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This is Part 2 of the 1D Shipping Winter Update. The first part focused on the Larry vs. Elounor Battle. This one will focus on Harry Styles and his mixed signals. Is he the Winter Boyfriend, or is this whole thing just NotThatImportant? Perhaps only time will tell.

Oh, and today, Feb 1, is Harry's 21st Birthday. It could be a very interesting day.


The Winter Boyfriend

In order to begin the discussion of how Harry Styles fits into the whole Shipping picture, we have to start by discussing the Winter Girlfriends. This refers to the fact that over the last few years, there is a pattern that Harry has had a relationship with a girl that seems to start in November or December, and end before Spring.

Larries believe that all of these relationships are fake, and that they are contracted for PR, and to cover Larry. It should be noted that all of 1D's albums have been released in November, and that is the time of year when 1D goes on promotional tours. So that would be the time for such activity. It should also be noted that because 1D has been on tour for most of the last four years, the Holiday season has been their only time off. So if Harry were to date someone, that is the most likely time...

Last year, Harry's winter fling was Kendall Jenner. They followed the Winter pattern noted above. Of course the fandom spent a great deal of time during 2014, mocking the concept of the Winter Girlfriend and speculating on who it would be this year.

This past November during Promo, the question even came up, directly on camera during an promotional interview with Scott Mills. Harry addressed it the following way:

Scott: Have any of you ever got a girlfriend just for the winter?
Harry: What do you mean?
Harry: Not on purpose?!
Scott: On purpose.
Harry: What, as in you aim to just have the girlfriend for the winter? I don’t think you ever aim for it, do you?
Harry: You just think, ‘You know what, I don’t think I’m gonna get enough Christmas presents this year, I’ll get a girlfriend so I get a couple more.’

I take that as a denial of sorts, and a little deflection with the joke about the Christmas presents... But I also take it that the band and Harry are obviously aware of the pattern. If it were ever to repeat, it would not go unnoticed. Relevant I think now that we are in the Winter of 2015.

The Most Notorious Winter Girlfriend

The most notorious of Harry's Winter Girlfriend's was in 2012, and the girlfriend in question was Taylor Swift. All this happened before I got into the fandom, and I personally accepted the conventional wisdom that this short lived relationship was a celebrity promotional thing, as described above.

Recent events however, have made me reconsider that position. I'm not going to take credit for this Timeline, in was created on the Anti-Larry blog Larry Isn't Real.

A few highlights of the Haylor Timeline, with the Larry Bias removed.

-The relationship can be traced back to the previous March at the Kid's Choice Awards (Well before any public knowledge.)

-Harry was name dropping her as early as April

-Harry was teased twice about Tayler by the other boys, including Louis during interviews in Sept. (Yes, Louis)

-There is evidence that Harry hung out with her at the VMA's also in Sept.

-Basically the boys teased Harry about Taylor throughout the fall months.

-Once November hit, the two were spotted together numerous times both with and without paps.

With Paps:

And Without:

- They went on a ski trip in late Dec. with Taylor's family. They apparently got into a ski mobile accident during this trip.

- There was a famous New Years Eve kiss

- Apparently, they broke up on January 4. A picture of Taylor along on a boat that day...

So that was the story.



The same blogger also does a thorough analysis, and pretty much skewers the idea that Taylor Swift was Harry's Winter Beard. But I want to specifically bring up the part of her analysis that relates to Taylor's 1989 album. That album is the thing that brought all the Haylor information back into the light, after a long couple of years during which most people simply accepted the Larry narrative on this. Apparently Taylor doesn't buy into the Larry Narrative.

Her analysis covers what appear to be references to Haylor in Taylor's new album. You can go and see them there.

So, I for one, no longer consign Haylor as a strictly PR thing. True, there may have been an element of that, most certainly... But there doesn't appear to have been an entirely shallow thing, as the Larry Narrative would have it.

Not That Important

Before moving on to the current time, there are a couple other very important points to cover from the recent promotional tour. Points that DO fit the Larrie Narrative.

One of the cornerstones of the Larry theory is that Management is forcing Harry and Louis to stay in the closet, and to hide the nature of their presumed relationship. However, during the promo tour, the most publicity by far was generated by not one, but two Harry quotes, both of which suggested that Harry might not be straight.

The first was made during an interview with a site called ODE.

This particular interview included Harry and Liam only, and her question was, "What are you're favorite traits that you look for in a lady." Liam answered, "female, that's a good trait."

Harry replied to that with a shrug, "Not that important."

The exchange is at about 2:30 on the above video.

This caused quite the sensation. There were literally hundreds of articles generated by this quote, most of them questioning if Harry Styles might be bisexual. Nevermind the impact on The Larries.

And there was even more!


Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

The Second interview was conducted by The Sun. Note that The Sun is often considered One Direction's Newspaper of Record, as they often are fed scoops, including one just the other day, related to Harry's birthday, as we shall see below... ;)

In this interview, the other boys were teasing Niall about his dating habits, and someone made a joke that perhaps he should try dating a man instead. Niall said no to that, but Harry said, "Don't knock it till you've tried it.

While both Harry's quotes are suggestive, they are not definitive. They certainly go a lot of coverage.

Because of these two quotes, the Larries began to theorize that 1D and their team was "seeding" that Larry would be Coming Out. Basically, dropping hints. They believed that this coming out would happen no later than Jan. 1. Or at least they were hoping. And "seeding" became their new buzz word.

But things don't seem to be pointing in that direction.


So much for Seeding, Apparently

So, coming forward to Winter 2015, Harry has been seen, once again with a pretty girl. Her name is Nadine Leopold. She is 21, she hails from Austria, and she is a Victoria's Secret model. She has been hanging out with the same crowd that Harry hangs out with in Los Angeles.

The timeline seems to be that they were first seen together at a Fleetwood Mac concert in November.

In December, Nadine was in NYC when the boys were in town. They were papped outside her hotel.

Later Harry was seen bringing her red balloons to her birthday party.

An outing, again with friends for dinner.

A meal together at Cindy's Crawford's restaurant. Harry put this picture on his Instagram.

Finally he was seen with her getting ice cream, and in his car on the 27th. This was the same day as the Elounor & Sophiam airport adventures.

None of their appearances together so far have indicated anything other than friendship. And there has been no PDA of any kind. She has not been seen with him since then. However, Harry's 21st birthday is, today Feb. 1. And this week, this article appeared in The Sun 1D's Newspaper of Record:

The article is the first time that Nadine has been referred to as Harry's girlfriend. Makes you wonder what's up with all this. A Riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. This is seeding of an entirely different nature. ;) (And it wouldn't be the first time recently, that celebrities have been Queer Baiting for promo...

<--::cough Taylor Swift ::cough::

Perhaps someday the world will know. Because right now, there are no conclusions to be drawn.

The ship name, in keeping of the tradition of Harry's H coming first with girls, is HADINE. I wonder if we will be seeing it in the Spring this time.


So as of right now we have...

Zerrie???? <-- The main story for the next article...



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