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This is post number 10 (!) of my Road Kill OTRA Tour recap. With the long spring break coming to an end on June 5, it was finally time to hit the road again.

The tour resumed for the short European leg which consisted of only eight stops. Those stops included two nights in Cardiff, Wales, followed by stops in Vienna, Brussels, Denmark, Oslo, Gothenburg and Helsinki. Even though this leg was short, this was my favorite part of the tour. (Except of course for the three shows of the North American leg that I attended!  Of course!)  In Europe, everything seemed relaxed and free of a lot of the tension that had haunted the early legs of the tour. The Four were much more confident than they had been before, and it showed. This leg brought us Water fights and wheelbarrow races and hamburger hats. They were having a blast, and the fans were having a blast, and it was a Summertime Ball.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the relaxed feeling is that instead of staying in each city they played, they would fly in to the city the day of the gig, and then fly back to London immediately afterwards. This means that the boys got to stay in their own homes for the bulk of the month. That must have been very nice for them.

That doesn't mean that the month of June was free from a certain foreshadowing of the drama to come. But for the most part it was light and fun.

Plus, this leg included the Hamburger Hat and the Banana Suit, so you know how I feel about it ;)


Recapping The Recap:

Part One Setting the Stage
Part Two Australia
Part Three Japan
Part Four The Last Breath Before The Fall
Part Five The Phoenix On Fire
Part Six The Phoenix In Ashes
Part Seven OT4 Take Flight
Part Eight Clean Living
Part Nine Dirty Secrets


Sigh.  All that being said, the month began with some of the foreshadowing that I mentioned.

June 2 - Louis mysteriously flies back to L.A.

With just three days before the boys were supposed to perform in Cardiff, Louis suddenly up and flew to Los Angeles.  It was a big WTF at the time, and made the fandom a bit nervous as to why Louis would want to make such a long trip on the eve of resuming the tour.  This brought flashbacks to Louis' mysterious flight to L.A. in February between the the Australia and Japan legs... the one he took with Zayn.

We would find out why sooner rather than later.  But we'll save that for July.

June 4 - Louis photographed with Eli the chimp

On June 4, Louis Instagrammed a photo of himself with Eli, the chimpanzee who appeared with him in the Steal My Girl video.  Like many in the fandom, I found this extremely odd.  He flew 8000 miles for two days to visit a chimp?

But then, a few days later, we learned some thing else about this little trip...

Briana Jungwirth, Louis' three time Mystery Girl from the month before, had been there too.  So Louis went back to visit Briana again?  Trippy.  The Larries were all upset and calling her names and being rude and awful as usual.  But they ain't seen nothing yet.

June 5th - The Tour is BACK!  1st Stop Cardiff, Wales

Finally, on June 5, the tour started back for real.  It was fabulous.  The boys all looked tan, rested and ready.  There was still a little talk about Harry being separate from the others, but that talk would slowly die down as the tour progressed.

If there was any "drama" the first night back, it was caused, oddly enough by Ziam Tinhats who were nattering on about a ring that Liam wore during the show.  The Ziams had been in a low place because they had staked their ship to the idea that Zayn leaving was a publicity stunt.  They were sure that he would be back by the time that Cardiff rolled around.  And of course, that didn't happen.  But Tinhats have a way of always finding a new thing to cling too.  They convinced themselves that Liam was wearing his wedding ring.  Yup.  BTW, Liam only wore the thing twice, so who knows if it really meant anything at all.  But it was funny at the time.

The last thing to talk about Cardiff Night One is OT4's ongoing efforts to come up with a new formation for WMYB.

Harry clearly didn't quite know where to stand yet.  But they were still working on it... LOL

June 6 - Double Dose of 1D

Afternoon:  The boys did the annual Capital One Summertime Ball

Marvelous as the first Cardiff gig was, the next day the boys actually made two separate appearances.  The first in London at The Summertime Ball, sponsered by one of the big London radio stations.  It was gorgeous

There was more fun with the WMYB formation!  If Harry wouldn't go to the boys, the boys would go to Harry.

Evening:  They flew back to Wales and played Cardiff for a second night.

And they finally got the WMYB formation down...

June 9 - Louis parties in Ibizia

Between Concerts, Louis managed to expand his World Party Tour - This time in Ibizia.

June Tour Highlights.  Honestly There were so many great moments, I thought I'd montage them.

There are really too many to cover it properly.  And those were just random pics.... :0

And I would be remiss to not cover the fact that the June part of the tour was the beginning of the Epic Lilo Water Fights.  Lilo antics were becoming a highlight of every concert

 <-- Just the start of an ongoing battle royale ;)


Of course, there was other business going on during June as well.

June 24 - Fragrance Launch

This came as a complete surprise, as 1D already has three fragrances, and for all the others there had been lots of pre-launch build up and promotion..  For this one, there was NONE.  Just one day, they held a press party to announce Fragrance #4 right out of the blue.  There were many theories, as to why, but I think it is obvious that this exists because it was an OT4 fragrance, i.e. presumably, none of the revenues from it go to Zayn.

June 24 - Paris Fashion Week

Speaking of whom...  Zayn hit up Paris Fashion Week and was all the rage.  He got front row seats right next to Kanye.

June 26 - Nouis at Glastonbury

Late in the month, Niall and Louis attended multiple days at the annual Glastonbury music festival.  Looks like they had fun.  Nouis is real... ;)

On the last day, Louis was papped with a friend, looking quite cosy.  (In retrospect, this was a kind of statement, as most people believe that Louis' odd trip to L.A. at the beginning of the month to see Briana, had been about him finding out about her pregnancy.  So he's on record as being spotted in the same month with a different girl.  He's made it abundantly clear that he and Briana are not together.


And that covers June.  It was a nice month.  As June came to a close, looming before the band was the massive three month tour of North America which would begin July 9 in San Diego.  But before that, there was another 10 day tour break which I'll discuss in the next post.  It will be short, which is a good thing because these posts have been getting so long.  I WILL find a way to keep the NA tour to two entries though...


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