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don't know how to describe it otherwise. This was the second half of their two month Long Break, and while April was relatively gentle and full of cute charity events, Niall's golfing appearances and songwriting, the through line going into May was Louis' constant partying. In May, that partying would... um... bear fruit, so to speak. (And just wait until we hit July when the bomb actually goes public. Oy.)

In addition, there was a very unpleasant Twitter War, by far the worst one ever.

But there was also more songwriting, more golf, an award show, their first talk show appearance since Zayn's departure,  and Snoop Dog.


Recapping The Recap:

Part One The BeFour
Part Two Australia
Part Three Japan
Part Four Taking A Breather
Part Five East Asia I
Part Six East Asia II
Part Seven Africa and Dubai
Part Eight - April Clean Living


So, here we go with the May Timeline.

May 3 - Liam, Louis and Niall fly to L.A.

On May 3 "OT3"  flew to Los Angeles, thus rejoining with Harry, who had been there on his own the entire month of April.  But the theme of "separation" would continue even so.  They made it clear that this was a working trip, and they also continued to make sure that everyone knew they were writing songs.

Let's get the big things out of the way first...

May 5 - Louis Parties With A Mystery Girl

And that's usually no big deal, as Louis had been seen with numerous "Mystery Girls" since the break with Eleanor.  Except that this was not the last we'd see of this particular young lady.  We would see her again...

And again.

By the third date, her name was known - Briana Jungwirth.  There was speculation in the media that Briana was Louis' new girlfriend.  She was not.

They were seen together May 5, 9 and 10.  They appeared to be having a blast.  After the date on the 10th, Louis continued partying, but Briana would not be seen again until early June, and we'll get to that then.

May 6 - Twitter War 2... The Final Fall of Zouis?

The Twitter War of May 6 was by far the worst, and was frankly one of the biggest shocks of the year for the fandom to take, because it represented the apparent end of one of the staple friendships going back to the X-Factor.  Louis and Zayn had been fast friends, and partners in crime going all the way back to 2010.  But apparently staple, doesn't mean stable.

It actually started on May 5, when Liam made a joke on Instagram calling a really bad singer "the new 5th member" of the band.

Naughty Boy, (30 year old professional that he is) decided he couldn't let that joke just be.  He Tweeted an indirect response photo of himself and Zayn, saying "replace this".

Total nastiness ensued between Louis and Naughty boy, including NB taking a jab at Louis' voice, and Louis implying that NB was just riding Zayn's coat tails.  But Zayn got personally involved too.  For exactly one tweet.  But it was a Tweet that shredded Zouis.

So... Sad.  For the most part the OT4 fandom hailed Louis as their hero who had defended Liam, and the fandom from the evil evil Naughty Boy.  And they were likewise crushed that Zayn had definitively sided against Louis and with NB.

Moving on...

May 9 - Car Prank, Oh No Niall

To lighten the mood perhaps, a few days later Liam instagrammed a prank that he and Louis played on Niall.  They TP'd his car. (Liam captioned the pictures "Oh No Niall".  Those little Juvenile delinquents.  As I said, this is a phrase that is going to haunt Niall for a long time.)

Of course more concern errupted over the fact, that once again, it was a prank involving Liam, Louis and Niall... but not Harry.

Where was Harry?

May 10 - Liam & Louis party w/ Snoop Dog

On the 10th, Liam, Louis and their entourages went to Snoop Dog's launch party for his album.  So cool.

And, yes, Briana was there.  This was one of her appearances with Louis.

May 11 - Project No Control starts

On another positive note, there was Project No Control.  This project was born in part over the frustration that, due to Zayn's exit, 1D was unable to release any more singles from their album Four.  (They couldn't release a single, since Zayn's voice would be on whatever song they chose, causing legal issues.)  This was very disappointing because there are many other great songs on that album which would have made for great singles.  No Control, which is a raunchy song about morning wood, was a particular favorite of many fans.  It is catchy as hell, quite naughty, and generally rocks out.  A group of fans, therefore, created the project to "self-release" No Control as a single.

For this dicussion, I'm pretending that I'm not slightly annoyed that this project at it's heart was about Larries thinking this song was about Larry.  And also that I'm not even more annoyed about how they often tend to erase Liam as one of the writers of the song to facilitate their fantasy that it was all about Louis and Harry's sex life.  Unfortunately, that's what Tinhats do.   I'm ignoring this lame motivation, and rudeness towards Liam because the project had beneficial effects for the boys.  The song got a little bit of airplay, and everyone did have fun with it.  And also because the boys have made their appreciation well known.

May 13 - Zerrie Selfie

Other then the awful Twitter War, Zayn  was kind of low profile in May.  There were occasional cute selfies with Perrie.

May 14 - Cordon Interview

On May 14th, OT4 was finally seen together again for their first full fledged talk show interview since Zayn left.  Harry was back.  The boys had all known James Cordon for years, so it was a natural choice to appear on his show.

The boys handled the questions about Zayn well, admitting that they had felt anger over the flounce, while still remaining professional about the whole thing.  And really, not giving up very much at all.  Of course the recent Twitter War was one of the topics that Louis had to address as well.  He said everything was fine.  Of course.

Cordon did a cute skit in which the boys were members of a Dodgeball Team.

And they also took a cute selfie...

May 17 - BBMA's (And Nouis clubbing w Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift)  Also, Wiz Kahlifa.

OT4 made their second major apearance that week at the Billboard Music Awards.  They did not perform, but they did appear as presenters.

They won two awards, of course.  Both of them having to do with the success of their world tours.  The Four, specifically Liam, made sure to thank Zayn in the acceptance speech.  Liam called Zayn, their "brother".  Based on facial expressions, I'm not sure they were all in agreement about that.

Afterwards, they partied with the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & Wiz Kalifah.

May 19 - Separating Again

On May 19, Niall and Liam arrived back in London.  Harry remained in LA, and Louis went to NYC.

 <-- I am very fond of this Airport papping...  And Liam's HAT would be seen again.  I love the hat too.

May 20 - Niall Goes Golfing Again

Niall's return to the UK was so that he could participate in a celebrity golf tournament with his friend Rory McIlroy.  More cute Niall Golfing photo's ensued!

 <-- I'm convinced that Niall's superpower is that he's always smiling.

The headlines weren't as generous.  "Niall Horan 'Nearly Killed' A Fan"...  Oh no!  (The headlines were an exaggeration, as usual.)

May 22 - Liam at the Grand Prix of Monoco

As for Liam, he was photographed that weekend at the Gran Prix of Monoco with Sophia by his side.  The two of them were papped and photographed at events throughout the weekend associated with the Red Bull Racing Team.

May 25 - Louis Tomlinson Parties in NYC ::Shocker::

Before returning to London, Louis decided to stop in New York for some more clubbing.  He was photographed with a mystery blond who was not Briana.

May 27 - Then He Partied in Barcelona

This was basically a World Wide Clubbing Tour...

May 31 - And Then Niall Joined Him to Party with Fifth Harmony

To top out the month, Niall and Louis partied with Fifth Harmony in London.

Louis was actually papped going home with Lauren.  Though, they later offered up an innocent explanation for it.  (Which was that she needed a ride...)  OK.  Moving on.

So that was it for May.  As with April, questions remained about Harry's commitment to the band, since the other three seemed to be spending loads more time together, and without him.  (Though it later became clear that Harry had been extremely involved with the writing process the entire month, and especially while the boys were all in Los Angeles.)

What was Harry up to during the weeks he wasn't with his bandmates?  He was actually being very low profile. At one point people thought they saw him on a bus in L.A.

But it wasn't him.


And so, as May was ending, the tour was scheduled to begin again in early June.  The much needed two month break was about to come to an end.

In June, the short European leg of the tour was scheduled to begin.  It would prove to be a Summertime Ball.


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