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While going through the previous post, I realized just how many minor ship wars there really are.

Elounor vs. Sophiam <-- Not so much at war with one another, but it's a Larry thing.
Sophiam vs. Payzer
Larry vs. Narry
Zerrie vs. Ziam and The World

The battle is ever the same, to prove that a relationship is "real" or "fake". Here is a handy formula that 1D shipper often use in deciding whether a picture or photo op of a couple is real enough:

HQ photos means that Paparazzi were present. Which means that MM! called them because MM! always calls in the Paps. 1D fans do not believe that Paps ever show up independently. So this means that the photo op was PR, which = FAKE RELATIONSHIP!!! Many canon anti-shippers ferverently believe that all three girlfriends are fake because sometimes the relationships are used for PR. Remember this equation:


We'll just short hand this HQ=Fake!

So how about we start with a quick look at Elounor vs. Sophiam And also a little Sophiam vs. Ziam thrown in....

HA! To start with, the two guys, Lilo, are great friends.

 <-- Lilo (In case this isn't clear, the 1D ship names can be used at any time to refer to two of the guys. No matter the context.)

And recently, the two girls have also been hanging out. Heck, just this weekend El and Sophia went to a music festival in England together.

 <-- The impulse to name ships will never cease to amaze. They are calling this Sophianor. although the name isn't settled yet, as I've also seen Seleanor.

Any way, the basis for the "conflict" is mostly generated in the fertile imaginations of Larry shippers. Larry shippers have decided that Sophiam is the new Ideal for what a het relationship should be. In contrast to Elounor, which they desperately need to prove is not real.

Recently, Sophiam went on vacay on a yacht on the Riviera. They got papped:

Larry shippers express a belief that these pictures are very "real". (Sophiam shippers agree!)

Ziam shippers, however, will use the formula above to "disprove" them. HQ = FAKE!!! It is a handy formula, indeed. LOL

Another recent point of comparison was two photos taken of the couples at a recent wedding. Here are the photos:

 <-- Liam captioned this "Me and the most beautiful girl in the world." Ahhhhhhhhhhh. :)

<-- El captioned this, "Maid of Honour and Best Man" Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

Larry shippers claimed (as they always do) that Louis looks miserable and uncomfortable. His smile doesn't reach his eyes, and Eleanor's caption is too impersonal compared to Liam's.

Ziam shippers were pretty silent on the issue, but they grumbled something about Liam's caption "trying too hard"... Sophiam and Elounor shippers were all delighted.

In conclusion, this ship war is srs bidness.


Sophiam vs. Payzer is a different kettle of fish.

For whatever reason, Payzer shippers are having a very hard time letting go of that ship, even though it busted over a year ago. (Lots of people seem to think that Liam was "better" when he was with Danielle... ::shrug::)

(I think he's just being a 20 year old male, which sometimes means being an idiot. He'll grow out of it.)

In some ways, Sophiam has only recently started to come into it's own, and assert itself over the beloved Payzer. (In part because Sophiam has been a very busy ship all Spring and Summer, starting exactly at the time of the Weed Scandal... (It is by far the most "active" current ship in terms of personal appearances...) But also because Larry Shippers started supporting it as the Hetero Ideal compared to Elounor.

But back in the glory days of 2011 & 2012, Payzer was the original 1D ship. It was there from the start. Liam met Danielle during X-Factor. Danielle is a professional dancer, and she was working on the show. She is also five years older than Liam. So he was 17, and she 22 when they started dating. I think that some of the wish for the return of Payzer may be nostalgia for 1D it their more innocent days.

Back at the beginning, Danielle and Eleanor were actually very active with fans, including interacting with them on Twitter. But Sophia is not involved with the fans, (and Eleanor has basically withdrawn from them,) So in a way, Sophia is still a stranger as far as fandom is concerned.

This initially left her open to fandoms worst imaginings... i.e. GOLD DIGGER accusations (And much worse) in addition to the obligatory "Beard" accusations from Ziam shippers.

It looks like, Sophia may now begin to be more active in the fandom. For example, earlier this month in NYC, she and Liam were participants in a PR stunt at the Cake Boss shop. We'll see.

 Ziam shippers simply cited the formula: HQ=FAKE!

 <-- I've concluded that Sophia looks a lot like Kate Middleton...

But still, Payzer persists:

I guess the ultimate lesson may be that the best 1D girlfriend is an EX 1D girlfriend... Sigh.

 <-- Don't worry about Danielle. She's doing fine. And she's got 3 million Twitter followers.


I should have known I couldn't contain this to one post. I'll post on the Zerrie situation and the rise of Narry next time. FUN!!


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