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Welcome to part 11 of the Road Kill saga. In this recap we are covering June 28 to July 8 which was the short, but... interesting Tour Break between the European and North American legs of the tour. In a way, it was the calm before another storm.  But fandom wise the wank was flying fast and furiously!

So here's what happened.


Recapping the Recap:

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We'll start with Niall. He hung out in London for awhile, and attended Modest Managements annual summer party on July 2.

 <-- The Larries mocked this, and claimed that Niall was the sacrificial lamb.  (In 2014, Harry and Liam attended this party, but shhhhh.  Don't tell them. ;)


Liam spent almost the entire break having a full family vacation in Orlando, FL. His parents, his two sisters, their boyfriends and Sophia were all there. The family was spotted at one or another of the Universal or Disney parks every day for an entire week, and there were tons of pictures that came out from fans who saw them there.

Liam Instagrammed some cute pictures.

 <-- He captioned this one "I guess it's OK if Mickey doesn't find out", referring to Sophia's Mini Mouse ears and his Goofey Hat.  But the Ziam Tinhats were energized with letting us all know who Mickey "really" was...

 <-- Liam also made if very clear that he LUUUVED Jurassic World, the big movie out at that time.

Speaking of Zayn, on July 5, he and Naughty Boy announced that they were creating their own brand name - and officially trademarked the word "Zaughty".  LOL.

On July 7 - "ZaynCancelYour Engagement" trended worldwide on Twitter for no particular reason.  Things like that don't need a reason to trend, this is the 1D fandom that we're talking about.

The same day, he posted a broody instagram.  Ho Hum.


Harry had an interesting break. He left London immediately at the beginning of the break for Los Angeles, which is, afterall, his second home. As usual, he was papped at LAX.

All the fandom could talk about was the really tight white jeans he was wearing, and where his missing "friend" was. It was a little gross.

On July 4, Harry attended a party in Malibu. He was accompanied at the party by a... get this... MYSTERY GUY.

 <--- The fandom was veeeeery curious about who this dude was.

He was photographed with the same man the next day, and for several days in a row.  The fandom CSI's took over and eventually found out his name, Xander Ritz.  And a new ship was born! Xarry!  (Like we needed another one that sounded just like Zarry and Zerrie... LOL.)  But there it was, and still is.  XARRY!

The Larries felt threatened...  Clearly Management was Bearding Harry with um, a guy?????  Yeah, I don't get it either.

Xander is actually just a member of Harry's LA social circle, whom he chose to spend time with that particular week.  But Xander ended up tagging along on tour for awhile as a member of Harry's entourage.


Louis flew immediately to Los Angeles as well.  But he was apparently on an entirely different kind of mission.

He arrived at LAX with only a Skate Board, leaving people to wonder where his luggage was.   (I'm thinking he had someone take care of that, but that's just me...)  The reason this whole thing was wanky is because Larrie's Truly Believe that Louis shares Harry's L.A. house, and therefore didn't need to bring clothes with him...

He wasn't seen a lot.  But an Instagram Photo emerged of Louis with some kids.

It turns out that the boy in the photo is Briana Jungwirth's little brother...

ANYWAY - On July 4, Louis' mother, Jay, instagrammed that she was at Malibu Beach...  This THRILLED the Larries, since Harry was publically attending a party in the same area at the same time.  You know what conclusion they drew.  LOL.

We would find out soon enough what Louis and his family were doing over that U.S. Holiday weekend.  (But fun fact, Louis' mother is a Midwife by profession.)

See what I mean.  A short, but interesting break.  The Wank was flying fast and furious.  But not as fast and furious as it was about to as the Tour was about to start up again in San Diego on July 9!

The next segment will finally start the North American leg of the tour.  I'm going to try to keep it to just two posts,   That's the plan anyway.  Some highlights of the next section alone include, Liam shirtless on stage, epic Gatorade fights and silly string.  Also, Harry will take on Sea World, Zayn will do a bunch of stupid shit, the Larries will face their greatest challenge ever, and I ATTEND MY FIRST SHOW!!

It's going to be great!


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