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Ah, Zerrie.

Zayn Malik and his fiancé Perrie Edwards. They've been together since 2012, and are engaged to be married. Both of them are currently 21 years old. Sad to say, they are only slightly less hated on then Elounor. You should see the Zerrie is Fake tag on Tumblr. It is a horror.

 <-- They look like a cute enough couple to me. Zayn even has this giant tattoo of her on his arm.

 <-- You can see it here. I wonder if that lipstick print he has in the middle of his chest is supposed to be Liam's lips? LOL.

A lot of this hate is from Ziam shippers, obviously, who really, really need to prove that Zerrie is fake because they believe that Zayn's heart belongs only to Liam. And they lazer focus on disproving Zerrie over Sophiam because of the ring and the tattoo. (And for other reasons that make the couple more "vulnerable" since Perrie is also a former X-Factor contestant, and is in a Girl Band.)

But a good bit of the hate also comes from regular Zayn girls who would rather he be single and available. Poor Dears.

So, here is the Zerrie Narrative:

Perrie's band, Little Mix won X-Factor, in 2011, the year after Zayn's band came in third. Like Zayn, she has the reputation of having the best voice in the group.

 <-- Little Mix members Leigh-Ann Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirwall and Jesy Nelson

One interesting aspect of the Zerrie relationship that clearly bothers some fans is that Perrie is the only member of Little Mix who is white, and Zayn is the only member of 1D who is not. I wish this was neither here nor there, but unfortunately, it is an aspect of Zerrie that gets complaints.

Zerrie began simply enough in 2012 when Zayn tweeted a few times that he was a big fan of Perrie and Little Mix. In April of 2012, Zayn and Perrie had a photo op riding a scooter, and announced that they were dating.

 <-- The first photo op. Yup, HQ photos. You know what that means... FAKE!!

Now, there is such a thing as PR Relationships between celebrities. Harry Styles/Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles/Kendall Jenner are possible examples... So yeah when Zerrie started, it looked like a classic PR Ship. 1D was already a much bigger group, and more famous than Little Mix. And having a Little Mix member dating Zayn from 1D has been invaluable publicity for them.

Most people, (including me) think Zerrie started out as PR. But that was three years ago. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. Which isn't to say that everything has been smooth sailing.

The Cheating Scandal - Jan 2013

Zerrie dated throughout the rest of 2012. In 2013, 1D went on a massive tour, and Zayn did not get much opportunity to spend time in England with Perrie. During this time, Zayn developed a reputation as the member of 1D who was most associated with groupies. And eventually, he got caught.

 <--Umm, the waitress in question provided photographic evidence. So, when Zayn get's caught, he gets caught spectacularly. Like that other time, with the weed. LOL

But, the bottom line is that Perrie forgave him, and they remained a couple. The next notable event was that tattoo.

The Story of the Tattoo - June 2013

 <-- Here it is again, just because people still honestly can't believe he got it... But he really got it.

The story of how he got this is a good one. Per reports, he got this on the evening of June 24, 2013 in Burnie Maryland, where 1D was touring. Louis was with him when he got it. So was Liam. Yes, you read that right: Liam was there. There are lots of extremely interesting theories about that. ;) Including the delightful theory that the Tattoo isn't Perrie, but gender swapped Liam. (However, the tattoo artist says in the article that Zayn gave him a picture of Perrie and told him to draw her as though she were a super-hero. He also says there wasn't a lot of time, so he did the best he could.) The other Ziam counter argument is that Perrie doesn't usually dress like she is dressed in the tattoo. They claim she started dressing that way AFTER the tattoo. Sigh.

 <-- Perrie, I don't know if it was before or after the tat but it sure looks like the tat.

 <-- It is a really iconic Liam shirt that he wore on that 2013 tour... So obviously Liam's Peace sign shirt is supposed to be the true inspiration for Zayn's tattoo.

The Engagement - August 2013

It wasn't long after the tat that the engagement was announced in August of 2013. There were a lot of varying reactions to it. The media reaction was suggest that he "put a ring on it" in repentance for the cheating scandal.

Zerrie shippers say, "Aawww, she forgave him."

Ziam shippers are, obviously, much more cynical, they think that MM! forced him do it so that Zerrie could continue to look like a viable PR ship. (At the same time they also think that the whole cheating scandal is itself an MM! creation to make Zayn look straight. Because never, ever, ever in a million years would Zayn cheat on his bae Liam. LOL! It's got to be one way or the other!)

 <-- First post-engagement photo at the Red Carpet for the This is Us movie premiere in London. You can see the ring.

Of the objections raised about this engagement, perhaps they are a tad bit young yet. given that they were both 20 at the time, I can't entirely disagree, though it is their lives, so... In any case, they appear to be taking their time getting to the alter... As of this writing, Zerrie has been engaged for a year. And yes, there are lots of cynical suggestions that this wedding will never happen...

2014 Zerrie:

But, in the meantime, 2014 Zerrie has been fairly strong. In Feb, about a year after the scandal, Zayn was quoted as saying:

"It's difficult to see her because obviously our schedules are crazy and stuff. But I'd do anything to see her. I'm not bothered. I'd fly 10 planes to go home and see her."

::hold on a minute, I need a tissue:: Of course ZS will scream MANAGEMENT from the top of a mountain until their lungs fall out in regards to this quote.

They went to Disney Paris for Zayn's 21 back in January.

 <-- You know what ZS say? HQ=FAKE!

He flew to LA to be with her on Valentines Day because she was on tour at that time with Little Mix. ZS were beside themselves that he made that trip. They tripped all over themselves trying to prove how FAKE this whole thing was, and how cruel MM! was to force him to do it. SIGH.

<-- ZS say he looks MISERABLE! And fake! He looks fake!!!!!!!!!!! And its all just PR for Little Mix anyway so it doesn't count...

There have been quite a few other Zerrie sightings throughout 2014. In fact, he seems more willing to do photo ops with her then he does his bandmates, excepting of course those related to concerts or official 1D public appearances which he is obliged to do. Zayn is often conspicuously absent from non-official appearances. Zayn was the only member who did not appear at Niall's charity football match in May. He was the only member who did not go to Louis Mum's wedding in July, and he is the only member to not participate in the Ice Bucket challenge.

 <-- The football match. Where was Zayn? Oh, he was with Perrie at a Little Mix concert.

 <-- Louis' Mum's wedding. Where was Zayn? Oh, we was camping with Perrie and her family.

There is an old saying in 1D fandom...

 <-- No, really, there is. It goes back to X-Factor days... (Apparently, the answer is... HE'S WITH PERRIE.)

Some other 2014 Appearances:

 <-- Holiday Greeting HQ, you know the drill.
 <-- Taken around the New Year at the London Zoo, and HQ=FAKE
 <-- Random sighting with a fan in March
 <-- With Perrie's Great Grandmother. He seems really comfy with her family.
 <-- Perrie's 21. This was an elaborate production. Zayn rented out a Carnival for a reported 98K. (ZS say MM! did it.) And there was lots of HQ photos so...
 <-- People tried to argue this was Jesy's foot, and not Zayn's when Perrie posted this. LOL They hyper analyzed the shoes trying to prove it wasn't Zayn.
 Their adorable kitten. His name is Tiger.

Going back to the origin of this relationship, I have to ask, could all of this, after nearly three years, really just be for PR for Little Mix? Could MM! really have forced Zayn to do all of this against his will? Really? I know that fake celebrity relationships do exist, but they live together. They share pets. He blows off 1D events to be with her. Could he really, as Ziam shippers assert, actually hate her? Between this and the Larry Shippers, MM! starts coming off as a Supervillain organization.

Yes, I think it started a publicity. Yes, it is still used for publicity sometimes. But they are CELEBRITIES. Their relationships are used for publicity regardless of whether they are real of fake.

Personally, I prefer to think that Zayn Malik isn't such a wuss that he would let himself be railroaded into something as elaborate as this with a woman he actually dislikes. So, though the relationship isn't perfect, and I hope they continue to season the engagement a bit, I believe it is sincere.

This is the story of Zerrie:

I've only got Narry left to explore. It will be nice to finally be able to include Niall in all of this...


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