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Here is the next portion of my series covering the drama and trauma of One Direction's OTRA Tour. A tour which left the band down one member and three girlfriends. Part One covered important pre-tour events. Part Two covered the first leg in Australia. This one will cover the two stop, six concert tour of Japan.

The Japan trip covered two nights in Osaka, Feb 24 & 25, and four straight nights in the sold out Tokyo Dome Feb 27 thru March 2. These were relatively uninventful and peaceful shows because Japanese fan culture (In least insofar as this band is concerned...) is very different from every other country. The audience is very quiet and respectful in comparisoin to the usual 1D audience which is very, very loud. This allowed for some cool moments, as you will see below. This was also the last full leg in which Zayn was a member of the group. But the seams were unraveling, and it was plain to see. And that was the other major theme of Japan.

As I mentioned in the last post, Harry, Liam and Niall flew directly to Osaka from Perth on Feb 20, meaning that they had three days to hang out in Osaka before the first concert. They were greeted at the Osaka airport by a huge line of quiet, respectful fans.

The three boys spent the days before the first concert finding ways to entertain themselves in and about Osaka. Liam went to a Universal Studios, and showed us his Geek side.

Harry and Niall were both seen about town:

Meanwhile the fandom heard stories and rumors of Zayn and Louis' visit to Los Angeles. Some didn't believe they were really in Los Angeles, because there were no photographs, and because it seemed like such a very long trip for such a limited number of days. One interesting story that circulated was a report that Louis and Zayn had attended a party, and both were spotted leaving with "blond sorority girls". This was somewhat sensational, as both of them were thought to be in relationships at the time.

Eventually one unsourced photo of Zayn at an L.A. Beach surfaced. (With a guy who is considered "sketchy" in regards to his role as a 1D hanger-on...) In any case, the reason for that trip was never revealed, leaving the fandom to theorizing about what exactly was going on.

As was about to become a pattern, Zouis took the last possible flight out of LAX which would get them to Osaka in time for the concert on the 24th.

Feb 24 – Osaka – Louis and Zayn arrive on their international flight from Los Angeles just hours before the first Osaka concert. Below are pictures taken of them by patiently waiting fans who were there to greet them.

Feb 24 - Osaka, first show. Zouis paid a price for their late arrival. The band decided to debut the song Stockholm Syndrome, a crowd favorite, at that concert, in part to alleviate the obvious complaints that arose in Australia regarding the Set List lacking new material. It was very evident that Zayn and Louis did not know their parts. That mumbling you hear in the video below are NOT the lyrics to the song. I strongly recommend you watch it, just to see what a cluster is was. (Let's just say that the other three did their parts just fine...)

Feb 26 - The Band moves on to Tokyo for four night stand in the sold out Tokyo Dome. A major theme of the tour had become CLUBBING. The boys went out clubbing many of the nights in Australia, and this happened again in Japan.

March 1 - Tokyo - Another sign of trouble regarding Zayn's status with the band was caught on the big screen during the performance of Little White Lies. The boys had performed this song dozens of time, including every show on the entire 2014 WWA tour. But suddenly, Zayn cannot remember the lyrics. Liam, singing harmony, is clearly annoyed at the 5:58 mark, as Zayn's mumbling left him nothing to harmonize with.

March 2 - Tokyo - As I mentioned above, Japanese fan culture is very respectful, and the audience is extremely quiet. So quiet, in fact, that the boys can hear each other without using their microphones. You can tell how fascinated they are by this, and how much fun they are having.

<-- Zouis having a nice moment in Japan

March 2 - After the last show in Japan, Liam posted a Thank You picture on Twitter. The picture is of Niall, Harry and Louis. Zayn is not in view in the picture. More foreshadowing?

This concludes my timeline of the Japan leg of the OTRA Tour. Although it was a peaceful leg, there was a sense of foreboding and general discontent. After the conclusion of the four shows in Tokyo, the band had scheduled an eight day break before beginning the third leg which would cover other parts of East Asia including Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and Jakarta. It would prove to be the most eventful trip in the history of One Direction. But before we get there, the next post will cover the essential events of the eight day tour break. Strange things were clearly happening, especially with Louis... and Eleanor.


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