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It seems like I haven't been able to get to LJ for days.  It's sad.  :(

So - I'm addicted to the strangest shows this Summer.    The two shows I seem to most look forward to are Switched at Birth and America's Got Talent.   This seems wrong.

Falling Skies is enjoyable, but I feel like it needs more tension?  Probably because I'm used to BSG levels of tension.

True Blood is very entertaining as well.   But it doesn't stick to the ribs.

Warehouse 13 is like always - It's a show that I always enjoy and like a lot, but I would never call it "Great".   I have some controversial thoughts about Warehouse 13.   (I think that Warehouse 13 & Eureka are essentially USA shows with a mild sci-fi fantasy twist.  They've got the whole quirky characters + minimal serialization + case of the week thing going on.  And that is fine, but because these shows are being successful on Skiffy and shows like Caprica and SGU are NOT being successful, it's helping to KILL SCIENCE FICTION on the former Sci-Fi Channel.)

In other words, I just really want Space Opera back.   ::sigh::

Date: 2011-07-28 05:57 pm (UTC)
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I know I give Falling Skies a lot more leniency than I probably would if my tv were full of people shooting guns at aliens, but since my tv is pretty bereft of aliens, robots, apocalypses, and spaceships... I just WANT to love it, so I do. :) (I went over to the TWOP comment thread and nobody was wrong, but I was all, "this is gonna destroy my fun in the show." *close window*)

And you can add Alphas to the list, too, of Skiffy shows that are genre USA shows (though with a bit more Burn Notice light-serial thing going on). You're so right about that. You can see the corporate directive working very strongly there. which works for viewers and I get it, but when you watch too many of them there's so much SAMENESS. *sigh*

Date: 2011-07-28 11:04 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ivanolix
I agree about Warehouse 13. It's an enjoyable show (though more fantasy than sci-fi) but not as geeky-flaily as Caprica


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