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"Very Controversial" - Zayn's best quote from the Weed Video.

Enough with the three Golden Boys! Lets talk about the two guys who made the Weed Video happen, starting with Zayn Malik in all his stoned glory...

Well, I would say that Zayn has pretty much blown his wholesome boy band image. LOL. But that doesn't mean that PR isn't going to at least try to rehabilitate him, and it may not be as difficult a task as it looks.

For various reasons, my sense is that the fandom is more ready to forgive Zayn for the weed video then Louis. First, he didn't use the N-word, although there is some grumbling that Zayn should have objected to Louis' use of it. And he has always garnered a lot of praise for his singing talent, particularly his vaunted high notes. And so Zayn had a solid fanbase before all this happened. A lot of fangirls find him really hot. (Less so for his performance ability on stage, more on that later...)

This was the first public photo of Zayn taken post Weed Video.

 <--Looks like we are starting from a very sad place.

So where to begin the Rehab Project? Start in the obvious place. Remember Part I, Young Love and what a great story it makes? Well, Zayn has a lovely fiance named Perrie Edwards.

 <-- Gorgeous Perrie.

 <--The fan name for his couple is Zerrie

The complication is that Perrie is a member of a girl band called Little Mix, and is on a tour of her own. So if pictures of the two of them are needed, he has to travel to her concert venues in between his own gigs. And Zayn has a history of being camera shy when on his private time.

 <-- Pre-scandal publicity photo of Zerrie with Perrie's great grandmother. Awwwwww. So, yes, Zayn can do a good publicity photo when he wants to.

Both before and after the scandal broke, Zayn has clearly been making an effort to be at her shows, even if all we ever get are little glimpses of the pair together.

 <--- Blurry Behind the Scenes Photo I

<--- Blurry Behind the Scenes Photo 2

Zayn apparently rented out a 24 pound/night Bed & Breakfast for her show in Blackpool:

Zayn also, reportedly attended the Little Mix concert in Belfast. There are no pictures, just reports.
Zayn doesn't tweet a lot, but he tweeted a smiley face in the wee hours when he was in Ireland. What do you think he meant by that? ;)

You know, Perrie has always been accused of riding on Zayn's coat-tails for publicity for her band. And the relationship has often been accused of being strictly for PR even though engagement/living together/tattoo etc. But right now Zayn needs a little good PR too.


So Zerrie was the natural place to start. But both Zayn & Louis still have a gaping hole in their rehabilitation resume - an apology. (Remember, the only official response came from Liam...) Right about now an apology would sure help their cause, because these guys are in a pretty deep gully.

If Zerrie isn't enough, how about some Ziam? Ziam (Zayn/Liam) is probably Zayn's most popular fandom ship. It is also massively tinhatted, and second only to Larry in terms or overall popularity. So then, perhaps a big, highly showcased, hug from Liam would help Zayn's case ...Right in the middle of Wembley Stadium in London... the base of their operations and arguably the biggest media center in Europe... during their biggest concert of their entire tour? Cause if Daddy can forgive him, we can too, right?

 <--And if you are guessing this set off the Ziam shippers into raging ecstasy, you would be correct.

 <-- They got it from multiple angles.

 <--That's a Daddy hug, no doubt about it. Feel the forgiveness!

Ziam moments are actually, contrary to logic, good PR too, since they make so many fans happy. Being half of a popular fandom ship is a positive thing for any boybander. Larry didn't exactly hurt Harry Styles popularity, now did it? And this hug, was clearly showcased for effect.


Finally, and this was only two days ago, June 15, Zayn reached down and played to his strength. Zayn is known as the Selfie king. Because his selfies always rule...

 (Actually, the selfies look kind of sad too.) But these photos are melting the Zayn Girls' hearts.

All in all, I think Zayn is in OK shape, even though it's his face on the camera, blazing away for the majority of the five minute video.

But there are still obstacles. One is the continuing perception that the band is divided along the Zouis/Narriam fault line. And also there is some very real criticisms from fandom regarding both Louis and Zayn's concert performance skills relative to the other three. The question laid out is, do these two guys want to be there on that big stage? There was a lot of unhappiness evident in the weed video, and so, at this point if Zayn and Louis really want to be on this spotlight, they kind of need to prove it.

Zayn in happier times. He knows how to smile! How we would love to see it again.


Ask me if I give a MotherF*ck ?!! - Zayn's most famous Twitter Quote . Feb 10, 2014

Yo, Zayn, we're asking...

In that light, the next post will put Louis Tomlinson squarely on the hotseat.


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