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So, another 1D Birthday has arrived. Niall Horan turns 21 at midnight this evening. If you look on Twitter, you'll see this fact is already trending world wide, and will continue to trend for the next 24 or so hours. As long as it is Sept. 13, somewhere in the world, "Happy Birthday Niall" will continue to trend, as it did for Liam on his birthday two weeks ago.

The boys are playing the Rose Bowl again tonight, and will tomorrow as well. It should be quite a birthday party.

Judging from the volume of fan works, Niall is probably the 2nd most popular member of 1D after Harry Styles. It could be as simple as the blond hair and blue eyes, But I think the fact that he has miraculously been able to maintain a wholesome boy bandy image for the last four years, has a lot to do with it as well.

<---Reasonably current Niall.

The Five Facts About Niall... And Why He Is The Hufflepuff of Hufflepuffs! )

So... Niall doing his signature leap...

Happy birthday Niall...

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Good news! The next 1D birthday isn't until Dec. 24. On that day, Louis, the old man of the group, will turn 23.

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Hey! It's Liam's birthday. I posted a versoin of this in January even though it was not his birthday. But now, it is! So here is an update...

Here is Liam Payne in all his incarnations:

<-- cute little caterpillar from the What Makes You Beautiful era.

< -- through the chrysalis stage (The Little Things era)

< --- To full grown butterfly (The Story of My Life era)

How adorable is that?

< --Holy God.  Just sayin' This is Recent Liam. He never seems to stop changing.

Liam is a Chameleon. Behold:

 <-- This is the same person four years apart. (This is from Tumblr today)

So on to the five facts you need to know about Liam Payne.

Under a Cut for Pictures )

Oh, and here is my fav GIF from the WWA Tour:

 The iconic microphone flip... Because he's danger man.

So Happy 21 Liam Payne, many happy returns.

And FYI, Niall's 21 is in 15 days. So there will be LOTS of Niall coming up. Starting with the Narry post that I still need to write.

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Here is the last 1D Member Five Facts Post.  And the honor goes to Louis Tomlinson.  Whew, at last a complete set!  It isn't his birthday, but it was, never the less a big week for Louis.  On Wednesday, Louis' mother gave birth to twins, giving this 22 year old his sixth and seventh half siblings.  Including his first brother.  This means Niall is no longer the only 1D Member to have a brother.  So, congratulations!

Here are the other four posts - Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall

Let's get the most important fact above the cut.

1.  Louis is pronounced like "Louie", not like "Lewis".   It's just like the old French kings.  So, please get it right!

<--- Current Louis

Five Facts About Louis... He's a Football Player and Fandom Thinks He's Slytherin... )

Louis finest moment.   How about this picture right here.  ::fans self::

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I am a completionist, so of course I'm writing up the other two 1D boys, birthdays or not...  Niall today, Louis coming soon.

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This is Niall Horan.  Judging from the volume of fan works, Niall is probably the 2nd most popular member of 1D after Harry Styles.  I'm guessing this is because he usually claims to be single, and so fan girls can project themselves on him.  Or, perhaps because he has blond hair & blue eyes?

<---Reasonably current Niall.

As One Direction Members go, he is pretty straight forward.  So lets just get on with it...

The Five Facts About Niall... And Why He Is The Hufflepuff of Hufflepuffs! )

So... Niall

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This is Harry Styles.  Today, he turns 20.

 <---Fairly recent Photo of Harry

And millions of little girls are a little freaked out all over the internet because Harry was the last teenager in One Direction and now:

<--- Not mine.  It's from the Internet.

It is almost as though they are mourning the passing of their own adolescence.

Anyway, Harry is the lead singer on many 1D songs, and is the one most often referred to as "The Justin" of the group.  (Personally,  I don't think this group has a "Justin", I think it has 5x5.)  That being said, Harry is a complete pop star package.  He's got looks, charisma and a very powerful voice.

He's also very famous for his messy hair style.  Get it?  Harry Styles messy hair style?

Five Things About Harry or Why He Is Ravenclaw... Also the truth about Larry? )

I'd like to leave with Harry's finest moment, but a little LIRRY will have to do.

OK, and a cupcake.

OK OK OK, don't worry, there are no more 1D birthdays until August.  I'll probably be over it by then.  Probably.  Maybe.  Please God Please....

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It is not his birthday, but Liam Payne has been having a tough January.  First he was photographed standing on a 34th floor ledge holding a beer bottle. (And had to apologize on the cover of the tabloids for the stupidity of the stunt...) And then he tweeted that he was a fan of Duck Dynasty, apparently unaware that this would cause a controversy.  A twitter meltdown ensued.  Just Liam and his 15.6 million followers and the irony of a member of One Direction being accused of homophobia.

So, lots of bad press lately for this one.  ::sniffle::  I'm sure that Liam will get his sh1t back together because he is a master of transformation.  See below.  And he is still the kid who sang "Cry Me A River" to Simon Cowell at the age of 16.  So he'll be fine. ;)

Here is Liam Payne in all his incarnations:

<-- cute little caterpillar

<-- through the chrysalis stage

<--- To full grown butterfly

How adorable is that?

Get the Facts About Liam. And his epic puberty. And why he's totally Gryffindor! )

Oh, and here is Liam's finest moment:


For some great Liam moments, and why he makes little girls swoon -- See the Saturday Night Live Performance from last December of Through the Dark.

And also the performance of Story of My Life from the American Music Awards.

And may he have a better February.

And here are the posts about the other boys:  Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis
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This is Zayn Malik, and today is his 21st Birthday.  In honor of this, here is an Everything You Need To Know About Zayn master post.

<--- Current Zayn

Editing in links to the rest of the posts:  Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis

Everything You Need To Know. I Promise, This is Good Stuff. Fandom says he'd be a Slytherin ;) )

To see how awesome Zayn is, and why he makes little girls cry, I recommend the Little Things video.  (Especially the first minute and a half.)

Also - the above mentioned frolic that is the One Way Or Another video.

He's just a little boy from Bradford who's smashin' it.

The next 1D birthday will be Harry on Feb 1... ;)


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