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Hey! It's Liam's birthday. I posted a versoin of this in January even though it was not his birthday. But now, it is! So here is an update...

Here is Liam Payne in all his incarnations:

<-- cute little caterpillar from the What Makes You Beautiful era.

< -- through the chrysalis stage (The Little Things era)

< --- To full grown butterfly (The Story of My Life era)

How adorable is that?

< --Holy God.  Just sayin' This is Recent Liam. He never seems to stop changing.

Liam is a Chameleon. Behold:

 <-- This is the same person four years apart. (This is from Tumblr today)

So on to the five facts you need to know about Liam Payne.

1.  Liam's nickname is "Daddy Direction" and he is described as the "sensible" one.  LOL, not so much. He once was though, and I admit I miss that Liam.

2.  Liam has a few tattoos, but not nearly as many as Zayn, Harry or Louis.  His signature tattoo is the four chevrons on his right arm which he says represent the other four members of the band.  They all go in one direction.  Get it?

<-- Daddy Direction's chevrons. (I fucking love that tattoo. I want one. Maybe I should get a Kara/Sam tattoo on one arm and a Liam Payne tattoo on the other.... Nah... probably not... maybe.)

3.  He is the middle man in birth order with Louis and Zayn older, Niall and Harry younger.  His birthday was 8/29/1993. He is a Virgo.

4.  Liam was born three week early and per reports, He nearly died at birth.  As a result he had health problems as a child which turned out to be caused by a bad kidney.   In 2012 he tweeted that his kidney issues had been cleared up and that he is now fine.

 :( Looks like he had a rough time.

 But don't worry, he got better.

5.  He is dating a girl from his home town of Wolverhampton, England. Her name is Sophia Smith. The Ship Name is Sophiam, but I've been beating that horse to death recently so.

 <-- Sophiam :)

The Good Stuff:

I LOVE this kind of Fandomy stuff. Harry Potter House Sortings, and GOT Houses and Divergent Factions... yeeesssss!

-The fandom often tended to sort Early Liam into Hufflepuff.  But Butterfly Liam gets sorted into Gryffindor.
<--Typical fandom sorting, placing Liam in Gryffindor.

For GOT, here is a nice one, putting him in House Baratheon

 <-- Well, ya know, His is the Fury...

For Divergent, I personally say Dauntless all the way. But people keep putting him in Candor because he sometimes talks too much, but Louis in Dauntless. NONONONO. Louis is clearly Candor. And Liam is Dauntless because:

 <--- Never in the history of anything has anyone done anything more Dauntless then this.


Oh, and here is my fav GIF from the WWA Tour:

 The iconic microphone flip... Because he's danger man.

So Happy 21 Liam Payne, many happy returns.

And FYI, Niall's 21 is in 15 days. So there will be LOTS of Niall coming up. Starting with the Narry post that I still need to write.

And here are the posts about the other boys:  Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis


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