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This is the last of the Weed Scandal Aftermath series. Though, I will continue to keep you all alerted on Zouis' redemption status. If someone is photographed with a puppy, or wearing their fiancé's clothing, you will be the first to know.

Let's Recap each member's role in the aftermath.

Liam Payne did the early heavy lifting. First, he dramatically won back his girlfriend the day after the scandal hit, creating some happy stories. Then he carried the weight of the whole band by making the only official public response to the scandal via Twitter. Finally, he tweeted about chicken. Which is a dinner. As in poultry. So, in short. Liam is the DADDY.

Harry Styles floated above it all. No way, no how was he involved in any stinking drug scandal, and he was furious about the whole damn thing. Plus there was a puppy, and maybe he was naked, the world still wants to know. Harry was just the AGGREIEVED INNOCENT BYSTANDER in all of this.

Niall Horan, coming off his glorious homecoming in Dublin, and his victorious charity football match simply lent his sunshine in solidarity with the other two golden boys. Sweet IRISH PRINCE.

Zayn Malik, AKA Culprit #1, kept a low profile, except to be spotted backstage at his fiancé's concerts. He also got a big, forgiving hug from Liam on stage at Wembley, and has since been spotted with a kitten. In short, he's going to be OK.

Louis Tomlinson, AKA Culprit #2, and the harder case, because he filmed it, and because he said the N Word, kept an even lower profile. But behind the scenes, it turned out he was in the midst of a huge business deal that has landed him as co-owner of his favorite sports team. In short, he's going to be OK too.

In the end, they are all just RAYS OF SUNSHINE. Speaking of which...


When a band's in deep water, and needs some good publicity, what is the single most valuable event they can hold? CHARITY of course. Especially a Children's Charity. So, on June 10, two weeks after the scandal hit, the entire band participated in a photo op with a London charity for sick children called Rays of Sunshine. This is a charity they have been previously associated with.

There were lots of gorgeous and heartwarming pictures from this event:

I mean seriously, how do you beat that?

And there was this cute bit:

Perfect. Of course Niall. He is the Living Ray of Sunshine, after all.

Rays of Sunshine everyone. Rays of Sunshine. :)

Good way to end, yes?
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This part of my One Direction Weed Scandal Aftermath series will discuss Niall Horan's role. His role could be defined as: Living Ray of Sunshine.

One thing that you should know about the four days prior to the scandal: All four of those days were all about Niall and how wonderful he is. May 23-25 the band played at Croke Park in Dublin Ireland as part of their ongoing tour. Croke is also the place where Niall made his first audition for X-Factor back in 2010, so it was very much his homecoming. And it was a three day celebration for Niall in his own country. Those three concerts may as well have been Niall-palooza.

 <--- Daddy and the Irish Prince at Croke Park

Which brings us to May 26, the day before the scandal hit. One of the saddest parts of the weed scandal is that it broke the very day after Niall's marvelous charity football match. It was a very impressive event which Niall had organized along with Piers Morgan, and which made 300,000 pounds for an Irish children's charity. For the 24 hours before the scandal hit, Niall was the toast not just of Ireland, but of London too.

There was a ton of wonderful photos and pictures that came out of this event. Niall, could not play because of a recent knee surgery, but he managed the team, and Harry, Liam and Louis all played in the game. Harry even scored a goal! (Zayn was the only non-participating member of 1D. He was attending his fiancé's concert elsewhere...)

Just look at these wonderful pictures. These are the images and stories that the unsuspecting 1D world was wallowing in on the fateful morning of May 27:

One odd thing though. For some reason, Louis, who is a noted football aficionado, (and I'll be getting to that in a few days...) did not stay to the end of the match. All things considered, that now sticks out like a sore thumb. So, at the end of the match, Niall, accompanied by Harry and Liam, made a victory march around the stadium. They waved, smiled and thanked the fans. It was kinda glorious. It didn't matter at all that they actually lost the game.


 <--- Interesting. The day before Narriam was Narriam. Narriam was Narriam.

Since the scandal hit, Niall has been a steady, and calm presence. There aren't any articles focusing particularly on his perspective, but some note that he's upset that the band might break up. Other than that, he's been featured in lots of pictures either by or with Harry or Liam, and otherwise closely associated with one or both of them.


Niall Irish Princess

 <--- Interesting this last. The girl next to Niall is Harry's sister Gemma. This has many fangirl hearts atwitter. It is said that Harry is trying to fix them up.

So, I guess my Niall discussion wasn't as brief as I thought. And now I'm feeling all emotional about Niall's wonderfulness. But next, we're going to hit rougher waters. We'll finally arrive at the heart of the matter, which is of course what to do about Zouis. First, I'm going to discuss the Rehabilitation of Zayn Malik, and then I'll tackle what's up with Louis Tomlinson.
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So, another 1D Birthday has arrived. Niall Horan turns 21 at midnight this evening. If you look on Twitter, you'll see this fact is already trending world wide, and will continue to trend for the next 24 or so hours. As long as it is Sept. 13, somewhere in the world, "Happy Birthday Niall" will continue to trend, as it did for Liam on his birthday two weeks ago.

The boys are playing the Rose Bowl again tonight, and will tomorrow as well. It should be quite a birthday party.

Judging from the volume of fan works, Niall is probably the 2nd most popular member of 1D after Harry Styles. It could be as simple as the blond hair and blue eyes, But I think the fact that he has miraculously been able to maintain a wholesome boy bandy image for the last four years, has a lot to do with it as well.

<---Reasonably current Niall.

The Five Facts About Niall... And Why He Is The Hufflepuff of Hufflepuffs! )

So... Niall doing his signature leap...

Happy birthday Niall...

See previous entries on Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis

Good news! The next 1D birthday isn't until Dec. 24. On that day, Louis, the old man of the group, will turn 23.

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I am a completionist, so of course I'm writing up the other two 1D boys, birthdays or not...  Niall today, Louis coming soon.

See previous entries on Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis

This is Niall Horan.  Judging from the volume of fan works, Niall is probably the 2nd most popular member of 1D after Harry Styles.  I'm guessing this is because he usually claims to be single, and so fan girls can project themselves on him.  Or, perhaps because he has blond hair & blue eyes?

<---Reasonably current Niall.

As One Direction Members go, he is pretty straight forward.  So lets just get on with it...

The Five Facts About Niall... And Why He Is The Hufflepuff of Hufflepuffs! )

So... Niall


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