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Happy New Year!

This was nabbed from somewhere...

1. Your main fandom of the year? Hard to say really. I was pretty schizo this year on my fandoms. I would say at the start the main fandom was TVD kind of by default. But March came and I fell back in love with GOT, which I expect to fall in love with again this March. I also expect to fall out of love with it in July, because that's always when I remember that I don't trust GRRM. ;) A strange thing also happened around July, in that I fell in love with the movie Chronicle, a one shot movie for which there is no real fandom. Alas. But it is a really epic, tragic story, so well told, and so well acted, and it struck all my kinks, especially the lone survivor guy at the end. Currently, I'm wallowing in a bandom for One Direction. So much fun! Oh my, the ship wars are epic. Trust me. LOL. Did you know they can actually sing? And have charisma dripping from their every pore? Anyone thinking these guys are going to disappear are going to be in for a shock, because One way or another, they're going to get you. They're going to get you get you get you get you. One way, maybe next week, their going to win you. They're going to get you get you get you get you...


Be warned, they cannot dance.

2. Your favourite book read this year? Divergent. I am so looking forward to the movie!

3. Your favourite Tv show of the year? TV hasn't really been doing it for me lately. I guess I'll go with GOT and TVD? Sorta by Default. I like Sleepy Hollow a lot. There are some things coming in 2014 that sound interesting, Helix, Outlander.

4. Your favourite new show of the year? Sleepy Hollow. Also The Originals.

5. The most missed of your old fandoms? BSG ::weeps::

6. The show(s) you haven't tried yet, but want to? I really need to get into American Horror Story. I need to check that one out for sure.

Note Added Feb. 19, 2017 - Origially posted Jan 1 2014


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