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Here we are - Part Thirteen of this series which... Is a lot of parts.  But the end is getting close.  This part covers the second half of the North American tour.  Then there is the UK/Ireland tour and one last follow up post after that.


I'm keeping this one short.  (Or at least that's what I told myself.  Hahahahaha.)   It will focus primarily on Columbus, Chicago (my second show), Milwaukee, Detroit (my third show), Montreal and Boston, which was the last show on this leg of the tour.

By this point in the tour, I think the exhaustion was starting to show.  And yet it rolled on.


Recapping The Recap

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London August 9 - Believe In Magic

I guess to start out, I lied. There was one interesting thing that happened during the Mid August break.

Louis was the sponser of a charity ball for children called Believe in Magic. It was so precious.

 <-- Liam joined him, and donated many thousands as well.

And this happened...


And also, before we begin, there were a TON of glorious highlights on the North American tour that involved the ongoing Lilo Water/Gatorade/Silly String battles.  Here are just a few.  Because what good is a recap of the North American tour without them?  It often involved one or both being soaking wet.  Which means AWESOME!!!

So there you go.


August 18 - Columbus

The beginning of the second half of the NA tour kind of pissed me off.  It was in Columbus, OH, and the controversey was that Liam introduced Girl Almighty by saying, that only other guys would understand what it meant to be looking for the "right girl".  I would never have thought another thing of it, personally.  But SJW's on Twitter attacked him for not being inclusive of girls who may like girls.  They were calling him Homophobic and all kinds of nasty things, and Liam got defensive, as he sometimes does.

As an aside, I think Internet SJW's have essentailly become just another form of internet bully, and I'm pretty much done with that whole thing.  It's not real activisim.  It's lazy, and a lot of it is more mean-spirited then whatever they are attacking over.  So now I've said my piece on that.

August 23 - Chicago - The Hiatus Rumors

Chicago was my second show!  Whoo Hoo!

But there was another importance to this show as well.  For weeks, the rumors had been circulating (Starting with an article by Dan Wooton in the Sun, back in May, of course...) that the boys would be going on Hiatus.  On the 22nd, the boys confirmed it.  But while Dan Wooton had essentially implied that the "hiatus" would be permanent, all four of the boys (Including Harry, who said it on stage at all three shows I attended...) insisted, and to this day continue to insist it is "just a break" because they are exhausted after touring for five years straight.

Some pretty pictures!

August 25 - Milwaukee

The Milwaukee show was very Harry.  He was in Green Bay Packer Heaven.   And said so frequently.

And he was waving flags all over the place.

These flag waving pictures are so striking.  The rainbow flags had become a Larrie thing at concerts, bolstered by a group of Big Larries who have organized a group called "Rainbow Direction" which nominally exists to support LGBT+ Directioners.  They say they have a "no shipping policy" which is laughable.  The majority of the rainbow flags, signs and other gear to 1D concerts was there to promote LARRY, no matter how much they always answer those accusations by trying to hide behind the unenforced "no shipping policy".  LOL.  Anyway, these lovely images were thouroughly co-opted by Larries to promote "larry is real"

August 29 - Detroit - Liam's 22nd Birthday

This was a lovely show.  Liam signs were everywhere.  I was so glad that I was there.

<-- Liam celebrated by getting an ugly hand tattoo ::ducking::
<--  And there was a spectacular group hug after the singing of Happy Birthday.

What a thrill!  I was in fangirl heaven.

Sept 5 - Montreal - About the Broken Leg...

The day before the Montreal concert Niall suddenly had a broken foot.  He claimed he'd awakend that morning with a stress fracture.  That is certainly an odd explanation, but whatever is the case, poor Niall limped around in that boot for the rest of the tour.

Sept 10 - Liam and The Attitude Article

Earlier in the year, a British Gay Men's magazine called Attitude had voted Liam the sexiest man in the world.  So they decided to make him the cover boy for their Oct. edition.  This was a huge deal because it was the first time that a member of One Direction did a solo photoshoot for a magazine.

The pictures were delish.

The article was very odd.  Liam doesn't mind being candid, and since among other things, he used the platform of a Gay Magazine to debunk Larry, the Larries were furious and hateful about it.  He answered a question about whether a ten year old should be allowed to read smut with a big "no", and that was taken as an attack on fan works.  He was attacked left and right by the fandom over the article.  But only in the fandom.   Guess you can't please everyone... Eh.

Sept 12 - Boston - Happy 22nd Birthday Niall!

And so the North American tour came to an end on the day before Niall's birthday.  So Boston was another party!

And another group hug.

Niall got lots of funny hats to wear.


Thus ended the North American Leg of the Tour...  It was a long haul, and by the end of it, you could tell that there was a sense that the end was near.  The last leg of what could be the last tour, that remains to be seen, would start up again in London on Sept. 24.

But before we got to the end, there was room for three more shocking twists. Stay tuned, we're almost home!


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