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The Quad in question are Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards, Liam Payne/Sophia Smith, and of course Zayn Malik/Liam Payne. Also known as Zerrie, Sophiam and Ziam.

If you recall from the Summer posts, Ziam is the second most Tinhatted ship in the 1D fandom. It is a DISTANT second. But because it is a huge fandom, that means it is still a massively tinhatted ship.

To recap:

Part One of the Winter series was an update on the eternal battle: Elounor vs. Larry.

Part Two was Harry Styles The Winter Boyfriend


The QoD (Quadrangle of Doom))

Getting on to the matter at hand... Lets start discussion of the status of my two personal favorite 1D ships, along with Elounor, of course.

Ziam and Sophiam:

(True confession, I ship both Ziam and Sophiam, but believe Sophiam is real. They are both HOT!!!)

Of the three recognized 1D relationships, (Elounor, Sophiam & Zerrie, Hadine is still pending), Sophiam made, by far the most PR appearances in 2014. Here is a sampling of the hotness: I'm going to RESIST doing a Timeline.



 <-- NBA Game in London, and The Brits

 <--On tour reunion paps after that one time last Spring they broke up...

 <-- Jaye's Wedding and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

 <--Summer hijinx on a yacht and at the Airport in France

 <-- Papped during visits to NYC

 <-- Frequent fans sighting at Malls

 A fall outing to Thorpe Park and the Recent adventure at LAX

All images from Sophia Smith Updates on Tumblr

You would think that Ziam Shippers would be jealous. But no, they really don't have any reason to be. Ziam was all over the place too:



 <-- Out side the AMA's.

 <-- During Interviews

 <-- Typical Red Carpet Ziam moment

 <-- While singing on X-Factor with Ron Wood, Liam just kind of casually held onto Zayn for most of the song...

 <--If you watch this awards show group hug, you'll see that even thought it's a group hug, Zayn ONLY hugs Liam.

 <--How could they possibly look less couply??

This is all typical Ziam. They did this kind of thing on every stop during the recent promo tour. And I didn't even bring up the WWA Tour stuff from last Summer, because that would be even more.

I should add before moving on that Ziam supporters were boosted by a pair of "blind items" that appeared on the odious Blind Gossip website... One of them basically suggested that Sophiam is not a real relationship, and that Sophia is an employee. It also suggested that a December visit they made to Tiffany's in NYC was to buy her a "Christmas Bonus" for doing such a great job. It was really gross. The second one said that one member of One Direction was a "frequent visitor" to Liam's newly purchased mansion. It invited readers to guess as to why this unnamed member was such a frequent guest. Dependency on websites such as this is one of the reasons that the Tinhatters get me down. YUCK.

So, Sophiam and Ziam both bring really strong games to the table. To understand the current status of the QoD battleground we have to take a look at the current status of the remaining leg of the Quad...


Zerrie .

They're suppose to be engaged, right?

For the record, as far as anyone knows, Zerrie is still a couple. However, this couple has virtually disappeared from public view. If it is still strong in private, which of course we hope it is, there isn't a lot of public record of it. (Not that it is truly anyone's business, but this is one of the most watched couples on Earth, so disappearing does feel a bit like a statement.)

The gory details:

Zerrie did not fare well during the recent promo tour. That is putting it mildly. And the source of the alarm bells lies squarely on the shoulders of one Zayn Malik. The question of the engagement came up in almost every interview. The main question being, "when's the wedding?" Zayn's answers were quite enough to raise any eyebrow, IMHO.

It began with this interview with the BBC Morning show:

BBC Morning: Zayn, are you going to be able to fit in getting married next year do you think?

Zayn: Umm, yeah, I haven't really thought about getting married yet. We're just kind of engaged. We haven't thought about the wedding side of things yet or how we're going to do that. We haven't really had the time to sit and organize that.

JUST KIND OF ENGAGED??????? Kind of engaged?? How is one kind of engaged? Oy.

From that we moved on to the Jimmy Kimmel interview during which the talk show host literally advised Zayn NOT to get married.

From Kimmel:

Jimmy Kimmel: So, Zayn, you're engaged.
Zayn: I am, that's correct.
Kimmel: (to the others) Do you guys think it's a good idea that Zayn is getting married?
Niall: I just can't wait for the stag do. It's going to be great.
Kimmel: You're in it for the par-tay? Zayn, you must think it's a good idea.
Zayn: Yes, I do think it's a good idea.
Kimmel: But I'm going to tell you right now, it is not a good idea. (uncomfortable laughter) We'll have a talk about this later, and I hope it goes well. I hope I'm wrong.
Zayn: I hope you're wrong
Kimmel: We'll leave it at that. Please invite me to the bachelor party.
Zayn: I'm going to get in trouble when I get home.

And so it went.

In addition, the banter amongst the other four boys when this topic came up was extremely joking. The running comments involved plans for the bachelor party, and suggestions that Zayn just got engaged for the presents....

So, ummm, hmmmmm. :(


Where's the Love?

To compound the pain, the situation did not improve once the promo tour ended for the Holidays and the January break began. Keep in mind that both Zayn and Perrie's jobs require them to be on the road most of the year. And because they are both in the industry, it is harder for Perrie and Zayn to visit each other when they go on tour as Sophia and Eleanor are able to frequently visit their BF's. So the break was the only time for them to really have any significant time together.

There was exactly two photos of Zerrie together during the Holidays. This random picture of the two of them shopping in early Dec:

And this picture of Zerrie preparing for a New Years Eve costume Party. So at least they did apparently spend NYE together..,:

Other then that, there was nothing, although there were numerous tweets from Perrie suggesting that she was spending a lot of time with Zayn's little sister.

The problem was that Zayn was frequently photographed during the break, just not with his fiancé.


And what was he doing? He was hanging out with a record producer known as Naughty Boy. Like Zayn, Naughty has Pakistani heritage, and they seem to like the same kind of music, so that is no doubt part of the attraction. And of course, there is no fault with Zayn hanging out with someone who may help him with his music career. But still... It wasn't just the amount of time Zayn spent with Naughty, it was the significance of the days they spent together.

 Zayn spent Christmas with Naughty.

Zayn's 22nd birthday also took place during the January break. There is no evidence that Zayn and Perrie celebrated his birthday together. In fact, Perrie instagrammed pictures of herself having a night out with female friends on Zayn's birthday...

 <-- Zayn spent it with Naughty

In late January, as the tour drew near, where was Zayn?

 <--Zayn and his cousins and Naughty.

Is there a ship name? Well duh, of course there is a ship name. Zaughty.


Meanwhile, Perrie remained very active herself on social media. She kept hinting that she wanted to go to Disney Land. Fandom was expecting that a Zayn/Perrie Disney sighting would be coming soon. But no. Perrie went with her cousin.

 So this means that one of the few, precious weekends this couple had to spend together before Zayn left for another massive world tour, Perrie vacationed without him.... Hmmmm.

Later, Perrie posted this picture on Instagram, and got reamed by fandom for it.


Why did Perrie get reamed for this? Some of the fandom attacked her for "flaunting" her ring. Others sneeringly suggested that she was showing the ring off because it is the only physical means she has to prove that she and Zayn are still a couple. Since he doesn't spend actual time with her, at least not that the public can tell.

Perrie emphatically defended herself.

Perrie: I only took a picture of my hand, but apparently it was of the ring, Apparently you can’t flash your hand around any more. I bloody love the ring.

While it is great the Perrie is doing her best to uphold the relationship, Zayn has remained silent.

Then there was this picture from this week at the Brit Awards after party.

That's Perrie, beaming and hand in hand with Danielle Peazer. Remember her from the Summer posts? She's Liam's ex. Hmmmmm. (Now, of course, they were supposedly friends from the time they were both dating 1D members, but it's just that the timing and all, it seems kind of Ex-Girlfriend Clubby...)

So, anyway, of course all fingers are crossed that all is well in Zerrie land. Of course, there is a big caveat that NOBODY BUT PERRIE AND ZAYN actually know what is going on in their relationship. Because it is their relationship. For the rest of us, time will tell.

Damn this one went long... Sorry about that.

I may do a very brief thing on Niall, and the new Girlfriend rumors... It's all pretty Lolzy.


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