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So, Part II is about that Management Conspiracy thingy, which frankly makes all this Tin Hatting possible. It is the White Elephant in the Room for 1D fandom.

The most important thing to know about One Direction ship wars is that underneath much of the conflict is a battle for validation and REALITY. The shippers strongly feel that they are owed the validation that will come when their chosen Ship comes out of the closet. I believe that for many 1D shippers, particularly Larry, and increasingly Ziam, the ship is only worth shipping, because they believe it is REAL. Why bother with ships such as Lirry or Nouis, when no one thinks those pairings are in actual romantic relationships? Larry and Ziam Shipping activity, therefore has largely become a quest for proof that their ship is real, or conversely, proof that a blocking ship (such as Elounor, Zerrie, Sophiam or even Narry) is fake.

Like all other people who are on a mission to prove something, you will find the frequent use of the word "believe". People do not ask, "Do you ship Larry?" They ask "Do you believe in Larry?" As though it were a matter of faith. That is not the case with the smaller, less tin-hatted ships. You may ship Ziall, but you BELIEVE in Ziam...

 <-- From somewhere on Tumblr, couldn't find the source, but there is an attribution on the artwork.

 <--- Couldn't find the original source for this either, but there's also an attribution on this one.

This mission to the Smoking Gun, isn't hard to see. A short perusal of various ship related tags on Tumblr is all you need to know about the importance of Proving the Ship.

Larry is Real
Ziam is Real
Elounor is Fake
Zerrie is Fake
Sophiam is Fake

You Tube is another major battle front. There are 100's of videos on their claiming to prove that Larry, Ziam (or Elounor) are real. Or just as importantly, to prove one or another of them is false...

Some examples:

Larry Stylinson Proof
More Larry Stylinson Proof
The Story of Ziam Pt 1 <-- Once you see this one, feel free to explore parts 2 thru 6 etc...
Elounor is Real
Elounor is Fake
Zerrie is Fake
Zerrie is Real

And those are but a small sampling.

You will find, if you read these tags or watch even one of the videos, that there is a common Thread running through all of them. The main enemy in the end isn't the enemy ships - it is MANAGEMENT. The boy's own management team, MM! is considered completely responsible for everything that is keeping the shippers from knowing the truth about the boys. MM! has cruelly locked the five members into a "no gay" contract which prohibits them from coming out of the closet. And MM! is responsible for creating the "false" bearded relationships between the boys and their "girlfriends" in order to hide the truth that Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn, or some combination thereof, are queer.

 <-- They may be oppressed, but they sell a lot of cookies...

The vilification of MM! has been a stunning victory for Larry Tin Hatters. The idea that MM! is evil, and that the boys hate their management team is so widely believed, that it is rarely questioned. I don't think most fans recognize that it isn't an actual fact that the boys hate MM!. It is pure Fanon which is so deeply rooted now, most fans don't realize that it isn't really Canon.

 <-- Did you know that One Direction has three perfume lines?

So, why is pinning the blame on management for the so-called fake girlfriends and presumed closeting so important? Well, without it, not only would it make the boys look like they are willingly lying and basically defrauding the public about their identities, but they are doing it for money. Boys who would sell out love for money, aren't nearly as attractive as oppressed children laboring unwillingly beneath the lash of cruel, cruel Management.

 <-- Look what conveniently popped up on Tumblr today!

All of this makes 1D Fandom the most fertile ground for ship wars that I've ever seen. And the battle methods are straight out of Sun Tzu's Art of War. When LS and ZS are fighting to undermine each other, Elounor, Sophiam and Zerrie, and labeling the three young women as "beards" they perceive themselves as fighting a noble war to free the boys from the MM!'s evil chains. And they are holding on for the salvation they believe will come when the contract ends.

(I guess the fact that all five Members of One Direction have twice now signed that contract with MM! doesn't impress anyone. Oh well. ;) That's Tin Hatting as a Lifestyle for you...)

 <-- Do you believe in Larry? Well, that's a Manip.

<--- Some Ziam then? Sorry, that's a Manip too. ;)


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