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This is Harry Styles.  Today, he turns 20.

 <---Fairly recent Photo of Harry

And millions of little girls are a little freaked out all over the internet because Harry was the last teenager in One Direction and now:

<--- Not mine.  It's from the Internet.

It is almost as though they are mourning the passing of their own adolescence.

Anyway, Harry is the lead singer on many 1D songs, and is the one most often referred to as "The Justin" of the group.  (Personally,  I don't think this group has a "Justin", I think it has 5x5.)  That being said, Harry is a complete pop star package.  He's got looks, charisma and a very powerful voice.

He's also very famous for his messy hair style.  Get it?  Harry Styles messy hair style?

<--- Harry Styles 2011 thru 2014

Five facts to know about Harry.

1.  His first name is actually Harold.  He is also sometimes called "Hazza" or just "Haz".

2.  He is the youngest member of the band, though he also seems to get the most attention.  His birthday is Feb. 1, making him an Aquarius.  All in all the band has two Capricorns (Louis & Zayn), two Virgos (Liam & Niall) and Aquarius Harry.

3.  Harry has many, many tattoos.  His most ardent fans, (aka Larry Shippers) believe that all of the tattoos are relevant to Harry's alleged relationship with band mate Louis Tomlinson.  Basically, his nautical themed tats are believed to be related to some of Louis nautical themed tats.  But his signature tattoo is probably the butterfly.

<-- Harry's tattooed self.

4.  True fact:  Harry has four nipples.

You can see his extra nipples here.

5.  Harry and "dating".  LOL.  Harry is the one that gets put in the celebrity romances.  Some believable, some not so much.  Currently of course, he's supposedly dating Kendall Jenner.  There have been pictures:

Last year, Harry was infamously dating Taylor Swift.

<--- This "relationship" ended so badly that Taylor reportedly wrote "We Are Never Getting Back Together" about him.  LOL.  (Or maybe it was "I Knew You Were Trouble".

A lot of people don't believe these relationships are real because they think Harry is probably gay and that the relationships are "cover".

Bonus Facts:

Fandom has sorted Harry into either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.  I like the Ravenclaw idea.  I think he's got a little Luna Lovegood in him.  Plus he once appeared as a mad professor in a 1D video, so there you go...

<-- Looks Ravenclaw enough to me!

And of course Harry is one half of the Ship That Ate The Fandom:  Larry  (Louis/Harry)

Some sample images.

The Larry Ship is massive.  And the Shippers believe it to be REAL.  They really, really really want it to be real.

Just go to the Larry Is Real tag on Tumblr and see for yourself, because I'm not delving in there...

My personal inclination is usually to take them at their word regarding their straightness.  However, the matching Tattoo thing is a little strange.

Harry's other ships are Lirry, Narry and Zarry. Strange how his "H" is never dominant...

I'd like to leave with Harry's finest moment, but a little LIRRY will have to do.

OK, and a cupcake.

OK OK OK, don't worry, there are no more 1D birthdays until August.  I'll probably be over it by then.  Probably.  Maybe.  Please God Please....

Here are links to the posts about the other four:  Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis


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