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It is not his birthday, but Liam Payne has been having a tough January.  First he was photographed standing on a 34th floor ledge holding a beer bottle. (And had to apologize on the cover of the tabloids for the stupidity of the stunt...) And then he tweeted that he was a fan of Duck Dynasty, apparently unaware that this would cause a controversy.  A twitter meltdown ensued.  Just Liam and his 15.6 million followers and the irony of a member of One Direction being accused of homophobia.

So, lots of bad press lately for this one.  ::sniffle::  I'm sure that Liam will get his sh1t back together because he is a master of transformation.  See below.  And he is still the kid who sang "Cry Me A River" to Simon Cowell at the age of 16.  So he'll be fine. ;)

Here is Liam Payne in all his incarnations:

<-- cute little caterpillar

<-- through the chrysalis stage

<--- To full grown butterfly

How adorable is that?

<-- Liam Payne 2011 thru 2014

<--- reasonably current Liam

<--Holy God.  Just sayin'

Because of the above, Liam's puberty is the subject of Internet memes:


So on to the five facts you need to know about Liam Payne.

1.  Liam's nickname is "Daddy Direction" and he is described as the "sensible" one.  LOL, not so much lately.

2.  Liam has a few tattoos, but not nearly as many as Zayn, Harry or Louis.  His signature tattoo is the four chevrons on his right arm which he says represent the other four members of the band.  They all go in one direction.  Get it?

<-- Daddy Direction's chevrons.

3.  He is the middle man in birth order with Louis and Zayn older, Niall and Harry younger.  He'll turn 21 on 8/29.  He is a Virgo.

4.  Liam was born three week early and per reports, He nearly died at birth.  As a result he had health problems as a child which turned out to be caused by a bad kidney.   In 2012 he tweeted that his kidney issues had been cleared up and that he is now fine.

5.  He is dating a girl from his home town of Wolverhampton. Her name is Sophia Smith.

Bonus Facts:

-The fandom often tended to sort Early Liam into Hufflepuff.  But Butterfly Liam gets sorted into Gryffindor.

<--Typical fandom sorting, placing Liam in Gryffindor.

And actually, Liam did get credit for saving a friend's life last year...

Also, there are the infamous and endearing tweets in which Liam attempted to warn a bunch of fangirls that they were standing in a SNAKE HABITAT.    So Gryffindor seems like a good sorting.

- Per reports, Liam does have a weakness.  He claims to be afraid of spoons.  Which makes for many an awesome spoon joke.  (Not kidding.  Really.)

-His most common fandom ship is Ziam aka Zayn/Liam.  His other ships are Lirry, Lilo & Niam.

<--- Ziam  (Some think its real and that Zayn's fiance and Liam's girlfriend are both "beards".  Some think that Liam and Zayn are instructed by Management to flirt with each other in front of the camera to draw attention away from Harry and Louis who are the one true secret couple of One Direction.  Others of course just think its all really, really funny.)

He has a prominent birthmark on his throat, and several others on the left side of his face.

<-- PS: pull up your damn pants.  (It's the new Get Off My Lawn.)

Oh, and here is Liam's finest moment:


For some great Liam moments, and why he makes little girls swoon -- See the Saturday Night Live Performance from last December of Through the Dark.

And also the performance of Story of My Life from the American Music Awards.

And may he have a better February.

And here are the posts about the other boys:  Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis


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