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I almost forgot that I was going to do a post about Niall and his adventures in Australia. I think this one is short (for me) but kind of hilarious.

To recap Niall's assigned persona, he is the "good boy" perpetually single and lovelorn.

He is the professional 5th Wheel...

He's the most clean cut, and the one who has best retained the "boybandy" image into his early 20's.

 Poor Lonely Niall...

During December and January, Niall spent a huge chunk of the Winter break in Australia. When a young man his age is hanging out in a far away land during his short off time, it is reasonable to wonder what the attraction is. And it's not unreasonable to speculate that maybe there was a girl down there that he liked... (Niall being the only member of 1D that almost everybody believes is straight... And single...)

And so it turned out... Eventually. But Niall was in Australia for nearly a month in advance of the start of the Australian tour which began on Feb. 7. During that time, Niall mostly went to the Australian Open. There were lots of lovely Pap pictures of Niall courtside.

 <-- But no girl was ever with him...

The first sighting of the girl did not occur until the rest of the group arrived from their various locations around the globe on Feb. 5th and 6th. There were some pap pics taken of the boys outside of the stadium during their first rehearsal.

<-- Hello pretty, mysterious stranger in a hat.

None of the other boys had a girl in his presence for this papping. Just Niall. So it felt "significant". And it set the fandom abuzz trying to find out who she was.

The fandom didn't have much luck at first. Even the tabloids were having trouble figuring out who the mystery girl was. The only thing anyone knew was that her first name is Melly. (Actually Melissa, but that wasn't known at first.) From the rumored first name, a ship name developed... NELLY. Of Course

There were two other very significant Melly sighting before we even knew who she was...

First, she was seen at one of the concerts, standing where the girlfriends typically stand, with the crew members that the girlfriends typically stand with... One of these crew members is their Hairstylist, Lou Teasdale. Lou has a little girl named Lux who travels with her when the band is on tour. Lux is a FAVORITE of the fandom. The boys have been frequently photographed with her since she was a baby. So it seemed meaningful when...

 <-- Melly was seen holding Lux during a concert....!!!! Only somebody of significance would ever be seen holding Lux.

Then there was the Sydney Yacht tour on the Feb. 9th, which was to celebrate Sophia's 21st birthday... There were a few pap shots taken but only a select group was prominent in the handful of photos. Sophiam and Elounor were there. Some well known friends and crew members, and Niall. And there in the back... Melly.

The fandom was FREAKING OUT. The Niall girls were in a panic! And even Narry shippers, the perpetually cool ones, lost their legendary chill over it.

Then, Niall spent an evening in a casino with her, and was reportedly seen making out with her! There were blurry photos of it!!! The tabs were having a field day. Niall! With a Girlfriend. The end is neigh!

And this little sighting occurred with Niall and Melly in a café. With a giant body guard:

Gradually, the fandom began to gather the information to figure out who Niall's mystery girl was. And they finally found the details...

Melissa Whitelaw, age 21.

Great to finally know who she was and all... But then the fandom's dark side kicked in, and the digging started. Melissa had social media, and it was not set to private. From her Instagram, fandom was intrigued to find her with photographs of some young man, who claimed to be her boyfriend... What?

The BF also claimed to be still dating her up until a few weeks before? He posted some nasty and bitter sounding stuff.


Also, it was discovered that Melly had a Tumblr. A One Direction Tumblr. Yes, she had been a fan. It appeared from her old Tumblr content, that Melly had been a Harry Girl, and... A Larry shipper. (Larries had a field day with that...)

The fandom detectives figured out that Melly's first contact with 1D had been in 2013, (and were interested that she stopped being a Larry Shipper about that time as well, at least on Tumblr.) But then something else came up...

Photo's of Melly with Matt Healy from The 1975, who had recently been in Australia...

Ummm, OK. It was kind of, sort of starting to look like this girl might be someone who could be called, not to be disrespectful...A Groupie.

And, the mood changed. Niall girls relaxed. Both Niall and Melissa denied that they were dating... And she hasn't been seen since.

The end? (I rather suspect so...) But I do admire Melissa. For one brief shining moment, it truly looked like she was the next major 1D Girlfriend.

And Niall, is apparently made of Teflon. Narry shippers returned to their peaceful, non-threatened state.

Of course, you never know what the future will bring...


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