The Secret

Feb. 19th, 2017 04:02 pm
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Title: The Secret
Fandom: Sky High
Disclaimer: Not Mine. Disney's
Characters: Warren Peace/Layla Williams
Prompt: 025. Strangers
Word Count: 247
Rating: G
Summary: A brief drabble about Layla's main impression after her meeting with Warren at The Paper Lantern

Author's Notes: Layla wasn't exactly in love with Warren after the Paper Lantern, because her single mind-set was still Will. But he sure did leave an impression.


See, this is why I don’t like stereotyping. Even I had the preconception that Warren Peace is a super-villain in training. Well, I guess that isn’t an entirely unfounded idea, what with the snarling and throwing fire balls at people at the drop of a hat.

But, he has a secret, and I found out about it last night. And you’ll never believe it, even though it’s true.

When Warren Peace smiles, it lights up the whole world.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is Sky High’s number one hot head, and most likely to become a super villain. And I wouldn’t have believed it myself, if I hadn’t seen him do it with my own eyes.

I tried to explain it to Magenta, but it’s actually kind of hard to describe. And I think I just ended up babbling something about how he could be nice, and was sometimes kind of deep, and can speak Chinese.

I don’t think Magenta would have believed me anyway.

Or maybe it just seemed like the whole world got brighter when he smiled. Maybe it was just his face. Anyway, I know that he doesn’t smile very often, or when he does, it’s more like an evil grin, which doesn’t count. Maybe a smile so rare can’t help but be a powerful thing.

So, anyway, don’t always believe what you hear about people, because you never know who they really are until you meet them for yourself.


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