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Posted by Phillip Tracy

Looking like a scene out of Monty Python, a guy in Russia dressed in medieval garb knocked a drone out of the sky with a spear.

The impressive feat was fortunately caught on the victim’s mounted camera. Try to disregard the awkward fighting going on in the background and aim your focus on the bottom left part of the crowd. Around the 16 second mark you’ll see a man dressed in black emerge out of nowhere.

With deadly accuracy and impeccable form, the guy launches his spear right at the flying machine, and down it goes. The video was originally obtained by Russia Today, though we aren’t told much about the intriguing reenactment or what happened to the curious intruder.

Now we’ve got eagles, armed citizens, and Russian knights with spears protecting our skies from these technological infestations. I feel safer already.

H/T Digital Trends

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Posted by Vanna Vasquez

Potterheads rejoice! Someone has created the Harry Potter version of Cards Against Humanity and it has a NSFW twist.

The wizarding world never truly left many fans’ hearts when the franchise ended. Neither did the need for something new. Now a team of three women—Heather, Michelle, and Melissa, according to the Independent—are helping to fill the void with the (unofficial) Harry Potter-themed Cards Against Muggles, a game that lets players interact and laugh with friends over their Potter knowledge.

The game plays like the original CAH. Players read a black card and finish the scenario with their own white card. Much like CAH, the Harry Potter version does not shy away from NSFW topics. So if you’re a fangirl or fanboy who ships characters, this is definitely a game for you.

Fans have already started sharing their fun on Instagram.

WHICH IS IT??? #cardsagainstmuggles #cardsagainsthumanity #cah

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The game is strictly for adult players (don’t break this out at your family’s summer picnic). Of course, with cards like “Having to explain to Madam Pomfrey why you used engorgio on your dick,” it’s easy to see why. Whether you have a dirty mind or just want to enjoy a night with fellow fans, this game seems to be the perfect fit for Potterheads.

The Cards Against Muggles game comes with 1,300 cards and is being sold for $19.95 as an online download only.  The good news is you don’t have to pay for shipping; the bad news is you’ll have to make sure your printer is working. It’s no owl postal service, but alas we are just mere muggles.

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Posted by Josh Katzowitz

YouTube is going all in on countering those who could fall under the spell of extremism.

In a blog post released on Thursday, YouTube said it would redirect people who are searching for terrorist or extremist content and steer them toward videos that debunk the messages that are utilized by extremist groups.

This announcement comes about a month after Google said it had four new ways to remove terrorism content from the video site, including increasing the use of machine learning to identify those types of extreme videos.

On Thursday, YouTube said it would introduce the Redirect Method, which essentially takes users who are looking for that extreme content and instead directs them toward debunking videos. When a person uses certain keywords on YouTube, the site instead will show a playlist of videos that counters “violent extremist recruiting narratives.”

“This early product integration of the Redirect Method on YouTube is our latest effort to provide more resources and more content that can help change minds of people at risk of being radicalized,” YouTube wrote in its post.

As the Verge points out, an early pilot of the Redirect Method sent 320,000 people to watch more than 500,000 minutes of ISIS-refuting videos.

YouTube is taking a four-pronged approach to this issue that it says will be implemented in the next few weeks.

  1. It will increase the emphasis on a wider set of search terms in languages other than English.
  2. It will let machine learning “dynamically” update the search terms. According to Google, machine learning has helped discover more than half of the content it has removed this year.
  3. It will work with experts to develop additional video content for YouTube that will counter extreme message “at different parts of the radicalization funnel.”
  4. Along with Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Alphabet which helped develop the Redirect Method, YouTube will expand that system into Europe.

According to an acquaintance of one of the suspects who drove a van into pedestrians on the London Bridge last month before a stabbing spree that killed several people and injured dozens more, the attacker watched YouTube videos of a radical American preacher. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, British Prime Minster Theresa May said she wanted “big” internet companies to keep Islamic extremists from finding a safe place online. She also said social media sites should create a backdoor for authorities to look at private data.

The goal for YouTube with Thursday’s announcement is simple.

“We hope our work together will also help open and broaden a dialogue about other work that can be done to counter radicalization of potential recruits,” YouTube wrote. “As we develop this model of the Redirect Method on YouTube, we’ll measure success by how much this content is engaged. Stay tuned for more.”

H/T the Verge

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Posted by Audra Schroeder

This article contains spoilers for Arrested Development.

Season 4 of Arrested Development was structured a little differently, but it had no shortage of inside jokes and loose ends. At the end of season 4, the Bluth family’s future is uncertain, Michael and George Michael are having a rough patch, and Lucille 2 might be dead. Season 5 will focus on a murder mystery when it returns to Netflix next year. Here’s everything we know about the season so far. We’ll keep updating it as new details emerge.

Arrested Development season 5 plot

Jason Bateman told EW Radio that season 5 will center around the death of Lucille 2 (Liza Minelli) and who might have killed her, which will provide the foundation for showrunner Mitch Hurwitz to “braid in all the colorful plot complications that he knows how to do.” Bateman added that season 5 will be the second in a “three-act story” Hurwitz envisioned after the show was canceled in 2006, with season 4 being the first.

Bateman also reaffirmed that season 5 will “lean into” a Trump storyline, something Hurwitz hinted at in May:

In talks with Netflix we all felt that stories about a narcissistic, erratically behaving family in the building business—and their desperate abuses of power—are really underrepresented on TV these days. I am so grateful to them and to 20th TV for making this dream of mine come true in bringing the Bluths, George Sr., Lucille and the kids; Michael, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, George-Michael, and who am I forgetting, oh Tiffany. Did I say Tiffany?—back to the glorious stream of life.

Arrested Development season 5 Photo via Netflix

Arrested Development season 5 cast

The core Bluth family cast will return for season 5: Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Tony Hale, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, David Cross, and Alia Shawkat. Ron Howard will return as narrator.

Arrested Development season 5 Photo via Netflix


Arrested Development season 5 release date and trailer

The series is in production, with no other details released. It’s expected back in 2018. Season 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix.

Arrested Development season 5 Photo via Netflix

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. 

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Posted by Andrew Couts

The man suspected of running one of the largest illegal online markets in internet history has been identified—in part because of his activities on a notorious men’s rights forum.

Alexandre Cazes, 26, was arrested earlier this month in Bangkok, Thailand, at the request of American law enforcement on the grounds that he was operating AlphaBay, a major marketplace for illicit goods on the dark web. Cazes took his own life in jail on July 12, authorities said.

On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and its international partners announced law enforcement agents had shut down AlphaBay and another illicit market, Hansa.

As part of the court filings, the DOJ explained how investigators identified Cazes despite AlphaBay’s use of encryption to mask communications and other technical details that could reveal a user or administrator’s identity. Investigators discovered Cazes used the personal email address Pimp_Alex_91@hotmail.com. That email address, along with other email addresses associated with Cazes, was included in the header information in the AlphaBay welcome email as well as for users who submitted their email addresses for password recovery.

Investigators further discovered that this same email address was linked to a PayPal account that law enforcement said Cazes used to make monthly payments to Roosh V, a popular but infamous men’s rights forum known for hosting blatant misogyny and extreme views on gender.

AlphaBay Court Document Screenshot via DOJ

Those in the cybersecurity community, including hacker Lauri Love, denounced Cazes as careless with his security.

According to Daryush Valizadeh—the Roosh V of the Roosh V forum—Cazes was a member of the site. Valizadeh said in a post to the Roosh V community that he was unaware that Cazes was under investigation but that he maintains the policy to abide by valid law enforcement demands.

“When you participate on the forum, it is expected that you follow all Federal, state, and local laws, as stated in the registration terms,” Valizadeh writes, adding: “While it’s rare for me to take action against a member for his offline activities, understand that if you happen to be a drug lord or high-level criminal, your association with the forum may cause harm to it or its members. If I am told that you are participating in felonious crime, you will be banned from the forum.”

Users responding to Valizadeh’s post answered with a wide range of reactions, from “we’re being watched” to thanking the site’s founder for keeping them informed.

The tale serves as yet another reminder that what happens online is, in many ways, forever—and you never know who’s on the other side of the screen.

Correction: Cazes was only a member of Roosh V. We regret the error.

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Posted by Jay Hathaway

After nine years in prison for armed robbery, former football star and world’s most famous accused murderer O.J. Simpson was paroled today. Although it’s been two decades since his landmark murder trial, people still have very strong feelings about whether he should be a free man. And, unlike in 1995, now we have Twitter. The instant O.J. takes and jokes are flowing forth today, and the best thing to do is… just go with it.

A lot of Twitter’s O.J. jokes were about what the Juice might be planning to do when he’s released in October:

And some were about what he might be like as a personality now that he’s back in the public eye, especially given the rise of 24-hour cable, Donald Trump, and social media. Most people seemed to think: not good.

O.J. as a modern celebrity is especially worrying (or hilarious) to some due to his close connection to the Kardashian reality TV dynasty. O.J. was good friends with Robert Kardashian (father of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney), and there’s a persistent conspiracy theory that O.J. is Khloe’s real father.

No matter what O.J. decides to do, he’s perfectly built for the celebrity culture of 2017. Donald Trump is president and everything old is new again. Why not an O.J. revival?

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Posted by Jaime Carrillo

Considering he’s the unstable, slightly less powerful version of his brother Mega, it makes sense this Proto Man Buster arm is cheap. Best of all, this buster arm looks and sounds like the real thing.

The buster slides onto your arm like a glove to grip and fire out single or charged shots. Every single shot displays on your power meter and right out of the canon, just like on Mega Man’s anti-hero brother.

Proto Man Buster Replica is available exclusively on ThinkGeek for $39.99, normally $79.99. Pair up with a friend that has the Mega Buster and prepare to battle!

Buy it here


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Posted by Bryan Rolli

A mysterious, yet vaguely familiar figure surfaced on Twitter on Monday, making his grand entrance onto the social media platform with a concise, one-word proclamation: “chillin.”

That figure would be Diplo, the EDM super-producer who fronts Major Lazer and constitutes one-half of electro-duo Jack Ü alongside Skrillex. Except it’s not actually Diplo. The parody Twitter account belongs to James Van Der Beek, the former Dawson’s Creek heartthrob who will portray the producer in the upcoming Viceland comedy, What Would Diplo Do? 

Van Der Beek has completely immersed himself in this new role for promotion’s sake. Based on this writer’s extremely shallow understanding of the Random White Dude Be Everywhere producer, the actor’s Diploisms seem hilariously accurate. Enjoy some of Van Der Bee—I mean, Diplo’s best tweets below.

What Would Diplo Do? premieres on Aug. 3 on Viceland.

H/T Billboard

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Posted by Phillip Tracy

Google Street View is leaving Earth for the first time ever.

You can now take a virtual tour of the International Space Station (ISS) with annotations—notes with added bits of information included along the way—straight from Google Maps.

The tour is impressive, but it can be extremely disorienting. It’s difficult at times to tell if you’re looking at the ground or ceiling, and it often feels like you’re moving in the direction you just came from. A lot of that confusion stems from the incredible amount of stuff jammed into each section of the space station.

As you float along, you’ll see endless packages, wires, containers, and compartments. If you don’t get lost navigating through the narrow white corridors of the ISS, you’ll eventually end up at the Cupola Observation Module where you’ll get your first spectacular view of Earth from 250 miles up. Do note that you’ll have to hover over the correct point and click a link to enter the observation module.

international space station google street view maps Google

The Street View project gives you a good idea of what it’s like to live up on the ISS. You’ll immediately notice how little space there is and how every nook and cranny is filled with as much equipment as possible. I was pleasantly surprised by how much “ground” is covered in Street View. Just when I thought I’d seen the whole station, a new corridor opened up to another area.

Astronauts have been living on the International Space Station for 16 years.  The spacecraft contains 15 connected modules and serves as a center for space exploration and research that could enable travel to Mars or the moon. Scientists aboard the station can conduct experiments of the Earth’s oceans, atmosphere, and land surface that would be impossible on land, according to Thomas Pesquet, the astronaut who took the photos for Google Maps.

Pesquet spent six months on the ISS sending still photos to Google’s team which stitched them into panoramas. The grounds crew then, for the first time in Street View history, attached annotations to each of the images to give users more information about some of the advanced technology used aboard the spacecraft. A few of the notes I found floating through ISS told me about the food the astronauts eat, how they stay in shape, and what some of the fascinating equipment does.

Google said figuring out how to build a rig that could stabilize images using only equipment onboard the ISS was one of its biggest challenges. The Mountain View giant posted a video showing how it pivoted a DSLR around a bungee cord to take clear pictures with good exposure.

You can take a tour of the International Space Station using this link.

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Posted by Marykate Jasper

StarWars.com recently shared the details of The Last Jedi‘s new adorable creature, the porgs, and I’m in love. They are huggable, curious birds with big eyes, and my love knows no bounds.

The porgs were first spotted in the behind-the-scenes featurette for The Last Jedi, but we weren’t given any details or background on them. In one shot, a porg briefly opened and closed its eyes on a workbench, and in another, one of the set workers gently floofed a porg’s wing.

A porg looking for a hug, which I will gladly give it

Now, I understand some of you are wary. As io9 rightly points out, the Star Wars franchise has a tricky history with “cute” creatures. In the original trilogy, the Ewoks became infamous as a marketing ploy to sell toys to children, even though they were actually scary as hell. In the prequels, Jar-Jar was intended as a “comic relief” creature who would appeal to younger audiences, but he just ruined every scene by being a racist caricature.

The porgs, though, have solved Star Wars‘ creature problem with one simple fix: they don’t talk. They are “the Star Wars version of puffins.” So we don’t have to worry about them jabbering in a performative accent or transforming into teeth-baring guerrilla fighters. They’re just little puffin-cat-owl things that I would like to eventually form a large nesting colony in my home.

Pablo Hidalgo, who works with Lucasfilm Story Group, just gets it. In his StarWars.com interview, he doesn’t try to sell the comic relief of the porgs. He doesn’t give them a civilization. He just said, “Porgs are cute. You fall into those deep, soulful eyes. I think a lot of people are going to want a porg as a pet.”

Yes. We are.

This is my future, as foretold on Twitter, and I have embraced it.

Porgs look cute and I want to feed them bread crumbs from my hands. This is all I need from a movie creature, Star Wars.

(Via io9 and StarWars.com; images via screengrab)

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Posted by Jessica Lachenal

Netflix dropped a neat featurette today that shows off a bit more of The Defenders, which lands on Netflix August 18th. It’s narrated by Stan Lee, and it’s actually a really nice monologue about what makes a good superhero. Check it out. (via Collider)

  • NASA just shared a ton of historic space and aviation videos, perfect for when you’re feeling nostalgic for a time when the sky wasn’t the limit. (via Atlas Obscura)
  • Daniel Radcliffe saved someone from a bit of trouble last Friday as he came to the aid of a mugging victim in London. (via BBC)

Remember that time Archer visited the Kingsman tailor in the U.K.? No? This new video from 20th Century Fox might help jog your memory. (via IndieWire)

  • Were you a fan of the Saw movies? Good news for you, then: a new film in the series opens this October, as illustrated by this wonderfully gory trailer. (via Paste Magazine)

We already wrote about Chester Bennington’s passing, but it’s worth mentioning that Linkin Park also coincidentally just released a brand new music video apparently just hours after he died. It’s been on repeat for me since then.

What’d you see today, friend?

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Posted by Charline Jao

Oxygen has rebranded itself as a the crime destination network, and with a new show The Jury Speaks, they’re looking at famous and iconic crime cases from a different lens. Going beyond a classic re-telling of cases like that of O.J. Simpson, Robert Durst, George Zimmerman and Michael Jackson, the show looks specifically at the jury of these cases to illustrate what went into their judgement.

At an event for the show, I spoke to multiple-Emmy award-winning executive producer Nancy Glass about what she hopes The Jury Speaks will bring to our understanding of these cases and the justice system as a whole. Glass wanted to give a platform to jurors who she felt were often themselves misjudged or misunderstood in these high profile cases.

Many of these stories are ones we feel like we already know, whether it’s because of the overwhelming amount of press we saw around them when they were happening, or because of highly-acclaimed documentaries that came out of these cases. However, Glass felt that these jurors were too-often being approached with biases, and wanted a show that looked at the average people doing their civic duty, who found themselves in national headlines.

That’s not to say this is a show that’s trying to change opinions about these cases, Glass points out, but she hopes it will give new light to “how the crime was in fact judged, not how we judged it.” The power of the true crime genre and shows like this is they often identify systematic failures instead of individual blame, and illuminate ways the system can allow some of these figures to be judged as not guilty. “In so many ways the system is faulty,” Glass says, “A judge can give bad instructions, a prosecutor can promise something that they cannot deliver, they can call on witnesses that just don’t have credibility for the jury.” I’ve written in the past about how I feel these shows provide a sense of justice and accountability towards systems that are often discriminatory, inaccessible, or manipulative.

That was the case with many of these juryies, from Maddy Rivera, the only non-white juror on the George Zimmerman case who talks about only being given very narrow instructions and often feeling confused or Robbie Nelson, who says that she wasn’t allowed to use the information that Robert Durst dismembered the body in her decision.

In this show, Oxygen leaves judgement ultimately to the viewer, while also giving the jurors an opportunity to revisit their decision with the information that often came out after the case: evidence that was not allowed, the character of the defendants, etc. Some of these cases feel old, while others are very much open wounds for communities and people involved. A word that Glass uses often is “brave” to talk about the jurors, some of whom dealt with very real personal impacts as a result of their role. “Maddy, she had 8 kids,” she points out “Did you know she would take the food they gave her and she would take it home because she couldn’t make a living?”

In the O.J. Simpson case, she points out the jury was sequestered for 10 months. “They can’t see their families, they can’t see their friends, they can’t make a living. They’re living on meager nothing, basically,” she says, “they look at crime scene photos which are terrible, especially for someone who’s not used to that and they can’t even discuss it with each other. I knew that after months and months and months it was so stressful I mean Lon [Cryer] said he had a heart issue. It was so terrible for them and I thought people should know that’s what happened.”

“Imagine what it’s like when you’re doing your job and your following the instructions you’re given and a prosecutor calls you stupid in the press. And people threaten you and yell at you in the street or you lose your job over it,” says Glass. “That’s pretty terrible. Nobody goes up and says ‘I want to be a juror’that’s not their ambition and it certainly isn’t their ambition to be famous. And suddenly they are.”

The wide array of cases and individuals means viewers may have very emotional reactions. This was definitely the case just from the small excerpt I saw. While the immediate anger and hurt that the public attach to these cases is absolutely understandable, especially when we feel that justice is lost, The Jury Speaks exists not to direct that hurt at these individuals but to understand the parameters they were given. As a result, we learn more about the dynamic of these often abstract spaces (at least, abstract for me as I’ve never been on a jury), and why these decisions ended up the way they did.

“I hope people put themselves in the juror’s place,” says Glass, “I hope that they think, ‘What would I do?'” The 4-night special begins on Saturday, 7/22 at 9/8c. 

(image: Heidi Gutman/Oxygen Media)

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Posted by Dan Van Winkle

Nintendo’s big thing in recent times has been releasing products that are near impossible to find, a problem that plagued Amiibo collectors as well as those who wanted to buy the NES Classic Edition console. With the SNES Classic already on the way, it seems like Nintendo’s not about to stop there, as news of a Nintendo 64 Classic has surfaced before the SNES has even launched.

Since we’re way too early in the game for the generally secretive Nintendo to be announcing such a thing, the information comes by way of a European trademark filing for an image, noticed by NeoGAF. That image is a line drawing of a Nintendo 64 controller, seen above. It may seem like some conspiracy theory thinking to imagine that this must indicate a Nintendo 64 Classic is on the way,

(image: 20th Television)

but this is exactly how we learned about Pokémon Sun and Moon before their official announcement. It was also our first hint that an SNES Classic was on the way. Additionally, it matches the style of the NES controller icon used for the NES Classic Edition’s packaging, which lends more credence to the idea that the N64 controller drawing is for that purpose rather than something else.

Like the SNES Classic, it also just makes sense, since Nintendo’s own virtual console is far from an ideal way to collect and play the nostalgic gems of Nintendo consoles past. All that’s left now is to argue over what great Nintendo 64 games should be included. The SNES version’s game lineup is smaller than the NES’s for a higher price, but it’s also going to include the unreleased Star Fox 2 when it arrives on September 29.

Will the N64 version get its own unexpected bonus? We already mentioned some of our favorite games for the console’s 18th birthday, but I’m sure we missed some that would make better choices even if they weren’t our personal favorites. Make your picks known in the comments!

(via Business Insider, featured image: public domain, header image: Nintendo)

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Oh look.

Yay! Giant mecha!
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Posted by Nahila Bonfiglio

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is bringing new creatures to the big screen, and they are absurdly cute.

Meet the Porgs. Adorable, fuzzy little bird-like creatures that we know almost nothing about, other than, well, we all want one. Now.

Here are the few things we know. The chubby little creatures are native to Ahch-To, the planet Rey traveled to at the end of The Force Awakens to find Luke. The Porgs can be found flitting about the cliffs of the ocean planet’s islands. They build little nests on the cliffsides for their porglets, and due to their isolated environment they’re likely to be more curious than skittish, according to Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm Story Group.

The bird-like critters are achieved through a variety of effects, Hidalgo said. “Sometimes they’re puppets, with the puppeteers digitally removed from the shot. Other times, they’re entirely CG,” he said.

As if we weren’t excited enough about the new movie, now we have these cuties to look forward to. We’re calling it now: Porg will be the Hatchimals of holiday season 2017.

H/T StarWars.com

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Posted by Ana Valens

When a conservative Christian organization asked Americans whether they want their tax money going to billions of dollars in fighter jets or “transgender surgeries,” LGBTQ Americans had the last laugh.

On Thursday morning, the Family Research Council’s legislative affiliate FRC Action announced an ad running in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, asking New Yorkers, “Which one do you want our military to be spending your tax dollars on–transgender surgeries or equipment?” A tweet for the ad compares an F-35 fighter jet to Chelsea Manning, asking readers to call Republican Congressman Tom Reed and tell him their views on the issue.

The ad was quickly criticized by LGBTQ activists and allies on Twitter, questioning the comparison and the ad’s larger message. Some posters argued that healthcare coverage is a necessary right for service members, and that transgender medical care should most certainly be covered as a basic need.

A 2015 research study revealed that healthcare costs for transgender troops would actually be relatively low, costing approximately $5.6 million a year to provide trans-related care to service members. In comparison, Lockheed Martin previously agreed to sell 90 brand new F-35 fighter jets to the United States for $8.5 billion, making each F-35 cost over $94 million to purchase.

With that math, many criticized the aircrafts, calling them a “huge waste of money” and “a multi-trillion dollar embarrassment.”

But most of all, many expressed support for Chelsea Manning, declaring her a hero. They felt the military should be focused on recruiting more people like Manning, criticizing FRC Action for attacking Manning.

FRC Action serves as a lobbying PAC for the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian anti-LGBTQ organization. The Family Research Council has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which argues that the FRC “makes false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science.”


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Posted by Bryan Rolli

Linkin Park released a new music video for “Talking to Myself” today, shortly after frontman Chester Bennington died.

The video, which includes footage of the band touring the world and playing massive concerts and festivals, was released at 9:01am, minutes after police discovered Bennington’s body in a private residence in the Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles. The death was ruled a suicide by hanging.

Bennington’s death coincides with what would have been the 53rd birthday of his friend and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, who died in May.

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda tweeted this afternoon that he is “shocked and heartbroken” by Bennington’s death, and an official statement from the band will come soon.


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Posted by Christine Friar

Amazon announced this week that it has ordered two seasons of a TV adaptation for Gimlet’s Homecoming podcast, and Julia Roberts will star in it.

The six-part thriller is less than a year old, and was Gimlet‘s first foray into fiction, but its amazing starting cast piqued a lot of listeners’ interest—Catherine Keener, David Schwimmer, and Oscar Isaac all acted in the audio version. So far, Roberts is the only announced cast member of the TV adaptation, but we do know that Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail will direct and executive produce the new show (he announced his involvement in the project last December).

The Hollywood Reporter describes the series as “a psychological and political thriller that centers on a caseworker at a secret government facility (played by Roberts) and a soldier eager to rejoin civilian life.” Intriguing.

No premiere date has been announced, but the show will debut internationally on Amazon Prime Video.

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Posted by Jaime Carrillo

Eating cereal, chips or ramen is about to get a lot cuter with these adorable unicorn bowls.

The smile is hiding a secret: your unicorn’s horned head is more than happy to dislocate, revealing two bowls. More reason to share with a friend! Each bowl is microwave safe, and perfect for cooking ramen in the microwave.

They’re big enough so you won’t even have to break up your noodles. Let’s see lesser mythical animal bowls do that! The Elodie Unicorn Bowl is available at ThinkGeek for $27.99 while supplies last.

Buy it here


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