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I'm posting this post now because Dreamwidth is officially now my Journaling Home.  I have deleted my Live Journal that I kept for twelve years.  I no longer wanted to support a site owned by a company based in Russia.

So, here I am.  I didn't journal much in 2016, but what I journaled was either 1D, and the five 1D boys, or Game of Thrones.  I've brought over some of my LJ posts, the ones that have been most recently important to me.  These include my One Direction Series posts, which I will soon have safely archived on the Sticky Post and a small amount a fan fiction I once wrote about the movie Sky High.  

I let go of everything else going back to 2005.  This includes The 4400 fandom, Years worth of BSG, My attempts to join TVD and other fandoms, and finally, Game of Thrones.  I have let most of those fandoms go, so I am OK with letting my LJ posts about them go as well.


NOTE TO READERS (If there are any LOL)  Anything below this post is copied over from LJ.  You probably won't be able to make any sense of it and all of it can be accessed through the sticky post archive links.

Anyway - I hope I hope I get some activity on this journal...

Date: 2017-04-15 05:47 am (UTC)
trillingstar: niall, zayn, and harry rowin' the boat (1d best dancers ever)
From: [personal profile] trillingstar
Hello, fellow 1D fan! Admittedly I have not been into them as I was even a year ago -- ugh, 'hiatus' -- but I keep up with their individual stuff and I still, you know, want them to do well. <3

Especially Louis, who is mostly my fave, stemming from how I was only really able to look him in the eyes when I first got into them, because the others all looked like kids to me. (Well, they were kids. But you know what I mean?)

I'm wowed you gave up LJ altogether! I keep meaning to, but, I also keep meaning to blog more, and that hasn't been going so well thus far. But srsly I am thrilled to have another 1D fan in my circle.

So, do you like Harry's new song, and what do you think of Liam & Cheryl, and are you as enamoured with Steve Aoki as I am, and is James Corden also your pocket boyfriend?? Inquiring minds. :)


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