm pretty sure I'd qualify as a Ziam shipper in a the conventional sense.

I believe, however, that the majority of Larry and Ziam shippers are Tin Hats. They think that these boys are really in secret relationships with one another. And Larry shippers, in particular know that there are some among them who have crossed lines that should not be crossed, including the harassment of under aged siblings. And a lot of really shameless hate has been piled on all the girlfriends in a pretty horrible manner. Larry and Ziam shippers, most of whom are decent people, know in their heart of hearts why their ships have the reputations that they do. :(

So, though I'm not going to pull any punches, please know that I fully respect everyone who can ship in such a way that they aren't hurling hate around, and harassing innocent people.

Please also note, my criticism is NOT to be misconstrued as itself hateful. It is not intended that way. Criticism and hate are NOT THE SAME THING.

 <-- Honestly what's wrong with a little Lirry?


One last thing to do before diving in is to define exactly what Tin Hatting is.

This article from Daily Dot is from August of 2012. The article includes a helpful Tin Hatting To Do List:

Tinhatting in 5 Easy Steps:

1. The management is conspiring to keep your OTP from coming out of the closet and promote the idea that they’re REALLY STRAIGHT!

2. The girlfriend is a beard. (Bonus: the girlfriend is a beard hired by the management to perpetuate the idea that your OTP is straight!)

3. Management has locked the band/actors/whoever into a NO-GAY contract until their term of work ends.

4. As soon as the show/movie/tour/awards season is over, THEY’LL DECLARE THEIR LOVE AND THEN EVERYONE WHO DOUBTED YOU WILL BE SORRY!

5. Meanwhile, your OTP is slipping secret messages to each other / the public, and/or otherwise acting out against management to show that their true love can withstand anything, even the Great Managerial Closet Conspiracy.

Read this article. It is fascinating, and two years later, just as relevant. If you read the comments, very little has changed in two years within the fandom. (OMG, those poor innocents didn't seem to realize almost every comment served to prove the point the article was making...)

We will see that all five of these points continue to be relevant to 1D Shipping, even two years later. This, even though the relationships between the 1D Members have gone through tremendous changes in the intervening two years.

Take special note regarding the Management Conspiracy Item... Because that is the crucial to everything. Larry, especially could not exist as a ship as it currently stands without it.

And also the "secret messages" are hilariously entertaining too.


So, Part II will be all about that Management Conspiracy thingy, and Everyone Hates Modest!

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So, Part II is about that Management Conspiracy thingy, which frankly makes all this Tin Hatting possible. It is the White Elephant in the Room for 1D fandom.

The most important thing to know about One Direction ship wars is that underneath much of the conflict is a battle for validation and REALITY. The shippers strongly feel that they are owed the validation that will come when their chosen Ship comes out of the closet. I believe that for many 1D shippers, particularly Larry, and increasingly Ziam, the ship is only worth shipping, because they believe it is REAL. Why bother with ships such as Lirry or Nouis, when no one thinks those pairings are in actual romantic relationships? Larry and Ziam Shipping activity, therefore has largely become a quest for proof that their ship is real, or conversely, proof that a blocking ship (such as Elounor, Zerrie, Sophiam or even Narry) is fake.

Like all other people who are on a mission to prove something, you will find the frequent use of the word "believe". People do not ask, "Do you ship Larry?" They ask "Do you believe in Larry?" As though it were a matter of faith. That is not the case with the smaller, less tin-hatted ships. You may ship Ziall, but you BELIEVE in Ziam...

 <-- From somewhere on Tumblr, couldn't find the source, but there is an attribution on the artwork.

 <--- Couldn't find the original source for this either, but there's also an attribution on this one.

This mission to the Smoking Gun, isn't hard to see. A short perusal of various ship related tags on Tumblr is all you need to know about the importance of Proving the Ship.

Larry is Real
Ziam is Real
Elounor is Fake
Zerrie is Fake
Sophiam is Fake

You Tube is another major battle front. There are 100's of videos on their claiming to prove that Larry, Ziam (or Elounor) are real. Or just as importantly, to prove one or another of them is false...

Some examples:

Larry Stylinson Proof
More Larry Stylinson Proof
The Story of Ziam Pt 1 <-- Once you see this one, feel free to explore parts 2 thru 6 etc...
Elounor is Real
Elounor is Fake
Zerrie is Fake
Zerrie is Real

And those are but a small sampling.

You will find, if you read these tags or watch even one of the videos, that there is a common Thread running through all of them. The main enemy in the end isn't the enemy ships - it is MANAGEMENT. The boy's own management team, MM! is considered completely responsible for everything that is keeping the shippers from knowing the truth about the boys. MM! has cruelly locked the five members into a "no gay" contract which prohibits them from coming out of the closet. And MM! is responsible for creating the "false" bearded relationships between the boys and their "girlfriends" in order to hide the truth that Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn, or some combination thereof, are queer.

 <-- They may be oppressed, but they sell a lot of cookies...

The vilification of MM! has been a stunning victory for Larry Tin Hatters. The idea that MM! is evil, and that the boys hate their management team is so widely believed, that it is rarely questioned. I don't think most fans recognize that it isn't an actual fact that the boys hate MM!. It is pure Fanon which is so deeply rooted now, most fans don't realize that it isn't really Canon.

 <-- Did you know that One Direction has three perfume lines?

So, why is pinning the blame on management for the so-called fake girlfriends and presumed closeting so important? Well, without it, not only would it make the boys look like they are willingly lying and basically defrauding the public about their identities, but they are doing it for money. Boys who would sell out love for money, aren't nearly as attractive as oppressed children laboring unwillingly beneath the lash of cruel, cruel Management.

 <-- Look what conveniently popped up on Tumblr today!

All of this makes 1D Fandom the most fertile ground for ship wars that I've ever seen. And the battle methods are straight out of Sun Tzu's Art of War. When LS and ZS are fighting to undermine each other, Elounor, Sophiam and Zerrie, and labeling the three young women as "beards" they perceive themselves as fighting a noble war to free the boys from the MM!'s evil chains. And they are holding on for the salvation they believe will come when the contract ends.

(I guess the fact that all five Members of One Direction have twice now signed that contract with MM! doesn't impress anyone. Oh well. ;) That's Tin Hatting as a Lifestyle for you...)

 <-- Do you believe in Larry? Well, that's a Manip.

<--- Some Ziam then? Sorry, that's a Manip too. ;)
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My hands,
Your hands
Tied up
Like two ships.

Waves try to break it.
I'd do anything to save it.
Why is it so hard to say it?
I'm sorry if I say, "I need you."
But I don't care,
I'm not scared of love.
'Cause when I'm not with you I'm weaker.
Is that so wrong?
Is it so wrong
That you make me strong?
(Lyrics from STRONG, AKA the Larry Song)

So anyway, as I have said, Larry (Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles) is the elephant in the room for 1D shipping, and it drives all the battles. The oldest, and probably most important war is Larry vs. Elounor (Louis Tomlinson/Eleanor Calder).

Full disclosure, I'm not a Larry expert. And researching Larry turns out to be a bitch. I just wanted to piece together a simple timeline showing what happened and when, which I thought should be an easy enough task. However, even though there are enumerable resources available on Tumblr and YouTube, these masterposts and proof videos tend to be extremely detailed and filled with minutia down to the level of who glanced longingly at whom during any given day of any given year between 2010 and the present. I'm not kidding. Some of these Masterposts are enormous, but cover only a single month. There can be 20 pages just talking about the damn tattoos. LOL So, anyway, I did the best I could. I'm sure most LS would find this summary lacking.


To cut to the chase, the Larry ship, circa August 2014 is hanging on four pillars.

1. The handy Management Conspiracy Theory
2. Tattoos
3. Song lyrics
4. Miscellaneous "secret messages" from Harry, Louis, the other boys, family members, other celebrities, and random people on social media. This includes various porn sites and blind gossip items.

I'm not sure that Elounor is doing much better to be honest. They still claim to be together, but they are not seen together very often. (And that would actually be understandable given how much shit they've gotten...)


So here is the tale of how we got here... the Larry/Elounor Narrative (2010 - Present)

The Whole Narrative... )


So that brings us current. There is virtually NO LARRY, either on stage or in real life. Harry and Louis seem to be spending their free time on separate continents. Eleanor has virtually disappeared from social media, and doesn't engage with the fans. (And I wouldn't either if I were her.)

Now, remember those four pillars I noted above?  This is how Larry continues to thrive...

Management Conspiracy

The fact that Harry and Louis are now the only pair of the five band mates who do not interact on stage is very interesting. Ziam interacts a lot on stage, sometimes blatantly flirtatious. There is also a ton of Narry. But any given 1D concert will probably have Niam, Lilo, Lirry, Ziall, Zarry, Nouis and Zouis too! The whole modus operendi of this band is to flirt with the audience and with each other. (They have to do something because they sure don't dance.)

So, Ironically, this lack of interaction is now one of LS's chief arguments supporting Larry reality. Especially in contrast to Ziam. They believe that Larry was locked down because it is real, but Ziam was not locked down because it isn't. Such is the magic of the Management Conpiracy Theory. Up is Down. Left is Right. Bad is Good.


The second major pillar supporting Larry in the current environment is... Tattoos.

Since 2013 Harry and Louis have been accumulating tattoos which LS claim are matching. I'd probably miss some if I try to run through them all, so I'll just present this fanart, from Tumblr. (I'm sure there are plenty others that are missing here.)

You'll see the "oops and "hi" appears. And that there are several nautical themed tattoos as well.

Which brings up the third pillar that LS uses to support their ship...

Song Lyrics

Quick example of that from the first stanza of Strong (The Larry Song quoted above):

My hands,
Your hands
Tied up
Like two ships.

Harry has a tattoo of two hands tied together, and another one of a ship. Louis has a compass. Harry has an anchor. Louis has a rope... etc. So, the tattoos and song lyrics work together to create one big SECRET MESSAGE for those in the know...

LS have claimed several songs on the most recent album as Larry Songs. Strong and Happily are the two obvious. They also originally claimed You & I, but Ziam have solid claim to that one now for reasons that will be revealed next section.

I would also be remiss to not mention a song from the Take Me Home album: They Don't Know About Us (Such a tantalizing title...)

Here is the chorus:
They don’t know about the things we do
They don’t know about the "I love you"’s
But I bet you if they only knew (they don't know)
They would just be jealous of us,
They don’t know about the up all nights
They don’t know I've waited all my life
Just to find a love that feels this right
Baby they don’t know about, they don’t know about us

Interestingly, this song has never been performed in concert, despite it's popularity.  LS believe that MANAGEMENT forbids the boys to sing this in concert because it hits to close too home.  They also believe that Harry and Louis wrote the song even though they did not.  Neither Harry Styles nor Louis Tomlinson has a song writing credit for this song.  But time and time again, LS repeat that Larry wrote the song...  (Girls, the writing credits are right there on the album.  No Louis.  No Harry.  They didn't write it...)

Secret Messages

Everything actually comes down to secret messages.  The songs, the tattoos, even the lack of interaction is all a big message reassuring the True Believers that Larry is Real.  Every single tweet is hyper analyzed for Larry messages.  Its' all pretty whack.

One last example:

Louis in an "OOPS" sweatshirt.  Now don't you tell me these boys don't know where their bread is buttered...

Pssst... Larry and Ziam fans buy records and perfume and cookies and stuff... ;)


Damn, this ended up as convoluted as some of those Tumblr Master Posts. LOL. Larry isn't an easy subject at all.  Next one will be easier if only because Ziam is more fun, at least for me.  ::ducking::   So I've decided to move the discussion of recent events to the Girlfriends section which is part 5.

Final Disclaimer:

To be fair, I will say that it is possible that Louis and Eleanor's three year relationship has been an elaborate ruse. I don't know, and I acknowledge that the practice of having fake girlfriends to cover gay celebrities does exist.

However, as I said in my initial post, I don't personally feel it's right to assume that Louis is lying, just because you want him to be in love with his bandmate. I'll give Louis the benefit if the doubt, and if it turns out that he's lying, that will be on him, not me. LS will have to deal with that too, though they no doubt will pin it all on MM! LOL.
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So this brings us to Ship War #2, There Can Be Only One: Larry vs. Ziam. And this one, I freely admit, I had more fun researching than Larry.

But first, some song Lyrics. This is You & I, AKA The Ziam Song...

I figured it out,
I figured it out from black and white
Seconds and hours,
Maybe they had to take some time

I know how it goes,
I know how it goes from wrong and right
Silence and sound
Did they ever hold each other tight
Like us?
Did they ever fight
Like us?

You and I
We don't want to be like them
We can make it to the end..

This combo of ships, Larry and Ziam, should actually be harmonious and get along. After all, no boy from either ship intersects between them to cause a conflict.

There are many obvious similarities as well. Tinhatting for Ziam is very similar to Tinhatting for Larry. I would say that most Ziam shippers believe the relationship is real, and they are in it to win it just like the Larry Shippers. And also, ZS are as deeply committed to the idea that MM! is oppressing Liam and Zayn, and forcing them unwillinging into the closet as any Larry Tinhatter.

But in general, these two boats should be able to coexist peacefully. (And to be honest, they often do.) But there IS an issue, and a serious one for LS.

One of the things I noticed right away about Larry shippers is that not very many of them believe in Ziam. They may ship Ziam, but they have a hard time believing that it is real. In fact, they can't. Because for the current Larry narrative to hold up as TRUE, The current Ziam narrative must be FALSE. And therein lies the basis for the conflict.

A Larry Shipper was kind enough to set it down for us on a Confession Blog:

 <-- Let me explain below...

So, here is the Ziam Narrative to compare with the Larry Narrative:

The Whole Narrative... )

 <-- Ziam looking soulfully at one another during You & I.

Zayn and Liam often cry and/or make googly eyes at one another while singing You & I in their concerts. It is considered their song. For whatever reason, Liam is clearly very emotional about that song... (Keep in mind that Liam has lyrics from his song tattooed on his arm. And you know how much this fandom makes of tattoos. Oh, better yet, the lyrics he tattooed are "I figured it out"... how's that for loaded?)

 <-- Ziam shippesr think they know what Liam figured out.

Of course the biggest impediment to the ship remains the existence of Sophiam and Zerrie. As with Eleanor, both are dismissed by the true believers. (Feel free to peruse the Zerrie is Fake and Sophiam is Fake tags on Tumblr...) To a dedicated Ziam Tinhatter, these ladies are no sweat. (They even found a way to get around Zayn's tattoo of Perrie... I did a post about it once.)

Meanwhile, if you recall the Larry Narrative, Larry started out HOT, and was intense through 2012. However, beginning in 2013, on the TMH tour, and continuing on the current WWA tour, there is very little interaction on stage between Harry and Louis. In fact, there are lots of crickets... Larry Believers cling to their ship, using the lifeline that is the Management Conspiracy Theory, and the conviction that MM! has forced Larry apart against their wishes. They also accept whatever bones Harry and Louis will throw them as "secret messages" of rebellion against MM! It is a hard slog for LS as they wait out the contract, believing with all their hearts that when it is over, Harry and Louis will joyfully come out of the closet.

So now you can probably now see what the LS issue is with believing that Ziam is real.

If Zayn and Liam can continue to be shippy, on stage and in interviews to this very day, without MM! interference, then why can't Larry? And why does management allow all of this obviously shippy Ziam interaction to occur? Why hasn't Ziam been shut down too??? There are certainly plenty of rumors about Zayn/Liam by now...

It is tantamount to an existential question for Larry Shippers. (Because, if Louis and Harry are silent by CHOICE, what the hell would that mean for Larry???)

So, the only way that Larry shippers can justify all the current, healthy doses of Ziam interaction, is to deny that the Ziam relationship is real. Ziam must be fanservice, because the alternative is unthinkable.

(Of course ZS have a great comeback for them, don't they ;) Larry is over! Long Live ZIAM!)

So therein lies the Larry/Ziam tension. Larry shippers can't fully embrace a Ziam reality in the current narrative without damaging the basis for Larry reality. And Ziam shippers want the recognition that Larry shippers still have.

One of the main ways this has been manifesting for Larry Shippers lately is that many of them have become major shippers of the two Ziam girlfriends*. In fact, many Larry shippers have been citing Sophiam as the ideal example of what a "real" hetero relationship should be, in contrast with fakefakefake Elounor.

 <-- A recent illustration from a Confession Tumblr. (Do the two couples really look that different to you? Because they don't to me.)

And there you have it... They should be a match made in heaven, and yet not.


*Hey! Like the Larry Shippers, I am also a proponent of Sophiam and Zerrie! Yay! (Of course, I also support Elounor, so there ends the agreement...)

And as I hinted in the Larry post, the modus operendi of the band is to flirt with the audience and each other, and Ziam/Larry shippers make good customers... So actually, yeah, I think Ziam is fanservice... And so was Larry, although the boys were all considerably more innocent when Larry was flying, so there was a lot of genuine friendship involved as well...
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While going through the previous post, I realized just how many minor ship wars there really are.

Elounor vs. Sophiam <-- Not so much at war with one another, but it's a Larry thing.
Sophiam vs. Payzer
Larry vs. Narry
Zerrie vs. Ziam and The World

The battle is ever the same, to prove that a relationship is "real" or "fake". Here is a handy formula that 1D shipper often use in deciding whether a picture or photo op of a couple is real enough:

HQ photos means that Paparazzi were present. Which means that MM! called them because MM! always calls in the Paps. 1D fans do not believe that Paps ever show up independently. So this means that the photo op was PR, which = FAKE RELATIONSHIP!!! Many canon anti-shippers ferverently believe that all three girlfriends are fake because sometimes the relationships are used for PR. Remember this equation:


We'll just short hand this HQ=Fake!

So how about we start with a quick look at Elounor vs. Sophiam And also a little Sophiam vs. Ziam thrown in....

HA! To start with, the two guys, Lilo, are great friends.

 <-- Lilo (In case this isn't clear, the 1D ship names can be used at any time to refer to two of the guys. No matter the context.)

And recently, the two girls have also been hanging out. Heck, just this weekend El and Sophia went to a music festival in England together.

 <-- The impulse to name ships will never cease to amaze. They are calling this Sophianor. although the name isn't settled yet, as I've also seen Seleanor.

Any way, the basis for the "conflict" is mostly generated in the fertile imaginations of Larry shippers. Larry shippers have decided that Sophiam is the new Ideal for what a het relationship should be. In contrast to Elounor, which they desperately need to prove is not real.

Recently, Sophiam went on vacay on a yacht on the Riviera. They got papped:

Larry shippers express a belief that these pictures are very "real". (Sophiam shippers agree!)

Ziam shippers, however, will use the formula above to "disprove" them. HQ = FAKE!!! It is a handy formula, indeed. LOL

Another recent point of comparison was two photos taken of the couples at a recent wedding. Here are the photos:

 <-- Liam captioned this "Me and the most beautiful girl in the world." Ahhhhhhhhhhh. :)

<-- El captioned this, "Maid of Honour and Best Man" Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

Larry shippers claimed (as they always do) that Louis looks miserable and uncomfortable. His smile doesn't reach his eyes, and Eleanor's caption is too impersonal compared to Liam's.

Ziam shippers were pretty silent on the issue, but they grumbled something about Liam's caption "trying too hard"... Sophiam and Elounor shippers were all delighted.

In conclusion, this ship war is srs bidness.


Sophiam vs. Payzer is a different kettle of fish.

For whatever reason, Payzer shippers are having a very hard time letting go of that ship, even though it busted over a year ago. (Lots of people seem to think that Liam was "better" when he was with Danielle... ::shrug::)

(I think he's just being a 20 year old male, which sometimes means being an idiot. He'll grow out of it.)

In some ways, Sophiam has only recently started to come into it's own, and assert itself over the beloved Payzer. (In part because Sophiam has been a very busy ship all Spring and Summer, starting exactly at the time of the Weed Scandal... (It is by far the most "active" current ship in terms of personal appearances...) But also because Larry Shippers started supporting it as the Hetero Ideal compared to Elounor.

But back in the glory days of 2011 & 2012, Payzer was the original 1D ship. It was there from the start. Liam met Danielle during X-Factor. Danielle is a professional dancer, and she was working on the show. She is also five years older than Liam. So he was 17, and she 22 when they started dating. I think that some of the wish for the return of Payzer may be nostalgia for 1D it their more innocent days.

Back at the beginning, Danielle and Eleanor were actually very active with fans, including interacting with them on Twitter. But Sophia is not involved with the fans, (and Eleanor has basically withdrawn from them,) So in a way, Sophia is still a stranger as far as fandom is concerned.

This initially left her open to fandoms worst imaginings... i.e. GOLD DIGGER accusations (And much worse) in addition to the obligatory "Beard" accusations from Ziam shippers.

It looks like, Sophia may now begin to be more active in the fandom. For example, earlier this month in NYC, she and Liam were participants in a PR stunt at the Cake Boss shop. We'll see.

 Ziam shippers simply cited the formula: HQ=FAKE!

 <-- I've concluded that Sophia looks a lot like Kate Middleton...

But still, Payzer persists:

I guess the ultimate lesson may be that the best 1D girlfriend is an EX 1D girlfriend... Sigh.

 <-- Don't worry about Danielle. She's doing fine. And she's got 3 million Twitter followers.


I should have known I couldn't contain this to one post. I'll post on the Zerrie situation and the rise of Narry next time. FUN!!
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Ah, Zerrie.

Zayn Malik and his fiancé Perrie Edwards. They've been together since 2012, and are engaged to be married. Both of them are currently 21 years old. Sad to say, they are only slightly less hated on then Elounor. You should see the Zerrie is Fake tag on Tumblr. It is a horror.

 <-- They look like a cute enough couple to me. Zayn even has this giant tattoo of her on his arm.

 <-- You can see it here. I wonder if that lipstick print he has in the middle of his chest is supposed to be Liam's lips? LOL.

A lot of this hate is from Ziam shippers, obviously, who really, really need to prove that Zerrie is fake because they believe that Zayn's heart belongs only to Liam. And they lazer focus on disproving Zerrie over Sophiam because of the ring and the tattoo. (And for other reasons that make the couple more "vulnerable" since Perrie is also a former X-Factor contestant, and is in a Girl Band.)

But a good bit of the hate also comes from regular Zayn girls who would rather he be single and available. Poor Dears.

So, here is the Zerrie Narrative:

The Whole Narrative including cheating scandal, tattoo and engagement... )

There is an old saying in 1D fandom...

 <-- No, really, there is. It goes back to X-Factor days... (Apparently, the answer is... HE'S WITH PERRIE.)

Some other 2014 Appearances:

 <-- Holiday Greeting HQ, you know the drill.
 <-- Taken around the New Year at the London Zoo, and HQ=FAKE
 <-- Random sighting with a fan in March
 <-- With Perrie's Great Grandmother. He seems really comfy with her family.
 <-- Perrie's 21. This was an elaborate production. Zayn rented out a Carnival for a reported 98K. (ZS say MM! did it.) And there was lots of HQ photos so...
 <-- People tried to argue this was Jesy's foot, and not Zayn's when Perrie posted this. LOL They hyper analyzed the shoes trying to prove it wasn't Zayn.
 Their adorable kitten. His name is Tiger.

Going back to the origin of this relationship, I have to ask, could all of this, after nearly three years, really just be for PR for Little Mix? Could MM! really have forced Zayn to do all of this against his will? Really? I know that fake celebrity relationships do exist, but they live together. They share pets. He blows off 1D events to be with her. Could he really, as Ziam shippers assert, actually hate her? Between this and the Larry Shippers, MM! starts coming off as a Supervillain organization.

Yes, I think it started a publicity. Yes, it is still used for publicity sometimes. But they are CELEBRITIES. Their relationships are used for publicity regardless of whether they are real of fake.

Personally, I prefer to think that Zayn Malik isn't such a wuss that he would let himself be railroaded into something as elaborate as this with a woman he actually dislikes. So, though the relationship isn't perfect, and I hope they continue to season the engagement a bit, I believe it is sincere.

This is the story of Zerrie:

I've only got Narry left to explore. It will be nice to finally be able to include Niall in all of this...
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Maybe Narry was inevitable.

 Narry: Niall Horan and Harry Styles

Harry Styles and Niall Horan are arguably the two most popular members of the One Direction. Harry is perhaps the most charismatic person in pop music today. And Niall isn't far behind. Niall is the one members of One Direction that you could still argue seems like a wholesome, shiny boybander. And neither of them has a girlfriend. So, it is obvious that at some point this ship was going to take off. And in 2014, it appears to have happened.

So lets talk first about Niall, since he hasn't been included at all in these shipping posts so far. (How tragic is that? This must be fixed!) Niall Horan has come a long, long way.

This is basically a Niall Pic Spam, but includes Harry Potter and a drunk Disney Prince )

I apparently had some pent up Niall appreciation that I needed to get out of my system. I think the perceived innocent boybandness is probably a large reason for his popularity. That and the fact that he hasn't had a girlfriend other than Barbara Palvin, which was probably a publicity thing...

So what is there really to say about Narry? So far, I must say, Narry fans are pretty chill about it. I don't get a sense that there is a lot of Wank, or Tinhatting. Yay!

So I'll just run down the 2014 highlights, starting with the circumstances that lead to the quote at the top. It's in the vid, but you'll get the gist by reading the description below.

So, the question asked of the group was: If you got to be a girl for 24 hours, what would you do? Harry said, "I'd do Niall". LOLOLOL. (for the record, Liam said he'd go to a 1D concert to see what it was like on the other side, Louis pointed to his chest and indicated that he would enjoy his boobs, and Zayn was pretty much speechless at the thought, and refused to answer.)

Crotch grabbing, Kisspering, Thrusting, Singing in each others faces and the obligatory Cinderella Moment... )

It is interesting that now that Harry's interaction with Louis is so limited, he seems to focus on flirting with Niall, and also with Liam... (I have to do another Lirry post, because I don't know why it isn't bigger than it is...)

So basically, Narry does all the same things that Ziam currently does, and that Larry used to do. But without the wank.


How is this effecting Larry Shippers? Pretty much what you would expect. They dismiss it as fanservice.

But some of them aren't taking it too well.

Here's a quote from today, "Go f--- yourselves with a Starbuck flavored cactus, you rotten bitches". OK, mostly a Larry shipper ranting about Elounor shippers who can't see the holy truth... but the ranter also objects to Narry.

So, that was really the last of the ships I had to discuss. But I somehow don't feel like I'm done with the shipping topic just quite yet. There is some extremely epic wank that I left on the table, especially the Calder Triplets theory...
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