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I have recovered from writing that fracking 15 part OTRA Tour Recap. LOL!  I can't believe I did that!


It is 2016, and as some of you may know, Louis Tomlinson has become the father of a baby boy as of last Thursday. Huge Congratulations to him. The child's name may, or may not be Sydney Rain. Apparently they are letting us all stay tuned for that.  (I wouldn't be surprised if one of the magazines get the first baby photos and interview.)

Here he is carrying a baby car seat...

Half the fandom is cooing and awwwing and fawing and maybe having just a tad bit of exploding ovary syndrome.  The other half, the Larries, seem to be rendered speechless because they haven't come up with a theory yet to deal with Louis and baby carseats.  (Wait until some day in the not too distant future and he's photographed with the actual baby?)  Earlier today, they institutionalized their silence by declaring a Larrie "blackout", meaning that they would refuse to play into the evil of 1DHQ by talking about their "narrative"...  Poor dears.  They're in for some rocky times.  The Big Larries have been promising their multitude of followers since July that there would be a denial of paternity, and since then they've been waiting, and waiting, and....


In other news, Harry made quite a splash by spending New Year's on a Yacht with the Kardashians (Kendall Jenner in particular) and Ellen.

That being said, this relationship is probably not all that serious, if you know what I mean.


Liam got his hair back in a Buzzcut.  And it is Triumphant...

More importantly, he's been hitting the studio and making it known.  Super, super known.  Juicy J. is apparently really, really impressed.  There are also stories out in the last few days that he'll be recording with J-Lo.    I just hope that this is leading to a solo album, because I won't be at peace until there is a Liam solo album.  Just saying.


Of course, Zayn IS coming out with a Solo album in March.  And his first single and video is being released on Jan. 29th.

The song is apparently about sex.

He's currently making the rounds on the cover of most of the music publications, and continues to diss 1D Music.  Whatever.


Niall is in Australia watching Tennis.

I ought to address the continuing 1D Breakup rumors.  For the record, the 1D boys continue to deny them.  There is a heavy expectation that a new contract with some lucky label and management company will be announced in March.  I hope so!

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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