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The Phoenix On Fire

This is Part Five of Road Kill: A Love Story, a recap of One Direction's OTRA Tour. This part covers the tour dates from March 11 to March 18, which were the first three date of their unforgettable trip to East Asia. Needless to say, after this trip, the band was changed forever, and the fandom rocked to its core. The locations we will visit in this segment are Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket and Hong Kong.

To recap the recap...

Part One Covered Important Pre-tour events which set the stage for what happened on this tour.
Part Two Covered the first leg in Australia Feb. 7 thru 20.
Part Three Covered Japan, Feb 24 thru March 2.
Part Four Covered the First Tour Break Mar 3 thru 10


March 11 - Zayn Arrives In Singapore

So let's begin. And it begins with Zayn arriving on the last possible flight from London which would get him to Singapore in time to make the first gig. He was kind enough, however, to stop on the way to the venue to take photos with some fans he saw along the road.

March 11 - Zayn Stops For Photos with Fans on his way to the Singapore Venue

Once Zayn finally arrived he looked FANTASTIC on stage that night. Including this now iconic pose.

Let's take a moment to enjoy Zayn on stage in Singapore.

And an OT5 Pic, for good measure

The boys did not stay the night of the 11th in Singapore. They left after the concert to fly directly to Bangkok, although their performance was not until the 14th, which meant they would have two nights to explore the legendary nightlife.

And so they did.

March 12 thru 14 - One Night In Bangkok (Sorry, I couldn't resist that subtitle... I apologize. :)

So I mentioned in a previous post that CLUBBING was a major theme of this tour. That was never more evident than in Bangkok. And the most visible duo doing the Clubbing was ZOUIS. The Zouis clubbing in Thailand was epic, and rife with monumental consequences for both of them.

Clubbing Nights in Bankok

Zouis were partying so hard, there was a story going around the Twitter UA's that on the second night, they invited 20 girls to go back to the hotel with them for a pool party. Whether that is true or not, there are photos of both of them in the pool the next day.

Harry and Liam were also out at the clubs those nights, but they were much lower key, and went to different clubs than Zouis. Harry was accompanied by his sister, Gemma, and Liam by Sophia. (Niall was out there too, but he was even lower key than Lirry, I could find no photos.)

March 14 - Bangkok Show

Some OT5 to enjoy...

After the Bangkok show, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam left Bangkok and flew to Phuket to spend the four days before the next show. Harry apparently stayed behind in Bangkok, but there were no sightings, so his exact whereabout are fuzzy.

March 14 thru 18 - Phuket

As you might suppose, a whole lot more clubbing was about to go down. But since those pictures don't look terribly different from the Bangkok clubbing photos, I'll get back to those in a minute. Because Niall and Liam took Elephant Rides. :)  Now how cute is that?

But about that clubbing...

The Night of March 17, 2015

There is only one night of clubbing in Phuket that really must be addressed, the night of March 17th. Because an event that took place that night was the catalyst for Zayn's decision to leave.  That is the night that the photo below was taken.

This photo, which appears to show Zayn outside one of the clubs holding the hand of a girl who wasn't Perrie Edwards, changed the course of One Direction history. First the picture hit the net, and thus the fandom. From there, it made it's way to the Tabloids, which were running wild with "Zayn Cheating Again" stories by the next morning.

By the time the four boys in Phuket left for Hong Kong the story was mainstream, at least in the UK.  .

March 18 - Hong Kong (The Last OT5 Show)

So, this was the final concert in which Zayn Appeared as a member of One Direction.  Of course, at the time, nobody, except possibly Zayn, knew that.  He appeared to be in tears at times during this concert. He was clearly upset, though the others just went on with the show around him.

Liam even gave the Ziams one last moment by taking an onstage selfie with Zayn.

But the bottom line was that these were the last OT5 photos.

And here is the video of the last song of the concert - Best Song Ever...

March 19 - Hong Kong, The Wee Hours - Zayn Tweets:

Obviously upset at the end of the Hong Kong show, and with articles about his apparent cheating continuing to multiply,  Zayn tweeted the below at some point that night.  This was beyond surprising given the amount of speculation regarding the health of Zayn and Perrie's relationship that had been going on since before the Holidays.

Within hours after that, 1DHQ put out the following message via Twitter:

“Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.”


And that was it.

The band and the fandom then entered a state of suspended animation, waiting for news of Zayn's hoped for return. And that will be covered in the next segment.  The next segment will cover the the trips to Manila and Jakarta, as well as follow Zayn's doings once he arrived in back in London. And the truth about the situation with Louis and Eleanor will also come to a head. The bumpy ride will continue.


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