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So, another 1D Birthday has arrived. Niall Horan turns 21 at midnight this evening. If you look on Twitter, you'll see this fact is already trending world wide, and will continue to trend for the next 24 or so hours. As long as it is Sept. 13, somewhere in the world, "Happy Birthday Niall" will continue to trend, as it did for Liam on his birthday two weeks ago.

The boys are playing the Rose Bowl again tonight, and will tomorrow as well. It should be quite a birthday party.

Judging from the volume of fan works, Niall is probably the 2nd most popular member of 1D after Harry Styles. It could be as simple as the blond hair and blue eyes, But I think the fact that he has miraculously been able to maintain a wholesome boy bandy image for the last four years, has a lot to do with it as well.

<---Reasonably current Niall.

 <--- (Notice the crooked teeth he had back in the beginning?)

<--- More recent.

The Five Facts You Need To Know About Niall

1. Niall is the only Irish member of the group. The other four are British. He is from the town of Mullinger, Ireland.

 <-- Cute little fellow...

2. He is the only left handed member of the group. He is also the only member of the group with no tattoos.

3. Niall is a Virgo. He is fourth in birth order, and is just two weeks younger than Liam. The only younger member is Harry. All told, three members were born in 1993, Zayn (Jan 12), Liam (August 29) and Niall on Sept. 13.

4. He is the "cuddly" one, but his nickname is "The Niallator" which doesn't seem very cuddly.

5. For most of the existence of 1D, Niall has been single. He did date model Barbara Palvin for a time, and Ed Shereen wrote a song which is believed to be about his ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding cheating on him... with Niall. (Oops, not too wholesome there. ;)

Fun Stuff:

When fans sort him into a Hogwarts House, it is always Hufflepuff. Of all the 1D sortings, this is by far the most unanimous. In fact, in researching the various 1D/Hogwarts fan sortings, I haven't found a single instance where he is sorted to any other House. (The only one that comes close is Louis in Slytherin. But Zayn I've seen Slytherin/Ravenclaw. Harry Ravenclaw/Gryffindor. Liam Gryffindor/Hufflepuff...)

So I guess he is the Hufflepuff of Hufflepuffs.

Of course, for Divergent, it is Amity all the way. No questions about it.

 <--- I think the only reason anyone puts him in Lannister is because he has blond hair... I'd probably go with Tyrell.

Niall is the only member of 1D to play an instrument on stage. He plays the guitar in several videos as well.

 <--- He milks that guitar for everything its worth...

Niall is half of, perhaps, the fastest growing ship in 1D land. NARRY.

 <--- Long may it reign.

His other ships are, Niam, Nouis, and Ziall.

Interestingly he was the only one of the five boys to have a biological brother until this February, when Louis' mother gave birth to twins including a boy named Ernest. Of course, they all claim they have four brothers now. Isn't that adorable?

Niall is also the uncle of baby Theo through his brother Greg, and sister in law, Denise.

 <--- Niall milks this for all it is worth too. ;)

So... Niall doing his signature leap...

Happy birthday Niall...

See previous entries on Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis

Good news! The next 1D birthday isn't until Dec. 24. On that day, Louis, the old man of the group, will turn 23.


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