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This is the last of the Weed Scandal Aftermath series. Though, I will continue to keep you all alerted on Zouis' redemption status. If someone is photographed with a puppy, or wearing their fiancé's clothing, you will be the first to know.

Let's Recap each member's role in the aftermath.

Liam Payne did the early heavy lifting. First, he dramatically won back his girlfriend the day after the scandal hit, creating some happy stories. Then he carried the weight of the whole band by making the only official public response to the scandal via Twitter. Finally, he tweeted about chicken. Which is a dinner. As in poultry. So, in short. Liam is the DADDY.

Harry Styles floated above it all. No way, no how was he involved in any stinking drug scandal, and he was furious about the whole damn thing. Plus there was a puppy, and maybe he was naked, the world still wants to know. Harry was just the AGGREIEVED INNOCENT BYSTANDER in all of this.

Niall Horan, coming off his glorious homecoming in Dublin, and his victorious charity football match simply lent his sunshine in solidarity with the other two golden boys. Sweet IRISH PRINCE.

Zayn Malik, AKA Culprit #1, kept a low profile, except to be spotted backstage at his fiancé's concerts. He also got a big, forgiving hug from Liam on stage at Wembley, and has since been spotted with a kitten. In short, he's going to be OK.

Louis Tomlinson, AKA Culprit #2, and the harder case, because he filmed it, and because he said the N Word, kept an even lower profile. But behind the scenes, it turned out he was in the midst of a huge business deal that has landed him as co-owner of his favorite sports team. In short, he's going to be OK too.

In the end, they are all just RAYS OF SUNSHINE. Speaking of which...


When a band's in deep water, and needs some good publicity, what is the single most valuable event they can hold? CHARITY of course. Especially a Children's Charity. So, on June 10, two weeks after the scandal hit, the entire band participated in a photo op with a London charity for sick children called Rays of Sunshine. This is a charity they have been previously associated with.

There were lots of gorgeous and heartwarming pictures from this event:

I mean seriously, how do you beat that?

And there was this cute bit:

Perfect. Of course Niall. He is the Living Ray of Sunshine, after all.

Rays of Sunshine everyone. Rays of Sunshine. :)

Good way to end, yes?
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"Very Controversial" - Zayn's best quote from the Weed Video.

Enough with the three Golden Boys! Lets talk about the two guys who made the Weed Video happen, starting with Zayn Malik in all his stoned glory...

Well, I would say that Zayn has pretty much blown his wholesome boy band image. LOL. But that doesn't mean that PR isn't going to at least try to rehabilitate him, and it may not be as difficult a task as it looks.

Read more... ) Feb 10, 2014

Yo, Zayn, we're asking...

In that light, the next post will put Louis Tomlinson squarely on the hotseat.
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This is Zayn Malik, and today is his 21st Birthday.  In honor of this, here is an Everything You Need To Know About Zayn master post.

<--- Current Zayn

Editing in links to the rest of the posts:  Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis

Everything You Need To Know. I Promise, This is Good Stuff. Fandom says he'd be a Slytherin ;) )

To see how awesome Zayn is, and why he makes little girls cry, I recommend the Little Things video.  (Especially the first minute and a half.)

Also - the above mentioned frolic that is the One Way Or Another video.

He's just a little boy from Bradford who's smashin' it.

The next 1D birthday will be Harry on Feb 1... ;)


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