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I haven't meant to be on hiatus, but sometimes that just kind of happens.

1D fandom is in a very bad place, somewhere trapped in a weird suspended animation where nobody knows what is actually going on. You know where that leads to? Fandom Hell. Not really the kind of thing that's fun to report on.

I think the biggest problem is that the fandom had this huge expectation that something big would happen in March - specifically that the band would announce their next plans after the old contracts expired, which was supposedly March.

And then of course, nothing happened. So here we are.

Of course the focal point of all the drama is Louis Tomlinson's three month old son. This innocent boy has literal articles written about him on sites like Buzzfeed reporting fan theories about how he doesn't exist. That his birth certificate is fake even though multiple fans and news organizations have pulled it from the Ventura County courthouse, that every picture of him is photoshopped, that Louis walks around Calabasas, CA with a DOLL in a stroller to make himself look like an attentive father, that infant actors are employed to play the roll of "Freddie Tomlinson" on Louis, Briana, and other family members social media. The list goes on an on.

Literally, this is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in any fandom. I'm actually quite livid about it. I do what I can to counter this bullshit on Tumblr, and of course many other blogs are as well. But the truth is that this fandom allowed the Larries to entrench themselves so deeply, and so early in the fandom, that there are literally tens of thousands of these Tinhats spreading their beliefs around the internet, that it is very much a Pandora's Box situation. They are able to drum up so much noise that outlets such as TMZ and Buzzfeed picked up the "fake baby" story. And even though both TMZ and Buzzfeed, of course rescinded, and ultimately denied their stories, the fact that they posted them at all just serves to validate those fucking Tinhat parasites.

Like I said, this situation is not good. And the Tinhats weekly set new expectations for their hoards of followers that it's all "so obvious" that it will all be over soon. And the followers just string along, as they have for almost six years, waiting for salvation in the non-existance of a baby, and two pop stars finally announcing their eternal love to prove them right.

So, anyway, Freddie is adorable.

<-- from Louis' instagram


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