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This is the final Follow-up Post to the Road Kill - And New Year's Day seems the appropriate day to post it.  Welcome to 2016 everyone!   I think it's going to be just as full of change and drama as 2015 was!  LOL.


Here is the Recap of the Entire Recap from Hell for your convenience.

Part One - Setting the Stage
Part Two - Australia
Part Three - Japan
Part Four - The Last Breath Before The Fall
Part Five The Phoenix On Fire
Part Six - The Phoenix In Ashes
Part Seven - OT4 Take Flight
Part Eight - Clean Living
Part Nine - Dirty Secrets
Part Ten - A Summertime Ball
Part Eleven - Fourth of July
Part Twelve - #Real Music
Part Thirteen - Birthdays and Broken Legs
Part Fourteen - Drag Me Down


After OTRA finally ended, One Direction had one final round of duties before finally going on break. These duties were to promote their album, Made In the Aftermath AM.

This was the album that they were so busy making in London and Los Angeles during their long break during April and May, and for much of the Summer as well, as they toured. So it was a part of the OTRA all along.  There are many theories out there regarding the release of this album, and the timing.  On the face of it, it doesn't make a lot of sense to release an album knowing that they aren't going to tour for it.  I'll discuss why I think they released it below.


There were, of course, many cute appearances to promote the album during Nov. and Dec.

Here are a few of the highlights of those.

 <-- Harry's pink shirt at the I-Tunes concert at the Roundhouse

 <--Liam's monster face sweater at the London Session.

Yup, so that was kind of shallow.

My favorite performance was at the Live Lounge

Especially this cover of FourFiveSeconds.  (Liam is sooooo good in it.)

But I also really love this performance of History from James Cordon.  This was staged so beautifully, and gave such an intimate feeling that is rare on a TV talk show performance.

The James Cordon appearance in general was quite simply the best thing ever.  In addition to that wonderful rendition of History, they played a game called Tattoo Roulette.  I don't know how much of this was staged, but Niall's anxiety as it wittled down to him and Harry looked very genuine, making for some great TV right there.  And then Harry got a live tattoo!

That was truly A+ Television.


As I write this, the new year has dawned. The boys have been on break since Dec. 13, and 2016 has arrived today.  The media is already describing 1D as "broken up".

But here is the truth. It does seem that the boys are still under contract, and I think there is at least one more video coming out soon, for their new single, History which will probably be dropped soon. After that video drops, I don't think there is anything else. I doubt that the boys will go to either the Brits or the Grammys. It has been rumored since virtually the beginning of the "Hiatus" rumors that the contract expires in March. If that is it the case, at that point, the boys will be Free Agents.

As I see it, the important points are:

* If the boys were going to easily re-sign with Syco, they would have done so in 2015. So, clearly, if they do re-sign with their current label, they will be using their free agency as a bargaining chip to increase the price.  As I mentioned above, it is extremely odd to have released that album, knowing there would be no tour.  The elephant in the room is that the current contract called for five albums, but only four tours.  They could have waited a year for the album, which would have given them their break, and allowed them to negotiate a new tour for 2017.  Releasing the album the way they did feels very much like a rush to complete the contract.  Or, at least that's the way it reads to me.  I think this begs a LOT more questions.

* If they sign with someone else, that will make huge press. It will mean that they are abandoning their mentor, Simon.

* I'm particularly interested to see how long it takes after the contract expires to announce new deal/deals. Will it happen in March? June? - Hmmmmmmm.

* That goes not just for group projects, but for individual projects as well.

* Anyone who thinks the negotiations will be only about Solo Harry, are wrong. All four of these boys are going to be in high demand, and able to command a high price.

* And of course, most interesting of all will be if they all sign to the same label. Because if they don't 1D is effectively over.  So the new contract(s), whenever and whatever they turn out to be are going to be the most critical thing.

* Will it be a free for all, or do these boys have something up their sleeves?

*  Meanwhile, Zayn's album will probably drop early this year, and I've no doubt it will be a huge success.


I guess we all just have to stay tuned.  Stay woke!


As for Made in the AM? I love it. My fav songs are What A Feeling, History and Oliva, but the whole thing is wonderful. Buy it on I Tunes.


Lastly, anyone thinking the boys are going to disappear from the gossip magazines during the break, are dreaming.  It isn't in their interests to truly disappear.  Just yesterday, Harry was out on a Yacht in St. Bart's celebrating NYE with old flame Kendall Jenner, complete with hot yacht smooching for the paps...  And Danielle Peazer (Liam's original flame) tagged him in a New Year's post leading to rampant speculation of the rekindling of that romance too. (Nah, I don't think so, I'm looking forward to Liam joining the celebrity dating game, hopefully this Summer... ;)

And not forgetting that something is going on between Niall and either Selena Gomez or Ellie Goulding.  Who knows.  And God only knows what the hell is going on with Louis Tomlinson.  YIKES, what a mess.


I'm done!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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