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The Deep Breath Before The Fall

This is part four of Road Kill - A Recap of One Direction's tumultuous On The Road Again tour. This part will cover the March 3-10 tour break which saw all the boys return to London for a brief rest. Lots of things were in motion. Lots of balls were in the air. And all of it consequential to what would happen next when they returned to the road.

To recap the recap...
Part One Covered Important Pre-tour events which set the stage for what happened on this tour.
Part Two Covered the first leg in Australia Feb. 7 thru 20.
Part Three Covered Japan, Feb 24 thru March 2.


I guess we'll start at the very beginning of this break. The arrival back in London:

Heathrow Airport on March 3. All the boys were Papped.


 <-- Harry and Niall took the first flight.

Liam, Louis and Zayn followed on another one.

 <-- But it was Zayn over whom the Tabloids went bonkers. Many of the articles about this arrival focused on him exclusively, as though the others weren't even there, such was the impression Zayn made. Fifteen days later, he left One Direction.

 <-- What is now the saddest part is that Zayn and Louis left the airport together.

 <-- They left in the same car to return to their homes which are (or were) a few blocks apart in North London.

<-- And then there were these hilarious Ziam pics in which Liam appears to be oogling Zayn. This photo perfectly encapsulated the general attitude the tabloids took with the heavy Zayn praise from these pictures.


Naughty High Perrie Low

Following this, The next thing to discuss about this break is the continuing situation with Zayn, Naughty Boy, and Perrie.

Zayn made no more public appearances after wowing the British tabloids at Heathrow, including personal appearances or social media during this break. He tweeted a few times about random things such as video games, but was rumored to be hanging out with Naughty Boy. There isn't any documentation of this, but it is widely assumed that was the case.

Meanwhile his fiance Perrie Edwards was seen several times, with headlines that she didn't appear to be wearing her engagement ring.

 <-- She was papped outside their house on March 7 with headlines about her missing ring.

 <-- And she posted this on Instagram, this time appearing to purposely hide her hand.

This was all a continuation of whatever had been going on with this couple over the holidays and for Zayn's birthday. No public sightings, no pictures, just Perrie... and the ring.


Where is Eleanor?

Meanwhile, something weird seemed to be going on with another couple as well. So, the next thing to address is the whereabouts of Eleanor, and the activities of Louis during this week.

Prior to this break, Louis tended to make himself scarce during breaks, presumably to be with Eleanor. As far as the fandom knew, everything was fine with Elounor. She had been in Australia, and they had been photographed less than a month before. The other thing to remember is that for the previous two years, Eleanor had been mostly silent on social media.

Not this break. Something was obviously very, very different.

First, right around the time that the boys returned to London, Eleanor suddenly became very active on Instagram. She started posting every day. Every picture she posted made it very clear that she was in Los Angeles, not London, having an extended Girls Vacation with her best friends.

And at the same time Louis began his "Party Boy" phase - Frequently clubbing and openly being seen doing so. From this point on Louis would be papped in clubs drinking and partying with his "Lad Crew" and girls girls girls.

The fandom had no idea what was going on, but there was certainly a sense that something had changed.


In Other News

Of less consequence then the above items, but still really cute:

Harry spent the break with his family in Cheshire.

<-- Harry with his mother

And Liam went to a Jamie Oliver party, and another Harry Potter Exhibit. That kid really loves Harry Potter. Sophia was with him at both activities.

This 1D couple at least, seemed untroubled.


The Boys left London, on separate flights on March 10, in order to get to Singapore for their show on March 11 when the tour was to re-start.

Guess who took the last flight possible to get there in time to make the show? (Hint, it wasn't Louis...)

Put on your seatbelts. The next installment is going to be rough.


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