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So, an update on 1D Shipping. And I should start with a note that I find I've become a lot more hardcore in my Elounor shipping lately, so, yes, I have a bias and it shows. It's been six months since I did the original series, but much has happened since then. And LOL, I meant this to be just a quick status update. But no... Multi parts, here we come.

This One Direction Shipping Update post is going to focus on the eternal battle between Larry and Elounor. The second post will still be very Larry oriented, but will focus on Harry, and include a re-evaluation of Haylor, and the entire "Winter Girl Friend" concept and whether it applies to a new girl that Harry has been spotted around town with. But also taking a look at Harry's multiple statements made during the November Promo season in which he essentially shaded his own sexuality. Hints or Queer-baiting? Someday the world WILL know.

The third post will cover the realm of Sophiam/Ziam/Zerrie, though we'll see it all that fits in one post... And introducing... Zaughty. LOL.


Lets begin with Larry.

To remind you, this is the most Tinhatted RP ship in history. I think there are probably many, many tens of thousands of Larry Tinhatters out there. Many of them very young. They've had the run of the fandom since the beginning, fueled by their numbers. Almost nobody ships Larry in the traditional sense. Virtually all of them ship it because they think it is real. Recently, The hardcore Tinhatters have acquired a new nickname. The Larries. To really understand what's going on with this ship, read this end of the year wrap-up that the Larries characterized as "a good year".

(They don't seem to realize the irony at all. It's a bunch of photos of Harry and Louis in the same frame. That's it! The same frame.)

The Larries have been up and down a lot lately. I've thought at times that they were quite demoralized. And others times they are elated. This is typical for shippers, I suppose. Perhaps the most interesting development over the six months in LS vs. ES land has been that a significant Anti-Larrie movement has evolved which is confronting Larrie logic on a regular basis. These Anti-Larries are different from the Elounor shippers who have been the Larries' main opposition for the last several years. The Anti-Larries aren't necessarily advocating specifically for Elounor, but rather, pointing out specific flaws in the Larrie Narrative and having a laugh over it. The Larry Narrative is basically the combination of speculations and shared head canon that The Larrie sphere creates to explain how two young men who rarely interact in public, and live on separate continents during breaks, are actually in a secret, four year long relationship because their own management team has forced them into the closet.

In short, the Larries no longer have quite the same run-of-the-fandom that they once had. They have real, solid opposition. I'm not saying that Larries haven't had some high moments these last six months. They've had some fun times too, especially Harry's "not that important" and "don't knock it till you've tried it" quotes. (Those I'll get to in part two,) And not forgetting Louis' dagger tattoo which added to their list of supposedly matching tattoos. That, I will talk about below.

But they've had some really low lows as well. most notably, Bullshit 2.0 happened, and is a good place to start this discussion. If you recall from my original post about Larry, way back in 2012, Louis tweeted this:


This Tweet is Now known as Bullshit 1.0.

In November, Around the time when Harry was getting massive media attention for the "not that important" statement he made in relation to gender of a romantic partner, Louis made an appearance at The X-Factor wearing a rainbow apple shirt.

This lead to the publication in a fairly respectable newspaper - The Independent, suggesting that Louis had worn the shirt in support of an Apple executive who had recently come out of the closet. The article did not say that Louis was hinting at his own sexuality, but it did feature Harry, and talk about Harry's recent comments. Which means that the article was Larry Click Bait.

Louis was not amused

This tweet quickly became known as Bullshit 2.0. And there was much more to it, but this is the gist. Larries believe the series of tweets Louis made that night were extremely homophobic, since he appeared to be reacting defensively to hints that he might be gay. So Larries apparently think that if their conspiracy theory isn't true, and Larry isn't real, than Louis is a homophobe. (I would say this attitude indicates that these people are not unconditional fans of Louis Tomlinson. They are only his fans so long as they perceive him as living up to their fantasy.)

Their response to the Bullshit 2.0 tweet was kind of gross. The Big Larries (i.e. the Larry BNF bloggers) started calling for their flocks to cancel their pre-orders for the new album, and over 20,000 of them unfollowed Louis on Twitter. Larries have decided that Louis doesn't ever actually tweet for himself, unless the tweet can be interpreted as pro-Larry in some way. So they have decided that Bullshit 2.0 was all Management. Of course.

They have a very interesting interpretation of who Louis is. They forget, and/or are in denial of the fact that this is the same guy who used the N Word in the Weed Video from earlier this year. But, of course, they are so conspiracy minded, they think the Weed Video itself was a set up, intentionally filmed, and given to the Daily Mail because Modest! was trading the Weed story for some worse info the Daily Mail had. Probably... you know...Larry.

However, there is one other Twitter related note I should make. Louis' other extremely famous tweet from 2012, is known as the Always in My Heart tweet.

Through months of diligent efforts to get this retweeted, it has become the 2nd most re-tweeted tweet on Twitter. The only more retweeted tweet is Ellen's Academy Awards Selfie. This particular tweet, they seem to believe was really Louis.

The Larries were also very energized by Louis' new dagger tattoo which he got in Australia. This one really excited the Larries quite a bit.

The Larries have a really impressive backstory regarding the significance of this tattoo. They claim that they "predicted" it over a year ago when Harry got a rose tattoo on his arm. (I cannot confirm or deny whether this is true or not.)

They think that the dagger and rose are part of Larry's collection of matching nautical themed tattoos. (The others being a ship and compass, rope and anchor.) I am unclear how a rose and dagger are nautical, but the Larries googled it, and found that sailors used to get a rose and dagger tattoo to symbolize their loved one. Therefore, to them they are nautical.

I do not know if Louis was aware of this prediction, and he got other tattoos that day as well including a quote tattoo and a smiley face tattoo. But obviously the Larries were overcome with joy at this event. I will leave them to it. :)

Except, if you are interested in reading an excellent debunking of the Larries Tattoo theory. You can find it here from one of those Anti-Larrie blogs I mentioned.


If you are interested in further research on Larry, you can go to the source. Here is a sampling of Big Larries to follow up on this topic.

"Big Larries" (This list is not at all inclusive) Each of these blogs have followers in the five digits.

Gossip Candy
Verily I Say

Really, this is just a sampling. There are dozens. You'll get the idea. Note that these are all adult women, not little girls. These are grown up Tinhatters.

Here is a sampling of the Anti-Larry blogs I mentioned. These blogs have followers in the hundreds. Yup, there is still a power imbalance.

Debunk Larry (the god-mother of Anti-Larries.)
Im-on-Fire-Now (This chick is badass.)
Larry Enemies (The girl is only 18, and not a native English speaker, but still a Ninja.)
Literall Bullshit
Everything but Larry (Turns the whole shipping business on it's head with humor. She "tinhats" all the other ships.)
Larry Isn't Real (Goldmine Alert! Especially the Management Conspiracy Debunking and the Tattoo Theory Debunking.)

Most of these blogs are also run by adult women. The youngest of the lot is 18.


Which brings us to the topic of Elounor. Elounor was a very private couple for most of 2014, but they rallied late in the year with several appearances during November promo season.

These two November appearances were a huge improvement over Elounor's Sept. appearance at Niall's birthday party which had Larries crowing for weeks about how miserable they looked. (And they did look miserable, but it was 3AM, and they were most likely drunk, and well, they often look this way when being papped.)

But the best Elounor photos to be released during the last six months were actually from July. Some private pictures belonging to Louis' mother got out in the public, some of them mysteriously. Louis' mother is named Johannah Deakin, but she's commonly known as Jaye, so that's how I'll refer to her henceforth.

It all began a few weeks ago when out of nowhere a blatant congratulatory Larry Coming Out announcement appeared on Jaye's highly followed Instagram account. See below.

Now, I find it highly unlikely that any mother would out her closeted son in such a way. And sure enough it quickly disappeared, and Jaye tweeted that her Instagram was hacked. But over the next few days, some of Jaye's other accounts apparently got hacked, among them, her account with the photographer from her wedding. From that hacker came a flood of lovely, though apparently ill gotten Elounor pictures.

(First off, as a reminder from last July, there were only a few Elounor pictures that were released to the public from Jaye's wedding, and they weren't particularly cute other than the one that Eleanor put out on her Instagram..)

Larry shippers were not impressed. These were fodder for the narrative that Louis doesn't actually care about Eleanor. In the same vein as that Sept. Pap picture from Niall's birthday.

But the Hack revealed, that Jaye was holding out on the good stuff...

Suddenly, thanks to the "leak" there was a ton of really cute photos from the wedding!

Larrie's theory is that "management" orchestrated these leaks. But I wonder, why would Management, who according to Larries are desperately trying to hide Larry by publicizing Louis' "fake" relationship with Eleanor, sit on such cute pictures of them, but release instead the much more impersonal pictures above? Makes no sense.

So, in any case, the story is that Jaye got hacked, and now we have these Elounor pics... And the world may never know exactly how it happened.

And there is more, there was a Tomlinson/Deakin family event on Dec. 3rd celebrating Louis' great grandmother's birthday. (Her name is Olive, so we'll call her Olive henceforth...) The pictures released showed only a handful of people including Olive, Jaye and her husband, Louis, sister Lottie and some other adults. Larries were overjoyed that it didn't appear that El was there. They fantasized that Harry was being hidden outside the pictures. But then in early January, Jaye lowered the BOOM!

Here is the one that was released at the time via Lottie's Instagram:

 <--The Larries were extremely excited by the lack of Elounor at this family gathering.

But in early January, Jaye posted this to facebook.


Eleanor was there, looking smug as hell, and Louis is beaming. :)

The Larries definitely took a hit on this one. They had time to set up their narratives about how clearly Louis doesn't really care for Eleanor, and how she really isn't a member of the Tomlinson-Deakin family. And then Jaye Ninja'd them. :)

So to close this out and bring us current...

On last Thursday Jan 21, Eleanor flew with Louis to Los Angeles. The same day Liam also travelled with Sophia to LAX, though they did not take the same flight. There was massive and hilarious Larry drama associated with this.

Again, backstory is needed. You see, because Harry and Louis spend most of there free time on separate continents, Larries have to use a great deal of their tinhatting energy trying to prove that Louis is really in Los Angeles with Harry. During this current break, Louis has been photographed in England throughout Christmas and New Years, and Harry has also been frequently photographed in L.A. Larries actually keep track of all the times that both Harry and Louis are "MIA" (i.e. are not photographed in public) and declare that means that Louis is undoubtedly in Los Angeles. No. They don't need any proof to make that determination. They just KNOW. So that is the background for the drama of last Thursday.

Louis had not been photographed since the 17th. So Larries were sure that Louis was in L.A. Then, on Thursday morning, 1D Update Accounts on Twitter said that they had inside info that the two couples (Elounor and Sophiam) were both flying to Los Angeles that day. This lead to a small fan gathering at LAX, and some paps as well for the arrivals. Louis and Eleanor's flight landed first and they managed to get through the airport without getting papped. There was activity on Twitter suggesting that Louis' security team had set up a decoy, but one fan taken picture was released on Twitter.

Here it is:

This is in contrast to Liam and Sophia's arrival a few hours later, which was massively papped.

This lead to a SCANDAL - because it appears from this photo that Louis and Eleanor went UP THE DOWN ESCALATOR. Yes, you read that right... Up the down Escalator. Surely this means there is something "fishy" and/or "shady" going on.

In addition, the fact that Sophiam was so clearly seen, and photographed, while Elounor was not, was taken as evidence that Louis and El had NOT in fact flown to Los Angeles that day. They wanted to keep their idea that Louis had been there since the 17th intact. They were theorized that either El did fly with Louis on the 17th, or She flew in alone on the 21st, and Louis met her there for one picture. LOL. LOL. Really, LOL again, because that's some hilarious tinhatting right there.

They are Conspiracy Theorists, through and through.

And besides which, it was all made moot later - because departure pics from Heathrow came out, and they are cute ones:

So that brings us current. Liam and Louis are a song writing team, and they are apparently in Los Angeles working on new songs. They happened to bring their GF's with them. I have a prediction of my own. The beginning of the new tour is only two weeks away, I think it is possible that Liam, Louis and Harry may be in California until it is time to go Australia for the start of the tour. Niall is already there. I am betting that Eleanor and Sophia are going too. We'll see.
Here are some of the Steadfast Band of Elounor Blogs if you would like to remain up to the moment on Elounor.

A Happy Elounor Blog
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Here is a little teaser for part 2. Now adding to all this incredible drama - There is a new girl in town. Here name is Nadine Leopold.

Nadine is a Victoria's Secret model. And she's been frequently photographed with one Harry Styles.

So this post is long enough.


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