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Here is the last 1D Member Five Facts Post.  And the honor goes to Louis Tomlinson.  Whew, at last a complete set!  It isn't his birthday, but it was, never the less a big week for Louis.  On Wednesday, Louis' mother gave birth to twins, giving this 22 year old his sixth and seventh half siblings.  Including his first brother.  This means Niall is no longer the only 1D Member to have a brother.  So, congratulations!

Here are the other four posts - Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall

Let's get the most important fact above the cut.

1.  Louis is pronounced like "Louie", not like "Lewis".   It's just like the old French kings.  So, please get it right!

<--- Current Louis

<--  Louis Tomlinson 2011 thru 2014.

2.  Louis' birthday is Dec. 24, making him a Capricorn.  He is the oldest member of 1D and recently turned 22.  He is  more then a full year older then the next oldest member, Zayn, who turned 21 in early January.  Thus he is never the same age as any other member of the group.  The other four members of the group have overlapping ages for at least some portion of the year.

3.  He is the "sassy" one.  His nickname is "Tommo".  Or sometimes Boo Bear, depending on whether you are a Larry shipper or not.

4.  Like Harry and Zayn, he has many tattoos.  His signature tattoo is probably the one that reads,  "It is what it is", on his chest.  However, there is a segment of the fandom that would probably say that the compass on his arm is the most meaningful.  Again,  it's a "Larry" thing.

<-- some of Louis tattoos

<-- The compass on his forearm. (Larry shippers think it is significant.)

5.  Louis has a girlfriend named Eleanor Calder.  Part of Fandom throws a lot of nasty words at this poor girl.  The word is "Beard", and yes, it is disgusting.  (If he is using her as "cover" to hide the fact that he's gay, then isn't that for his benefit, not hers?  Just saying.)

<---Eleanor is cute!

Bonus Facts/Observations

Fandom tends to sort him as a Slytherin.  LOL  I totally accept this sorting.  It's not that he's bad, he's just a bit of a prankster.

Louis does not wear socks.  He just doesn't.

<-- No socks

Obviously his most common fandom ship is Larry.  It is the elephant in the room when discussing Louis fandom.  To explain Larry, I guess you just have to read Tumblr.  It is an enormous ship full of very impassioned fans who believe that the whole thing is real, and that Louis and Harry are oppressed secret lovers just wanting to come out of the closet and show there true love to the world, but can't because "Management" won't let them.  Management is always presented as evil puppet masters desperate to keep the love birds in the closet.

Louis is on record as saying that "Larry" is bullshit.

And sadly, many have noted that the chemistry between Louis and Harry has cooled considerably during 2013.  Some gossip sites have suggested that the pair has broken up.  Or not.  I don't know.

<---  Larry.  There are many, many more pictures, gifs and you tube videos hyper analyzing them.  But I ain't going there.  Just search the larry is real tag on Tumblr.

His other fandom ships are Lilo, Nouis and Zouis.

Louis has a keen side interest in football.  He has a place as a reserve player for a team called the Doncaster Rovers.  He'll play a reserve match in March, and has been in training with them for a few months.  Clearly this is a major passion for him.

<---Go LOUIS!!

Louis finest moment.   How about this picture right here.  ::fans self::


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