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This post is the index of all the 1D Series I wrote on LJ these last few years. Most of them are about One Direction. If that scares you, LOL, Nothing I can do about it.

The first series was quite innocent, and started because I fell into 1D fandom in December of 2013, which happened to be right before the annual onslaught on One Direction birthdays in Dec., Jan., and Feb.  But don't worry, I don't track their birthdays that much anymore.  LOL.  These can also be found under the tag Birthday Series

The Birthday Series

Zayn Malik's 21st Birthday
- (I was so impressed by the fandom celebration of Louis' birthday a few weeks before, that I joined in.)
Liam Payne Post - (NOT his birthday, but I just felt like celebrating it. ;)
Harry Styles 20th Birthday - (This one actually was his birthday)
Niall Horan Post (NOT his birthday, but why wait?)
Louis Tomlinson Post (NOT his birthday, but I missed the first one, so I gave him a post anyway)
Liam Payne 21st Birthday (This time is was actually his birthday)
Niall Horan 21st Birthday (This time it was actually his birthday)

PS - The most important thing to glean from these is that the proper Howarts sorting for these boys is:  Zayn to Slytherin, Liam to Gryffindor, Niall to Hufflepuff, Harry to Ravenclaw and Louis to slytherin.  :)

The Weed Scandal Series

The second series came together rather accidentally.  It was examining the huge controversy that was the 2014 Weed Scandal that involved Luis and Zayn filming themselves smoking weed in the 1D tour van on the way to a concert in South America in the spring of 2014.  The video came to light at the end of May, several months later.  it is still a mystery how the thing was leaked.  These can be also be accessed through the Weed Video Scandal tag.

Prolog - Just the facts
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 1 - Young Love (How Sophiam was used as a distraction)
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 2 - The Non Apology Apology (How Daddy Direction took the heat)
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 3 - Putting the Chicken Back in the Chicken Dinner (Because "chicken" is NOT a cocaine reference)
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 4 - All About Harry (He was just a poor, suffering innocent bystander)
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 5 - The Irish Prince (About how Niall is the perfect prince)
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 6 - The Rehabilitation of Zayn Malik (How to fix Zayn, who was the front man in the video)
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 7 - LouisLouisLouisLou Why?? (How to deal with Louis, who instigated the whole thing)
Weed Scandal Aftermath - Part 8 - Rays of Sunshine (A visit to a children's charity)

The Summer 2014 Ship War Series

The third series was a general, catch-all series about Shipping, written in the summer of 2014. Looking back on it now, I have to say I miss those "original" ships a lot.  These posts can also be found under the Summer Ship Wars 2014 tag.

Part 1 - Tinhatting As A Lifestyle (Just the basics)
Part 2 - The Woeful Tale of the Oppressed Pop Princes (A Deep dive into the tinhat Management Conspiracy Theorizing)
Part 3 - Larry Vs. Elounor (The biggest of the ship wars)
Part 4 - Larry Vs. Ziam (A subtle ship war that shouldn't be a conflict, but is.)
Part 5 - All The Little Things (Elounor vs. Sophiam and Sophiam vs. Payzer and implied Sophiam vs. Ziam)
Part 6 - The Story of Zerrie (Zerrie vs Ziam)
Part 7 - The Rise of Narry (Narry vs. Larry)

Winter 2015 Shipping Update Series 

Oh, if only I had known what was about to go down when I wrote this in January and February of that year.  LOL.  It reminds me that it is time to write another shipping update series.  These can be found under the Winter Shipping Series 2015 tag.

1D Winter Shipping Update #1 - Larry vs. Elounor:  Going Up The Down Escalator
1D Winter Shipping Update #2 - Harry Styles:  The Winter Boyfriend
1D Winter Shipping Update #3 - Sophiam/Ziam/Zerrie: The Quadrangle of Doom
1D Winter Shipping Update #4 - Niall Horan: Whoa Nelly

By the end of 2015, Elounor was dead Hendall was rekindled, Sophiam & Zerrie were dead, Zayn had left the group so for all intents and purposed Ziam was dead and Nelly never really happened.  But Larry is like a toxic rodent that won't die.  By the end of 2016, Louis was a dad, and Liam should be one any day now.  But oh boy, so I need to write about the 2015 & 17 ships.....

Zayn's Exit:

1 - Zayn Malik Redemption Update Alert -

2 - Zayn Malik Redemption Update Alert - ummmmm :0 -

3 - Zayn Is Home -

4. - Perrie Edwards - The Ball's in her Court -
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