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OK, so I've been really busy and haven't posted here in ages since my failed attempt to post a picture of the Beatles a month ago. LOL. I'll have to fix that.

It has been an eventful couple of weeks in 1D land. They are currently on the UK/Ireland portion of their Stadium Tour, and last night played Wembley Stadium in London to 100,000 people. That is amazing for a bunch of 20 year olds who don't even play their own instruments. (Not that I think that matters. Their attraction is their singing, personalities, looks and interactions. There is as much charisma as one stage can handle particularly with the likes of Harry, Liam & Niall... Plus Zayn's high notes...)

Liam's photo from the stage last night via his Twitter.

Anyway, of course the big story over the last couple of weeks was this...

To quote Louis... "Happy days. Joint lit."

Uh oh. So the news that Zayn and Louis smoke weed isn't particularly shocking. But given the wholesome image the band built their original image on, it is problematic. It is very troubling that Louis filmed this himself during the band's April tour stop in Peru. How the footage leaked is still something of a mystery, but what is certain is that Louis done F'd up.

If you happen to catch the actual 5 minute video that the Daily Mail published, the joint was really not the worst thing in the video. The worst thing was Louis' rather sh1tty attitude, (for example, mocking the police escort which was protecting him...)and the fact the boys' handlers seemed to be enabling the use of the weed. But the most worrying thing was the discussion, and excitement over news, supplied by the handlers, btw, that "Chicken" was awaiting them at their next destination. There is way too much excitement generated by the news for that to be a regular chicken dinner. Ahem. It turns out that "Chicken" is a drug term for a kilo of cocaine. Oy. Not that that is a surprise either. But still a frightful disappointment.

Oh, and also in the video, Louis drops a modified N-word, (he just used the first three letters, and I don't know how to illustrate that without typing out the word, which I'm obviously not going to do...)

So, what a mess. According to the media it is "Narriam" vs. "Zouis" now. The bulk of the backlash is actually aimed at Louis, and less at Zayn. However, it has, created a rift in the fandom. There is lot of celebration of Saints Harry, Liam and Niall, who dodged this bomb by virtue of travelling in different vans that day. Pictures are being edited such as this...

 <-- Saint "Narriam" Harry, Liam & Niall with Louis and Zayn edited out of the picture...

Neither Louis nor Zayn has apologized for the video. Liam made an apologetic set of tweets which I guess were intended to cover it...

Personally, I think it's already mostly blown over. The resale value of tickets for the US leg of their tour temporarily fell 3%. Louis' reputation has suffered quite a bit, but I think Zayn's will recover. And the other three were very lucky indeed to be travelling in a different van that day.

More on the aftermath later...


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