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Sorry for the delay on this on!  EEK, so much to do for the Holiday Season.  And all the December birthdays in my family!

This is Part 12 of my Road Kill: OTRA Tour Recap. And in this part, I'm going to attempt to pack the entire eventful first half of the North American leg of the Tour into just one post.  The North American Tour was structured into two halves, with a ten day tour break in early August. This portion will cover July 9 (San Diego) through August 8 (Baltimore).

I'm editing the locations down to focus on San Diego, Seattle, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and New York.

I gotta say though, there are storylines in this half of the tour which are pretty huge. And there was a lot of things happening.  And not just with the concerts.  There is a lot of drama. The Briana story went public, and Zayn officially began his "Zolo" career by dumping Perrie, and announcing that he wants to make #Real Music...


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July 9 - San Diego (Harry Kills Sea World)

The North American tour started up in San Diego on July 9th.   Two epic things happened this first concert back.

To start with, Harry has become involved with an organization called The Dolphin Project.  This group has been successfully advocating against Sea World' practices of caring for marine animals for several years, and are responsible for the documentary Blackfish (which you should all check out on Amazon if you haven't seen it...

<-- Harry in the Dolphin Project T-shirt, 2014.

San Diego, remember, is the home of Sea World, which is perhaps it's biggest tourist attraction.  During the concert Harry said, "Anyone her love dolphins?" (The crowd cheers), "Don't go to Sea World."

And Seaworld has been dealing with massive fallout ever since.  Think for a moment about the astounding power Harry exhibited here.  He put an institution, Sea World, on the defensive and caused such an uproar that they will probably have to change their practices if they want to stay in business.

In other news, Harry had his BEST FALL ever!  It was epic.

 <-- SPLAT!

Anyway - Don't Mess With Harry Styles!

July 13 - The Fall of Zaughty

On July 13, the tide went out on Zaughty, (the recently trademarked...)   Zayn again went on Twitter and caused another rucus.   This time, he broke up with Naughty Boy.  The origins of this may have been in June, when NB was apparently responsible for another song leaking, but whatever the case Zaughty was over and the fandom rejoiced.

you fat joke stop pretending we're friends no one knows you .

Bye bye Zaughty.  Easy come.  Easy go.

July 14 - Briana: The You-Know-What Hits The Fandom

Oh boy, here we go.  July 14 was the day that the second biggest bomb in 1D history fell.    I, and many others in the fandom had found it extremely odd when Louis made that quick trip to Los Angeles in the beginning of June to see his May fling, Briana Jungwirth.  On July 14, People Magazine broke the news that Briana was expecting a baby, and that Louis was to be a dad.


As you can imagine, the fandom imploded.  The Larries are still waiting for "Babygate" as they call it, to "end".  (Oh, yes, it will end...)

 <-- Briana papped on Aug 5 at a Passport Office in Calabasas, CA.  Imagine the fandom "debate" about her baby bump, as she wasn't even four months along at that point.  All the Larries suddenly became "pregnancy experts".  I can not tell you how embarrassing they are.

July 15 - Seattle

The concert in Seattle on July 15 was Louis and the Boys first appearance since the baby news broke.  The fandom watched anxiously for a confirmation, but there wasn't one.

You could feel the tension though, even through the Internet...

 <-- Great picture of Harry.  Aren't they all?

Some enterprising Seattle fans were very quick on their feet and came up with the idea of bringing a Toy Collection box for charity.  God Bless this fandom...

The bottom line is that it is obviously an awkward situation, and really, what's needed here is to respect Briana's privacy.  Even though she may sometimes get papped.  Eventually, both Simon and Liam confirmed the baby was real during interviews.  And eventually, Louis himself did as well.

July 26 - Minneapolis

Meanwhile, the tour rolled on.   One thing I'd like to note is that through the first ten days of the tour, the boys had used Los Angeles as their "Home Base".   After the shows in San Diego, and San Francisco, they returned to Los Angeles.  They made a bried stop-over in Vancouver, but after the Winnepeg show, the moved their home base to CHICAGO, where the remained for all the Midwest shows.

The stop on July 26 was Minneapolis.  Let's just say that this show was very kind to us Liam Girls, ;)  What is better than shirtless Liam? Shirtless Singing Liam.

Was it indulgent of me to post these because I'm a Liam Girl?  Yes.  Yes it was.

July 28 - Kansas City

The stop in Kansas City had another favorite moment, the Epic Lilo Gatorade Fight of 2015

I can think of few things better than two hot guys showering each other with Gatorade.

Other fun things to know about the KC show...  The Boys apparently didn't realize that they weren't in Kansas until they actually arrived there.  LOL

On a less positive note, there was an unfortunate incident of Naughty Boy hangover that saw several of the boys kicking and stomping on NB's image on a pinata which someone threw on to the stage.  It probably would have been better just to leave it be.

July 29 - The Zolo Career Begins

On July 29, Zayn finally announced offically what everyone already knew.  He was going "Zolo", and had signed with RCA records, which is another subsidiary of Sony.

He inaugurated his new career by announcing that he was finally going to make #RealMusic.  Lots of people reactive negatively to that implication.  He tried to back track and say he meant #RealMe, but damage done.

July 31 - Drag Me Down & Indianapolis

In the wee hours of July 31, One Direction dropped their first single as OT4.  I woke up that morning at my folks house which isn't too far from Indy, and turned on the computer to discover that the entire fandom was buzzing about this new song.  I was especially excited because that night I was going to the show!  And maybe, they would play it.  And they did!!!  I'm still buzzing that I got to see this song performed for the first time.  It was FANTASTIC.

 <-- Liam wore a Batman Costume

Aug 4 - GMA

On August 4, the band performed Drag Me Down on GMA.  They were cute!

During the interview portion of the appearance, Louis was congratulated over becoming a dad.  He said he was excited and "buzzing".  I cannot stress enough how much the Larries don't believe him.

Aug 4 - Zerrie Falls

Later that day, the announcement went out that Zayn had called off his engagement to Perrie.  She happened to be in Los Angeles, and she did a bikini pose on Instagram that day, I guess to show him what he was missing.

I was personally very saddened by this.  The timing of it, falling immediately after he had signed with new management and a new label made the entire relationship look very shallow.  Just my opinion.

I'm happy that Little Mix is doing so well right now.

Aug 5 - East Rutherford

We began with Harry, and with the NYC show, we'll end this section with Harry again.

Rolling Stone Magazine gave rave reviews of this concert, especially for Harry.  It would be nice if they would have put 1D on the Cover... :(


There was one more concert on the leg, Baltimore on Aug. 8.  After that there was another tour break from August 9-17.  That was an uneventful break, and so I won't be covering it... Yay!

The next installment will cover the second half of the NA tour, on which nothing much happened.... HA!   Two birthdays, a mysterious broken foot, and a gay men's magazine cover.  Plus, an epic ode to Poutine.  And

And the tour rolled on...


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