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This is Zayn Malik, and today is his 21st Birthday.  In honor of this, here is an Everything You Need To Know About Zayn master post.

<--- Current Zayn

Editing in links to the rest of the posts:  Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis

<--Zayn through the years, err, well, since 2010.

1.  His mother is British and his father is Pakistani.  His family is Muslim.   He hails from Bradford, England.  And yes, he occasionally gets called a "terrorist" by idiots.

2.  Besides being a member of 1D, he as an interest in pursuing art.  His work is graffiti style and he's donated some pieces to charity.  (Not doubting that name recognition has something to do with that...)  He seems to have an interest in continuing to pursue his creative side beyond 1D.

3.  He is engaged to Perrie Edwards who is in a British Girl Band called Little Mix.

<--- Zayn and Perrie Dec 30, 2013

4.  He is the second oldest member of the band, turning 21 on 1/12/14.  He is a Capricorn.

5.  He loves tattoos, apparently.  He seems to get new ones a lot, and has more then any other member of the group.  His signature tattoo is the ZAP! on his right arm.  He also has a tattoo of Perrie on his right arm.

<---  Zap!

Bonus Facts:

His nickname is "D.J. Malik".

He may very well have the best voice in the group, (Lots of people say so.  He can hit those high notes like nobody.)  But he is definitely the worst dancer.

<-- typical Zayn dance moves

He is the "Mysterious" one.

When the fandom sorts him to a Hogwarts House, it is often Slytherin.

<--- typical fandom Hogwarts sorting.

His finest moment is this shot from the "One Way Or Another" video.  Lip readers inform us he is actually saying, "I'm horny, b!tch," and not the lyrics to the song.

In the fandom, he is most commonly shipped with Liam ("Ziam").  And there are people who sincerely think Ziam is real, Perrie tattoos be damned.  His other ships are Zarry, Zouis, and Ziall.  He always gets his Z in there.

<---"Ziam"  Some people think its Real.  Some people just think it's funny.  But they do conspicuously flirt for the camera.  A lot.


To see how awesome Zayn is, and why he makes little girls cry, I recommend the Little Things video.  (Especially the first minute and a half.)

Also - the above mentioned frolic that is the One Way Or Another video.

He's just a little boy from Bradford who's smashin' it.

The next 1D birthday will be Harry on Feb 1... ;)


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