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I almost forgot that I was going to do a post about Niall and his adventures in Australia. I think this one is short (for me) but kind of hilarious.

To recap Niall's assigned persona, he is the "good boy" perpetually single and lovelorn.

He is the professional 5th Wheel...

He's the most clean cut, and the one who has best retained the "boybandy" image into his early 20's.

 Poor Lonely Niall...

Niall's Adventures in Australia )

The fandom didn't have much luck at first. Even the tabloids were having trouble figuring out who the mystery girl was. The only thing anyone knew was that her first name is Melly. (Actually Melissa, but that wasn't known at first.) From the rumored first name, a ship name developed... NELLY. Of Course

The Story of Nelly )

To Be Or Not To Be A 1D GF... )
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The Quad in question are Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards, Liam Payne/Sophia Smith, and of course Zayn Malik/Liam Payne. Also known as Zerrie, Sophiam and Ziam.

If you recall from the Summer posts, Ziam is the second most Tinhatted ship in the 1D fandom. It is a DISTANT second. But because it is a huge fandom, that means it is still a massively tinhatted ship.

To recap:

Part One of the Winter series was an update on the eternal battle: Elounor vs. Larry.

Part Two was Harry Styles The Winter Boyfriend


The QoD (Quadrangle of Doom))

Getting on to the matter at hand... Lets start discussion of the status of my two personal favorite 1D ships, along with Elounor, of course.

Ziam and Sophiam:

Yes, basically a Sophiam Pic Spam because I love them )

You would think that Ziam Shippers would be jealous. But no, they really don't have any reason to be. Ziam was all over the place too:

And this would be a Ziam Pic Spam because I love them too )

So, Sophiam and Ziam both bring really strong games to the table. To understand the current status of the QoD battleground we have to take a look at the current status of the remaining leg of the Quad...


Zerrie .

They're suppose to be engaged, right?

Those Bells You Hear Ringing Are Not Wedding Bells. They Sound More Like Alarm Bells... )

What, No Mistletoe?... )

Who is this Naughty Naughty Boy? )

Is there a ship name? Well duh, of course there is a ship name. Zaughty.

Perrie Stands Her Ground, With Danielle Peazer? )

So, anyway, of course all fingers are crossed that all is well in Zerrie land. Of course, there is a big caveat that NOBODY BUT PERRIE AND ZAYN actually know what is going on in their relationship. Because it is their relationship. For the rest of us, time will tell.

Damn this one went long... Sorry about that.

I may do a very brief thing on Niall, and the new Girlfriend rumors... It's all pretty Lolzy.
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This is Part 2 of the 1D Shipping Winter Update. The first part focused on the Larry vs. Elounor Battle. This one will focus on Harry Styles and his mixed signals. Is he the Winter Boyfriend, or is this whole thing just NotThatImportant? Perhaps only time will tell.

Oh, and today, Feb 1, is Harry's 21st Birthday. It could be a very interesting day.


The Winter Boyfriend? Is it just a ploy to get more Christmas Presents? )

1989 Reasons Taylor Swift Is The Most Notorious Winter Girlfriend )

But Was All This Really Not That Important? I Don't Know. I Just Know That We Shouldn't Knock It Till We've Tried It )


But Will He Have A Date This Spring Afterall? )


So as of right now we have...

Zerrie???? <-- The main story for the next article...

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So, an update on 1D Shipping. And I should start with a note that I find I've become a lot more hardcore in my Elounor shipping lately, so, yes, I have a bias and it shows. It's been six months since I did the original series, but much has happened since then. And LOL, I meant this to be just a quick status update. But no... Multi parts, here we come.

This One Direction Shipping Update post is going to focus on the eternal battle between Larry and Elounor. The second post will still be very Larry oriented, but will focus on Harry, and include a re-evaluation of Haylor, and the entire "Winter Girl Friend" concept and whether it applies to a new girl that Harry has been spotted around town with. But also taking a look at Harry's multiple statements made during the November Promo season in which he essentially shaded his own sexuality. Hints or Queer-baiting? Someday the world WILL know.

The third post will cover the realm of Sophiam/Ziam/Zerrie, though we'll see it all that fits in one post... And introducing... Zaughty. LOL.


Lets begin with Larry.

Larry - Featuring Bullshit 2.0 and the Dagger Tattoo )

Larry and Anti-Larry BNF Links for Further Research )


Elounor Featuring Hacks and Leaks and Ninja Mums )

More Elounor Featuring The Great Escalator Mystery and Travel Itineraries )
Elounor Links for Further Research )


Here is a little teaser for part 2. Now adding to all this incredible drama - There is a new girl in town. Here name is Nadine Leopold.

Nadine is a Victoria's Secret model. And she's been frequently photographed with one Harry Styles.

So this post is long enough.
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